16 Common Boxing Bets And 4 Sportsbooks With Great Boxing Odds

The Most Common Boxing Bets & The Sportsbooks Offering The Best Odds

In regards to niche sports betting markets and in this case boxing, there are of course the most common boxing bets to consider. The adrenaline that is inside the ring is indeed similar to the exhilaration of live betting and watching the game unfold on live streaming. Its primal watching two men or two women give it all they got without a scoreboard, without timeouts, and no substitutions. In the same way, sports bettors have a very similar nature to them as well. 

The sport’s bettors spirit must be tenacious and fierce just like a boxer inside of the ring. From constantly handicapping, to finding the sportsbooks with the best odds, to deciding which of the most common boxing bets to place, sports bettors are constantly training. Generally speaking, the punter is, in essence, a mental athlete. It was the great boxer Muhammad Ali  who said, “Dance like butterfly and sting like a bee.’ With this in mind, a sport’s bettors critical decision-making allows them to be flexible, adaptable and potent.

There are several key points to remember when betting on boxing. One of which is to consider all aspects of a fight. Next, a sports bettor needs to pick the best bet for them. Lastly, choosing a sportsbook which optimizes your betting experience which is essential. At which point, a sports bettor can truly sit back and watch as the adrenaline unfolds.

 16 Boxing Bets 

Keep reading and on the whole, your general knowledge will increase especially in regards to common boxing bets. Give yourself an upper hand by learning as much as you can about the most typical bets in boxing. For instance, watch some Youtube Sportsbetting Tutorials and consider polishing up on your expertise the old-fashion way by reading Sportsbetting Books. 

1. The Money Line

In regards to placing a money line bet, this entails placing a bet on a boxer of your choice or on whether the fight will end in a draw. Overall, each match will have a winner and a loser, and punters in this bet select which fighter they believe will win the fight. 

2. Totals Over/Under

In brief, there are two options available in this bet. First, punters are able to bet on the total number of rounds the match will last. Second, or on the total number of points scored for both fighters. For example, if the oddsmaker at a sportsbook sets the line at 7 rounds, punters are then to bet if the fight will last over or under 7 rounds. 

3. Round Betting

Bettors are to select in which round they believe the fight will end. For instance, punters select the specific round as opposed to Round Betting Over/Under which follows.

4. Round Betting Over/Under

Round betting is an even more specific bet. Especially suited for the punter who likes details. This bet is on whether or not the fight will go under or over a certain number of rounds. 

5. Total Rounds Over/Under

Total rounds are the first boxing bet that doesn’t center on predicting who will win the fight. Rather with this bet, it is not about who wins and/or how they do so. On the contrary, it’s simply a bet on how long the fight will last.

6. Victory Betting

Ultimately Victory Betting is a good bet to make if a punter has a serious hunch about the outcome of the match. For instance, by handicapping the boxers and assessing the match determines if its a lopsided or an or if it is in fact, an even match-up. In regards to victory betting, punters bet on how the fight will end.  The choice victory bets to choose from are options such as a knockout or the judge’s decision.

7. Specials

By and large, the special bets that arise in boxing are often specific to the sportsbooks or the match itself. For instance, before a fight, a boxer may predict that he will win the fight in a certain round. As a result, there may be special bets attached to this boxing prediction.

8. Boxing Proposition Bets

Sportsbooks generally offer several proposition wagers on major boxing matches. To be sure, the most popular is the over/under in regards to how long the match will last. In brief, this boxing bet works in the same manner as other over/under bets in other sports. Rather than betting if there will be over or under a certain number of points scored, punters bet over or under a certain number of rounds taking place.

9. Knock Out Bet

Otherwise known as ‘KO’, this bet obviously predict the knock out that renders a boxer incapable to proceed. 

10. Fight To Go The Distance

This simple yes or no bet speaks in regards to whether the fight will go the full distance.

11. Both Fighters To Be Knocked Down

This wager ultimately predicts both fighters will hit the floor at some stage of the match.

12. To Be Knocked Down And Win

This bet predicts a fighter to get up from a legitimate knockdown and then to go on to win the match.

13. To Be Knocked Down

To be knocked down is a bet that in essence, explains itself. This bet is in regards to a fighter to be knocked down at any point during the contest.

14. Winner

The most standard boxing bet placed on boxing matches is to simply on whether which fighter will win out of the two boxers in the match.  

15. Draws

Because of the rare nature of draws, payouts are very high on these bets. For instance, a judge may score a fight a draw and moreover, if the other two judges split their decision, the result of the fight is a draw. 

16. Parlays

A punter can parlay one or more boxers together. However, this sports bet will only cash out if every boxer in the parlay wins. 

4 Sportsbooks With The Best Boxing Odds


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