The ultimate guide to cricket betting: Cricket betting tips

Cricket betting

When cricket betting is at its best, it’s more than just a game, it’s a war. If you’re interested in getting into cricket betting, you will need to understand how cricket betting works.  No other sport can match the steadily rising tension of a great game of cricket. This makes it one of the most intense and challenging sport betting options available. Learning how cricket betting works is the start to exciting cricket betting.

Despite its reputation for being slow-moving, it’s more like watching an epic television drama slowly unfold episode after episode, steadily ramping up the excitement as the days pass. This steady rise in excitement and tension can also influence cricket betting odds quite dramatically. 

It’s both a game of athleticism and cerebral strategy, and when it works, it’s like watching your troops pull off a glorious coup with military precision. Such a passionate game is therefore home to some of the fiercest rival manufacturers ever put on field, like Sri Lanka vs Pakistan, England vs India and South Africa vs Australia. All of these also presenting some of the very best cricket betting odds ever seen.

It’s therefore one of the best sports to gamble on. This is a game of the mind as well as the body and you can use your mind to make great picks. Luckily, thanks to online gaming you barely have to use your body, just a few clicks should do it.

Cricket betting Tip 1

Know the pitch

How cricket betting works

Cricket is a huge international sport and our top cricket betting tips will help you get to know cricket betting well. The weather and therefore the pitch the game is being played on is massively dependent on those factors, and the pitch is absolutely vital to understand in order to make any kind of accurate predictions on an upcoming game. Unlike any other sport, is is widely believed that the effect is so great, it is as important to the games result as the quality of the players themselves.

Only the absolute greats in cricket can really play on any pitch and in any conditions. Some bowlers, such as Stuart Broad and Kieran Bollard, are among the best in the world in the right conditions and average at best in others. In fact, the latter is known as a complete dud in tests while being a world class T20 player. Conversely, other players are terrific test players and non entries in the T20. These factors also heavily influence cricket betting as a result. 

Cricket betting: The home field advantage

Home field advantage is another influence on cricket betting and is also one of the most important cricket betting tips. The simplest way of understanding this is the home field advantage. India are a great team but are never anywhere near as dangerous abroad as they are at home. That’s because Indian pitches create a very different game: slow, methodical, low bounce games not replicated anywhere else in the world.

The same goes for virtually any team to varying extents, with England being another side whose ability weighs heavily on the home field advantage. The wrong conditions can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and can quite literally cost the game. You should consider the weather to be an invisible player in the game of cricket, playing only to create uncertainty. Particularly bad weather can cause the numbers of overs to be reset using the Duckworth Lewis method of resetting batting totals. This method has also been known to wreak havoc with cricket betting strategies. 

Predicting the weather

Although you can not predict the weather with 100% accuracy, you can assess the pitch conditions to minimise the impact this unstable variable will have on your ability to make good bets. The simplest way of doing this is having good team knowledge, knowing how a team fairs on different pitches and conditions is as vital as knowing any other statistic. All of these need to be incorporated into your overall cricket betting strategy. 

Compare these to the trends seen on the ground in order to make a well informed pick on how likely the team is to perform under what are going to be the likely conditions. Choosing a sportsbook like William Hill is ideal for serious cricket betting enthusiasts, looking for more of these vital statistics. 


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Cricket betting: A brief history of cricket

Cricket betting A brief history of cricket

No one is sure of the origins of cricket, although it is believed to have originated sometime in the Dark Ages after the Roman Empire and before the Normal invasion of England. How much of this beta version of the game resembles what the game is now is disputed, although it’s fair to say it was not the intricate, well organised and thought out game it is today. One thing we do know is that at a very basic level, there was an object being thrown and that object was hit with a club. At this point, the ball and club would likely have been any kind of stick and anything that could be thrown, like a rock or a small piece of wood.

So we do not know when exactly the game evolved to include a hitter defending a target against the thrower, or when it turned into a team sport, or how points were awarded. There’s a reason they were called the Dark Ages.

The emergence of the game we know today

It was not until Tudor times that we know the game had evolved to be recognisable today. The game had become established throughout the country in places like Kent and Surrey and would soon be introduced to schools.

It is thought the evolution of the popularity of the game is largely down to great landowners using that space to practise the game with their tenants and even local peasantry. During this time, teams such as Kent and London played throughout the early 1700s, with Kent and Surrey meeting in 1709 in the first ever inter-county match.

The game flourished in Hampshire. The Hambleton Club was the focal point of the game between the mid to late 1700s, with rules being written down officially in 1744.

Creating the Ashes

By the mid 1800s, the game had gone international with England touring Canada and the United States in a transatlantic tour. They later toured Australia in 1961 and later lost to the side in the first ever international match in a shock defeat which would ignite their now legendary rivalry.

They lost yet again in 1882, which prompted The Sporting Times to create a mock obituary which read: “In affectionate remembrance of English cricket. The body will be cremated, and the Ashes taken back to Australia.” This is the birthplace of the legendary Ashes, which remains one of the most highly anticipated sports events.

Cricket betting The Ashes urn

Test matches also moved to include South Africa, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and the West Indies. These began officially in 1890, with the ruling body the International Cricket Conference, then known as the Imperial Cricket Conference, being founded in 1909.

The Women’s Cricket Association was found in England in 1926 and, in 1958, the International Women’s Cricket Council was formed. Women’s cricket has become more popular in recent years in the world of cricket betting. You can also find great odds at top sports betting sites like Betway. 


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Cricket betting Tip 2

Back T20 games with extreme highs or lows 

The T20 is a very different game strategically. You need to look at it that way from a cricket betting perspective. The batting strategy employed, tends to be of a much greater “high risk, high reward” nature. This is different to that seen at test matches.

The game is played over a shorter format. Most teams share the strategy of attacking at the death and during power plays. Then going for singles during the middle overs. If this works, it is the ideal T20 game, with boundaries being hit throughout the contest.

As such, a successful T20 game can reach extremely high scores. If it fails, the team can drop dramatically short. Backing very high or very low cricket betting is like the game itself. A higher risk but with the possibility of a big result.

The greatest game of all time?

cricket betting odds

South Africa and Australia’s rivalry has become one of, if not the greatest rivalry in the history of the sport. So great is their contests, they have actually produced two games that can be considered greatest of all time candidates. These are also among the most memorable cricket betting opportunities in history.

In 1999, Australia defeated South Africa in the finest one day international ever played to that point. South Africa choked at the last hurdle, handing away their victory and their place in the World Cup final.

The sequel would be even better, with South Africa exercising their demons in a nail biting war of attrition. The match features an astonishing 426 runs in a single day (no game had previously reached over the 400 mark). 164 runs of the highest class were realised from 105 balls. Yet the teams were so neck and neck, that it came down to one wicket and one ball to spare.

The dramatic finish was punctuated by Tony Grieg exclaiming: “Straight down the ground What a victory. That is a sensational game of cricket!”. Exhausted and emotional, many South African spectators cried tears of joy and relief. It is not only perhaps the greatest game of cricket ever played, but an all time great sporting moment.

Cricket betting Tip 3

Bat under once a partnership has peaks

It’s important not to over-react in cricket betting to good batting. Often batsman plateau after striking a good partnership and the wicket falls. New batsman can struggle to settle, meaning a batting collapse is very possible. This can create dramatic cricket betting turnarounds that can be taken advantage of.  Odds on bets are often turned over this way.

cricket betting tips

One tactic employed is to set a target, say 150, and cricket betting under after it reaches this milestone. More broadly, take advantage of the volatile nature of the game. It can change dramatically: no other sport presents cricket betting opportunities like this.

If you are more conservative, it may be worth holding back before cricket betting hard on a winner. In a game like cricket, even well matched teams can end up having a one sided affair. 

Ultimately all good cricket betting relies on a number of factors to bring in the desired cricket betting results. One has to have a good knowledge of all styles of modern cricket and have good cricket betting tips. Your cricket betting strategies can then fit accordingly. The latest stats and odds are also vital for cricket betting and top sportsbooks  are ideal.