Is The Cherry Casino And Sportsbook Really As Sweet As It Sounds?

Cherry Casino, the subject of this review, is a sports betting site that includes both a sportsbook and a casino.


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Why is this relevant? Well, we want to make sure that we give you the fairest and most objective reviews possible. That means we’ll be comparing Cherry Casino more closely with similar betting sites.

Cherry Casino banner

That is, more closely to the likes of SuperLenny or Coral then casino exclusive sites, such as Las Vegas USA or All British Casino. That doesn’t mean we might not bring up a casino exclusive from time to time if we feel it’s particularly relevant. This as is often the case with matters such as site design. However, we think it’s fairer in most instances to compare Cherry Casino to more closely knit examples.

The reason for this is simple. If we compare sites with different goals and different audiences, that’s not really a fair criticism. For example, if we said PokerStars has better poker facilities than Foxy Casino, that might well be true. But due to them targeting different customers, it doesn’t mean one is better than the other. It simply depends on what you are looking for in terms of product and personality.

Cherry Casino devices

Speaking of a site’s personality, site design is another great example of where we take steps to keep our reviews as fair as possible. The way a site looks and whether or not it can be seen as a positive thing is very much a subjective issue. So, what we do in these instances, instead of saying our opinion, we’ll instead explain what we think both the positive and negative responses to their looks, style, atmosphere. and all-round aesthetic.

That way, you can check out the site for yourself, compare it to some of its competitors and see where the grass looks greenest to you. We’ll also look at the positive and negative in different section. This way, you can get a clear view of everything you need to know about the Cherry Casino site.

Those are just a couple of the things we do to make our reviews the most comprehensive, clearest and even handed they can be. With that all said and done, let’s check out just what makes Cherry Casino tick.

  1. So what’s available on the Cherry Casino site?

Cherry Casino last minute bets

Well, we’ve got both casino and sportsbook options, as we’ve said. More specifically than that, their sportsbook has the following betting options available at this current time:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Handball
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Specials
  • Rugby League
  • Golf
  • Snooker and Pool
  • Motor Racing
  • Darts
  • Cycling
  • Boxing
  • Floorball
  • Table Tennis
  • Winter Sports
  • Badminton
  • Rugby Union
  • Winter Olympics
  • MMA
  • Cricket
  • Netball
  • E-Sports

All in all, we think that’s a pretty good selection. You’ve got plenty of favourites there, alongside the welcome addition of things like E-Sports and Specials. We would once say  these additions were a surprise. But with so many sites getting so great in terms of content variety, we’re not quite sure that’s the case anymore. Nonetheless, it’s still nice to have them here.

In terms of slots, there’s plenty to choose from. The casino games here are powered by NetEnt, so you know you’re in a safe pair of hands in that regard. There’s a good few table games and a few video poker options, as well as a live casino. This features both blackjack and roulette games.

Cherry Casino slot games

On the other hand

Unfortunately, there’s not much to choose from in the video poker section, with only four options at the time of writing. The live casino is a little bit thin as well. It’s not the worst we’ve seen, but certainly not the best either.

A lack of a decent amount of poker and bingo options is a let down as well. They’ll certainly not be worrying Full Tilt Poker or BGO any time soon.

To be fair, comparing Cherry Casino to sites who largely specialise in one area isn’t exactly fair. That’s because Cherry Casino is designed as a more rounded product. However, even with that in mind, we still think the lack of options here puts them below expectations.

  1. Is the site well designed?

Cherry Casino site design

Let’s start off with what we can say for sure. Cherry Casino is technically very sound. What we mean by this is we’ve had no technical issues to speak of. There’s no broken links, nothing not working as it should be.

We can also say with a reasonable amount of certainty that the structure of Cherry Casino is something we think most users will find easy to use. It utilises a border much like the beautifully designed Manhattan Slots. This allows them to put their extra design flairs in a convenient location where they don’t really get in the way of things.

Some sites are a touch too ambitious with their design and it ends up damaging the practicality of the product. We’re happy to say that is not the case here. The rest of it is straightforward. You have the logo to the top, a main toolbar below it and for the casino, a simple tiled layout. The sportsbook has a classic set up that anyone who has ever been on any number of similar sites is likely to recognise. This basic design is used in some way or another by the likes of Ladbrokes. And that is no bad company to keep.

Cherry Casino sportsbook

Now, moving onto more subjective issues. First up, what we think people will like about Cherry Casino is the way their layout keeps the site from looking bland or unoriginal. But in doing so, it manages to achieve a layout that is immediately recognisable. It’s an enjoyable balance between style and pragmatism that allows it an instant accessibility without becoming just one in the crowd.


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On the other hand

We think most people will agree that Cherry Casino has a distinct style that does not impede upon its usefulness. This is to be commended. However, none of this means that any of that style is actually something that will appeal to many. Essentially, Cherry Casino’s background images replace some gamblers’ heads with cherries. We think many will find this uninspired and others will find it downright creepy.

Places like All British Casino and Rizk Casino are examples of highly stylised sites (as opposed to more conservatives looks like William Hill for example). We think these sites are either more universal or clear in their design goals.

Cherry Casino casino

Cherry Casino is not a bad looking site. It’s just that we think many people may find some of their design concepts a little bit odd. Perhaps it would be better if they weren’t normal cherries but appeared to have a bit more personality, because the lack of expression doesn’t necessarily convey warmth. As we’ve said though, this is all subjective. Have a look yourself to see what you think.

  1. What promotions are available at Cherry Casino?

We’d like to start by pointing out that the bonuses are found under the ‘Campaigns’ page on Cherry Casino. We’re not sure why that is, but we just thought we’d mention it to avoid any confusion.

There’s four promotions, or ‘campaigns’, at the time of writing. However, depending on when you’re reading this review, that could changed. That’s because, more than any other part of the site, promotions are something that are added to or replaced very often or are time sensitive in nature.

However, we think by taking a look at the examples currently available, you should be able to get some idea of what type of value the site is probably going to offer.

Double up with Welcome Bonus:
Cherry Casino welcome bonusThis is your go-to standard welcome bonus that pretty much any site with promotions has nowadays. Still, that’s no bad thing. Some things are used so commonly because they work so well. Here, new customers get a 100% bonus up to £150.

Meal Deal Spins:
Cherry Casino Meal Deal SpinsGet 20 free spins between 11:00 – 14:00 GMT when you deposit £10 or more.

You Control the Game:
Cherry Casino You Control the GameThis is not actually a bonus at all but is instead just general information about their site. It explains all the great things they have to offer.

Mega Fortune: 
Cherry Casino Mega FortuneThis is another non bonus. In this case, it’s an advertisement, or a ‘campaign’ if you like, for their jackpots.

On the other hand

Firstly, we’ll address the elephant in the room and that’s the final two examples. Now, this is under ‘Campaigns’ so we suppose you can argue that’s what exactly they are. Thus, the customer has no reason to feel let down. The bonuses are also available via links at the left hand side of the page so they are differentiated in that sense as well.

However, when you have a page that already includes two bonuses, the expectation is that the other two links are presented in the same way. Customers are not expecting to find adverts that are simply promoting various parts of the site.

There’s no doubt that people will click on this page, think there’s four bonuses and find the final two examples to be a huge let down. This means we have two bonuses and unfortunately, they’re fairly standard. The wagering requirement are about average and conceptually, they are nothing to write home about. All in all, it’s a very mediocre performance here.

  1. What customer service options are available?

Cherry Casino customer support

Cherry Casino has an FAQ section for players looking for quick answers. If you need to get in touch, there are e-mail and live chat options. The FAQ deserves special credit for being extensive and very easy to use.

On the other hand

Unfortunately, the live chat function is not 24/7. It starts at 9am and ends at 10pm. This isn’t actually that bad in terms of opening hours. Of course though, round the clock coverage is always preferred.

  1. Are they critically well received?

Cherry Casino mobile

Cherry Casino does pretty well in terms of critical feedback. While not all reviews are perfect, with criticisms being fairly consistent with what we’ve found, in general, Cherry Casino seems to do the important things well. And after all, that’s what matter most.

We’ve found similar responses from customers. From the small pool of examples we’ve found, there appears to be more positive than negative.


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On the other hand

Things are looking pretty good here. We just wish we could find more examples to get a clearer picture of the customer experience.

  1. Let’s go through all the important technical stuff for now. Are they licensed, are their games fair and is my data safe on their site?

Malta Gaming Authority

These are possibly the most important question. You could be on the most fun betting site in the world but if they can’t be trusted, then what’s the point?

Cherry Casino are licensed by Malta and the UK Gambling Commission. Additionally, the website is protected by SSL encryption. If you don’t know what this is, don’t worry. All that matters is it keeps your private information away from internet baddies. 

Finally, they have received certification from auditing firms. These confirm that their games are be both random and fair. All this adds up to a legitimate and secure site that gives you complete peace of mind when it comes to signing up. 

On the other hand

There’s nothing else to add here. Cherry Casino passes with flying colours on all counts.

  1. What banking options are available?

Cherry Casino payment methods

The following payment options are available for depositing funds at Cherry Casino:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard
  • Instant Bank
  • Bank Transfer
  • Visa / Visa Electron
  • MasterCard

The minimum amount for all options is £10. The maximum deposit amount is £10,000 for the first three examples, £100,000 for the second two examples and £1,000 for the final two examples. These are also the only examples with any transaction fee, which stands at 2.5%.

All deposits are processed instantly, with the exception of Instant Bank, which is processed within 10 minutes and bank transfers, which takes between 1-5 working days.

The same option are available for withdrawal, with the exception of Instant Bank and MasterCard. All have a minimum withdrawal amount of £20 and a maximum amount of £5,000, with the exception of Bank Transfer, which is £100,000. All are processed between 1-5 days and have no fees attached.

On the other hand

There are certain e-wallet payment options, such as PayPal missing here. However, this is just nitpicking. We think there is plenty here to keep the vast majority of players happy. We are also pleased to see how clearly Cherry Casino presents all their banking information.

  1. How do I sign up to Cherry Casino?

Cherry Casino registration

If Cherry Casino sounds like something that interests you, then you can sign up by simply hitting the red ‘Register’ button. This is located to the top right hand side of the screen within the main border. 

From here, you’ll be taken to a three step registration process. Enter your account and personal information in, verify your email address and you’re good to go.

On the other hand

Applications are always helped by a round the clock customer service option. Additionally, you will need to enter your financial details at a later stage and there is no option to set spending limits here.

  1. So what’s our final verdict?

Cherry Casino logo
It may seem like we’ve criticised a lot about Cherry Casino. And indeed it is in many instances, a touch rough around the edges. But the point that we’d like to stress here is that most of our criticisms are on smaller details. In most instances, when it comes to the more important site elements, Cherry Casino does an excellent job.

In fact, the way they succeed in so many areas without keeping that momentum up across the entirety of their product is what makes Cherry Casino a more frustrating site. We’d love to see Cherry Casino iron out those wrinkles and really reach its potential. As it stands, we still think this is a good site and one worth checking out if you’re interested.


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