Casino Slang that Maximizes Playability

The Evolution of Slang in the Casino

Language is always evolving and slang, its byproduct is often used in a casino. As a result, games, casinos and/or punters create ‘casino slang’ which therein circulates on the world wide web. Similarly a study by Language Magazine found that social media and communication technology is leading to a faster evolution of language all together. Considering this, it becomes imperative to ‘adopt’ casino slang as it increases a gambler’s playability. 

Furthermore, slang serves a distinct purpose in language as it evolves for the sake of efficiency. By using gambling lexicon a punter is not only talking shop, they’re also doing so in a more expeditious manner. On the negative side, slang has a bad reputation for being too ‘street.’  On the positive side, new words are just modern attempts at saying the same concept more quickly. 

Social Media Slang and its Migratory Routes

The language of gambling must have originated from gaming circles. Thereafter it traveled from one game to another teaching its lexicon to punters who dared to ‘roll the dice.’ From gaming circles, casino lingo evolved within the casino and then morphed once again in online casinos. The vocabulary behind gambling has persistently trekked across the centuries and even across media platforms.

In history, radio and TV has played an important role in shaping everyday lexicon and in disseminating it across the airwaves. Immediately since the internet took hold, the speed and reach of information and slang experienced a dramatic change. New words and phrases began to spread as if an electronic wildfire and social media was largely to blame.

Gambling lingo is the language of a casino

Social media platforms like Twitter disperse slang with the velocity of a slingshot. A study by The Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta examined the origins of popular lingo and thereafter followed how it traveled across the country. The data was compiled from 30 million tweets sent from different locations in the U.S. from December 2009 to May 2011. Accordingly a map illustrated how these slang terms migrate across the country, as well as the general direction of their influence.

Casino lingo and slang defines the language spoken by casino punters worldwide. As the casino industry develops so does its language. Its slang often describes: betting types, games, and actions typical to the gambling industry. In due time, where and how punters gamble ultimately revisions the language of placing a bet. 

The Journey of Casino lexicon

Punters who are new to gambling may not be so familiar with its particular vocabulary. And with how quickly lexicon is changing, it’s easy to not know what the kids are saying nowadays. For example, if you were a gambler in the Wild West then imagine your surprise if and when you’d hear how a bettor speaks while placing their bet today in online casinos!

By evolving with the lexicon and the times, a punter upgrades their betting system. Absorb, adapt and try using these casino terms in your next game. Solidify your gambling strategy by familiarizing yourself with the following slang and lingo. You’ll not only ensure efficiency, you’ll ultimately maximize your playability as well as your bet.


  1. Eye-in-the-sky:  Surveillance cameras keep an eye on everything. Generally speaking, the gambling industry offers lucrative careers among which security guards are of high value. Security ensures the punters are not cheating or behaving inappropriately. The recording device visually captures and transmits shots to a guard who monitors its activities in attempts to keep cheating at bay.

Use it in a sentence: “I can’t stand the eye-in-the-sky in Vegas, which is another reason why I prefer betting at online casinos.”


2. Fish: New punters may be referred to as a ‘fish’. This lingo describes someone or an action of someone who is ‘wet’ and new to gambling.

Use it in a sentence: “I watched someone make a fish bet in a casino, they lost their whole bankroll all in one wager.”

3. Junket: A junket is a term describing pro gamblers. Pro gamblers are often flown in at the expense of the casino for events and tournaments.

Use it in a sentence: “Then this high-roller shows his hand. It was a full house. I should have known that he was a junket.”


4. Overlay: When the gambling situation is in favour of the punter. For example, the punter receives more money than their bet, if they win. 

Use it in a sentence: “I spun one last spin on this online casino and all the sudden this light started blinking overlay, overlay and I won.” 

5. Turkey – A Turkey refers to a punter who acts rudely towards the dealer. For instance, being a sore loser or thinking you know the rules better can possibly get a punter called a ‘turkey’ which is hardly a compliment.

Use it in a sentence: “This guy kept hassling the dealer at the table and I just told him, in all honesty stop being a turkey.”

Gambling lingo keeps you in casino and in the know

6. 86’d (Eighty-sixed) –To be 86’d means a punter gets thrown out of the casino for undesirable behaviour. Getting expelled from a casino results from cheating or excessive gambling behaviors.

Use it in a sentence: “Keep calm or else you’re going to get 86’d.”

7. Blind bet : This phrase is common in poker games. It directly refers to a punter making a bet without knowing what card will come up next.

Use it in a sentence: “It was a blind bet and I won, talk about seeing the light.”

8. Bankroll: a term for the total funds available to support betting action.

Use it in a sentence: “Before gambling, set a betting limit to ensure your bankroll management.”

9. Betting Limits: the specific limit that a punter can bet with. Slot machines  have betting limits. The ‘max bet’ is the multiple that you can bet up to. For instance, there may be a betting limit of $1 and the max bet is 5 x this, so consequently it would be $5.

Use it in a sentence: “Betting limits are great ways to micromanage your betting strategy.”

10. Action: Gameplay in a casino game. For example, table games and slots.  A full service casino typically offers sports betting as well as the traditional casino games.

Use it in a sentence: “Casino punters can rely on plenty of action.”


11. Buy-in: monies that are converted to casino chips so as to bet and gamble. For example, the process of entering a tournament requires an up-front payment or buy-in. The size of the payment, otherwise known as the “buy in“, determines the total winning prize pool and also contains a fee, otherwise known as the rake, that is paid to the house.

Use it in a sentence: “Online casinos make it super easy to buy-in with many options like credit cards and even Paypal.”

12. Coloring Up: Exchanging those five-dollar chips for larger chip denominations. For instance, when you exchange cheap chips for hundred-dollar chips means you’re coloring-up.

Use it in a sentence: “After winning a couple games of blackjack, I was coloring up.”

Win big by using Casino lingo 

13Double or Nothing: a gamble to decide whether a loss or debt should be doubled or canceled. For example, Punter A wins $5 off of Punter B. Punter B says “Double or nothing”. If Punter B wins the second bet, the prior loss is canceled and no one receives money. If Punter B wins then he receives double the amount of the first bet.

Use it in a sentence: “I try not to chase my losses, but one time I went double or nothing and won.”

14. Down to the Felt: In casino lingo, down to felt is when a punter is busted, broke and out of money. It comes from actually sitting at a casino table. There you are, out of chips and unable to bet. Your fingers resting on the felt of the table.

Use it in a sentence: “I was down to the felt until I hit a win.”

15. Edge: The advantage over the casino or other player. Before investing in a game, it’s best to try and gain an edge and improve your odds. An edge is any information a punter may use when placing a bet to gain an advantage over the house.  For instance, if a punter has knowledge that a player is injured, that’s an edge.  

Use it in a sentence: “Superstar athletes give their team an edge because of their ability.”

16Handicapper: Punters who research statistics, news, weather and injuries before making their bets. Handicapping in sports betting and gambling is a process of various methods by which punters can forecast the results of a match or game. Handicapping is referred to the practice of predicting the result of a competition or of a game.

Use it in a sentence: “I follow handicappers on Twitter because I like their insight is crucial before placing a bet.”