Colossus Bets Sportsbook Review

Colossus Bets Review

Our in-depth Colossus Bets review will give you all the information you need to decide if this is the sports betting site for you. In order to do this, we go through all the vital elements of what makes a betting site good or bad, such as customer service, game quality, fairness, odds, promotions and more. All these elements can be reasonably assessed objectively in our full Colossus Bets test.

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However, one element we cannot test is your personal taste. This relates to site design because in terms of aesthetic, we can’t tell you what you think looks good. Some opinions love the image heavy pages of Manhattan Slots, while others prefer the likes of Genting Casino, which stick to a more straightforward design.

This is particularly true when a site uses strong colours, like Jupiter Club: people like different designs. So we ask you to spend time looking through the site yourself to get a good feel for the personality. This will help you figure out not only if you’re getting a good deal, but if you’ll have fun too.


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How to get started

With that in mind, the first step (aside from reading this Colossus Bets review) to making an informed decision on which site to use is to check the site out. While we can’t judge for you, we can give an idea of what the popular opinion of the site’s look might be, as well as assess the technical elements of the site.

Colossus Bets site design

The Collosus Bets site does come with a strong orange and black colour design. However, much like Mr Green, this is done tastefully, so it’s unlikely to be jarring for most customers. The site is very slickly put together and it follows a classic yet simple sportsbook site design. You have your logo tucked away in the top left corner, a toolbar to the right of this and another toolbar just below. It fact, this site manages to be much more economic in its use of space than almost any sportsbook you can think of: only Virgin Casino comes close to this level of cool minimalism.

Site navigation

Since the site focuses on pools, there’s less information needed here, so everything is easily spaced out in corners. This leaves a great spacious feel to the site. Technically speaking, this is a masterfully laid out design. The left hand side of the page lists out current pools and pools coming up and to the right of this is the currently advertised pool. A nicely laid out group of selections is placed below it in chronological order to select your bets.

Colossus Bets pools page

Everything is simple to navigate, with chunky, colourful graphics that are very easy on the eye. There’s also a countdown to the upper right, which gives the site a sense of movement. This is welcome as the bareness of Collosus Bets, although well conceived, can make it feel a little stilted to some customers.

At the bottom of the page, there’s some additional links, which are expected but even this is kept to an absolute minimum. There’s no lengthy paragraphs about what the site is. This can leave one of two impressions on customers: either it shows a commitment to the design concept or it leaves the site feeling distinctly impersonal.

Colossus Bets website footer

The other pages are very similar. Due to this site not having an online casino (or anything other than this essential concept), there’s no need to break from the look presented here. In terms of technicality, Collosus bets is a very slick, well designed and easy to use site. Its look will put some off due to its somewhat cold demeanor, but will be attractive to those who like practicality above gimmicks.

Creating an account

Part of our Colossus review is to make key areas such as signing up easy. Now that you have taken a look at the site and have decided you like what you see, you can sign up to the site by clicking the grey ‘Join’ button. This can be found at the top right of the screen, to the left of log on and below language options.

Colossus Bets registration step 1

Step One

Signing up is a three step process. First off, you’ll need to enter some personal details. These include your sex, name, e-mail address and date of birth. Your e-mail may be used to send information about offers, so you’ll want to use a private e-mail that you don’t mind being contacted on. Of course ,you must be above 18 to join the site so your date of birth must reflect that.


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Step Two

Next up, you’ll need to enter your mobile number, address details and bonus/referral code (if you have one). Much like your e-mail address, your mobile number will need to be private. You’ll also want to ensure you have a contact method of which you use regularly, as any issues with your account will be resolved via these methods.

Colossus Bets registration step 2

It’s also important to mention that all these details are limited to one per person, meaning that if these details have been used by anyone previously, your account may be rejected or experience banking issues. You should therefore ensure no one else in your home has an account and no one with access to your computer has signed up, as your ip address is also subject to these rules.

Step Three

Finally, enter your account details. These include your username, currency, password, security question and answer. There’s a pre-ticked box regarding promotions. If you do not wish to receive information regarding promotions, un-tick this box. Then simply click ‘Agree and join’ and your account is ready for action.

How does the £100 welcome bonus work?

Colossus Bets welcome bonus

Our Colossus Bets test looks at how you can get the bonus offer. First of all, you can’t get the Colossus Bets bonus code for this bonus from the website itself. Instead, you actually have to go looking around third party sites. There’s also no explanation of the bonuses on the site, so you need to get information from other sites instead. This is very frustrating and doesn’t put a lot of trust in the promotion information.

In addition to this, the wagering requirement is missing from the information we could find. All we know is you receive a 100% match on your deposit up to £100. Without more information on terms and conditions though, it is impossible for us to assess the value of this offer. Our Colossus Bets opinions are not overwhelmingly positive in this part of our Colossus Bets test.

The betting offer at Colossus Bets

Colossus Bets betting offer

Our Colossus Bets review reveals that this operator lives and dies on its complete and utter dedication to pool bets, of which you can pick between 4 and 8 cumulative bets. The options for these bets is very well presented, but there’s no doubting the limitations of this model. There are also a number of Colossus Bets opinions on the web that find this to be quite limiting.

However, there is something refreshing about the simplicity of this theme, but in terms of options, there simply aren’t many. The focus is also football-centric, so it’s limited in both sports betting and other types of betting such as eSports betting.

Colossus Bets test: banking

Colossus Bets cash out

Our Colossus Bets review found only three main banking options available at this brand. These include:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Fast Bank Transfer
  • PayPal

We were unable to find information on deposit limits or processing times, although these are usually instantaneous.

To deposit via Credit/Debit Card, click on World Pay, then click on Manage Cards and then Add Card. From here, you can fill in your account details and deposit funds. The processes for Fast Bank Transfer and PayPal are the same exact method you use to enter your first deposit amount


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Live Betting and Live Streaming

There are no options for live betting or live streaming. This is a necessity to the nature of their business model and is not really a flaw as such, considering the concept of the website.

The odds of Colossus Bets

Colossus Bets offer

This is where this site becomes very interesting. Unlike other sportsbook sites, where the deal is a straightforward bet based on the odds that are offered, Colossus Bets has a totally different approach.

Here you get to choose from pool betting games and if you select the correct results, you receive a percentage of the amount of money staked by all the winners, dependent on how much you staked and the amount of other winners. At a very basic level, if 5 people won £25,000 at the same stake, they’d win £5,000 each.

This is a refreshing change in a heavily over saturated online sports betting market and one that makes Colossus Bets stand out from the crowds. 

Colossus Bets rating and summary

Colossus Bets logo

Whether or not you’ll like this site entirely depends on whether you like pool betting and cumulative bets. Our Colossus Bets review found the entire site is dedicated to that premise. If it excites you, then you may have found your new favourite betting site. If not, there’s little else to see here. Some opinions however are very positive about the focus betting concept.

This is very much the early days of this concept. However, its potential for growth and incredible betting experiences is massive. Whatever you think of this idea, there’s no doubt that Colossus Bets deserves credit for taking existing concepts and turning them into something brand new.

What’s startling is the juxtaposition of the Conservative nature of its design and the innovation of its concept. Nonetheless, our Colossus Bets test showed there are some areas that need improvement. There are certain elements where the site doesn’t explain itself very well. Also, customer service has no live chat, a must for any betting site that wants to be competitive. Most opinions also agree that more sporting options are also needed.

Despite this, it is a truly unique product and a few wrinkles to iron out can be forgiven. With some tinkering, Colossus Bets could become the next big thing in betting sites. Our Colossus Bets rating is therefore, on the whole, very positive. 


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