7 Superb Questions To Ask Before Clicking On Cashmio

In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at Cashmio. This is a casino exclusive site that’s looking to entice you into parting with your hard earned cash for a chance to win big.

This means that, if you’re looking for some sportsbook action to go alongside your casino games, then you’d best take a turn off this motorway and head down sportsbook central. That’s where you’ll find plenty of great sites: all the way from the big boys of William Hill to lesser known sites, such as Tipbet.

Cashmio advert

What you’ll find as well is that most of these sites also have their own casino sections. Actually, finding a site that is entirely focused on sports betting and doesn’t have a casino section is actually pretty rare. In fact, you’re more likely to find a site that includes this and a poker page as well, take Party Poker for instance.


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So, if you can get all this in one place then why would you bother signing up to a site that only has a casino to its name?

Well, there are distinct advantages for casino exclusive sites, if you don’t mind the lack of sporting goodness. For starters, it seems to really open the options up design wise. The extra room seems to give plenty of sites much more leeway in terms of creativity, meaning you get big personalities like Manhattan Slots and Foxy Casino.

Cashmio banner

There’s also the extra focus. Consider PokerStars. It’s an exceptional site despite plenty of other betting sites also having poker elements. That’s because often having just one site element and doing everything possible to bring that one product up to a world class level reaps incredible results.

That means Cashmio is in for some serious competition. From Rich Casino to Virgin Casino and Sportsbook, there’s a lot out there gunning for your attention.

So how do you know as a customer which site is right for you?

Well, we’re going to be asking all the questions that need answering for you to find out whether Cashmio is worth your time and money.

In order to keep things as fair as possible, we’ll look over both sides of the story on each question we ask. There’s some things that come down to preference though. So make sure to spend a little time with the site before deciding whether to sign up.

Cashmio mobile

If you want to learn some more before making your decision, we’ve got plenty of great reviews right here. Also feel free to check out some of the competition while you’re at it.

This is about finding the right betting site for you. So with that in mind, let’s get to those questions.

  1. Do Cashmio have a good reputation?

In terms of legality, this means knowing whether your money is secure. It is vital that you are sure that your money is being spent with a fair chance of winning. The answers to these questions are uniformly yes as far as all our research can tell.

Firstly, they are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. This means they are fully legitimate. This ain’t no back alley casino. Cashmio is the real deal.

SSL encryption

Secondly, they use SSL encryption, which is the industry standard. This means all the information you put on the site, including banking details, address etc, is kept completely secure. The site is also “RGN” certified. This means all of its casino games are independently audited so you know that they are proven to be random and fair.

In terms of customer and critical reputation though, that’s where Cashmio really shines. With regards to the critical reception that the site has received, we’ve honestly not seen much like it. In terms of getting consistently great reviews, few can match Cashmio

It might not be the oldest site or the best known on the block, but it is one of the most loved from the people who use it. The critical response is almost as good. The best thing we can say about the complaints from their users is we’ve not seen any which can be considered very serious. The rest range from good to perfect.

Cashmio characters

Cashmio may not have the kind of instant recognition or reputation that comes from being a household name like William Hill or Ladbrokes. But it can go toe to toe with the best casino sites in terms of the reception it has gotten.

On the other hand

The only thing we could say as a negative to all this is the site doesn’t have as many customer responses as we would like to give a conclusive portrayal of customer satisfaction. However, what we’ve seen is all positive and its critical reviews are world class.

It calls itself the world’s happiest casino, and based on how happy its users seem to be, they may just be right.


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  1. So what exactly is available on Cashmio?

Cashmio games

Don’t expect many surprise here.

It’s a casino site. That means you can expect online slots, table games and video poker games.

There’s no sportsbook and no bingo.

So initially that may not sounds too exciting. But where Cashmio excels is in the quantity and quality of these games. There’s obviously far, far too many games here for us to list. That is unless you wanted this review to turn into a short novella.

But needless to say, the selection is plentiful.

Games come from the likes of Microgaming, Play N’ Go, SkillOnNet, NetEnt, Quickspin, Thunderkick and much more.

Cashmio casino selection

It’s an amazing selection providing not just fair games but fun games too. Their selection is packed to the brim with imagination. The sheer polish of many of the titles give Cashmio a sense of energy that much of its competition is lacking in.

On the other hand

Well, if you want more than casino games, you’re straight out of luck. What are you even still reading this review for? We made it clear what the deal was ages ago. Get out of here! Check out some of our sportsbooks for more of what you’re looking for.

One thing we would like to see at Cashmio is the inclusion of a bingo section some time in the future. We believe this would fit in so well with the site.

If what you’re looking for, very simply, is a great selection of casino games, then you won’t find many better out there.

  1.  Are there any promotions available as part of Cashmio?

Cashmio 10 free spins

There are a couple of promotions available on the site. At the time of writing, the Cashmio promotions include:

No Deposit 10 Free Spins Bonus:
Get 10 free spins after signing up without needing to deposit anything. This is a great way of getting people to enjoy the site and see what’s available without needing to put any money down.

First Deposit Bonus:
Get 100% bonus up to £100 and 50 free spins.

Cashmio Championship Competition:
This actually has a bunch of different names, like Wednesday’s Wild and Thundering Wins. It runs on different games per day. That helps keep the competition fresh. This is a fairly straightforward offer that is based on who wins the most. If you’re one of the top winners, you could win a prize.

There’s also a bunch of extra promotions that are available via their mailing list once you sign up. So make sure you agree to let the site contact you with offers via their sign up registration form.

On the other hand

Cashmio welcome bonus

The rollover requirement for the Welcome Bonus is 45 times for the money and 5 times for the free spins. The latter isn’t bad while the former is just ok. It’s nothing terrible but nothing special either.

You also need to deposit a minimum of £20 (at once, two £10 deposits won’t cut it). This is more than most sites ask for with these kinds of bonuses.

Overall, the promotion selection here isn’t anything special quite honestly. It’s a little disappointing considering the overwhelming critical reception.

  1. Is the site well deigned?

Cashmio home page

For this section, we’ll try to keep as objective as possible. We understand that people have different tastes when it comes to betting sites and it’s always important to check sites out for yourself to find out whether you agree or want to look for something else to suit your own style.

However, with that in mind, we must confess that Cashmio looks absolutely incredible. It’s fun, vibrant, colourful and oozes personality from corner to corner of your screen.

We mentioned before that one of the benefits of being a casino site was having less content to worry about. This often means that a site can use that extra space to take more design risks. And while we’re not sure we’d describe what Cashmio is doing as taking risks, we would say that they’re taking full advantage of the opportunities this affords them.

Cashmio game page

It’s a simple layout. It has a small menu to the left hand side of the screen and everything else is dedicated to creating a colourful casino world. Its games selection screen even takes a slight twist to the usual Windows 10 like tiled approach we generally see when it comes to listing casino games.

It almost looks like someone has laid out a deck of cards filled with vibrant characters. It’s clever, looks great and is in keeping with the style of the site.

Its layout could not be easier to use or navigate. Echoing this, the technical aspects of the site are as impressive as the games the site contains. Making your way through Cashmio is as smooth as a hot knife cutting through butter.


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On the other hand

Some people simply won’t like the very colourful look of the site. It’s just a matter of preference. A lot of people when they’re looking for a casino site want something that gives more of a sense of a 3 am morning in Las Vegas, or something a little more high end, like Rich Casino or Grosvenor Casino.

  1. How’s the customer service?

Cashmio customer support

The customer service includes an e-mail, FAQ section and a live chat function.

Our experience with the customer service team was nothing but positive. They were pleasant, informed and quick to respond. We only have good things to say and based on the response from customer and critics, most people agree with our assessment.

On the other hand

Unfortunately, the live chat function is not 24/7. It works from 9am to 11am, which is better than some site. The similarly named Cashino for example offers a live chat support that ends in the afternoon. Hopefully, they could move this up to 24 hour coverage at some time in the future.

The only other thing missing would be a phone number.

  1. What banking option are available?

Cashmio payment methods

The following options are available to deposit funds on the Cashmio site at the time of writing:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Trustly
  • EUTeller
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • PaySafeCard
  • Instadebit
  • iDeal
  • P24
  • EcoPayz

Some methods have fees of 2.5%. These include Visa, Mastercard, Euteller, Neteller, Skrill, Ecopayz. The rest have no fees.

All deposit methods are instant.

The following withdrawal methods are also available:

  • Visa
  • Neteller
  • Trustly
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer
  • iDeal
  • EcoPayz

Visa, Neteller, Skrill and ecopayz have fees of 2.5% and Trustly has a flat fee of £3. There’s no fee for Bank Transfer or iDeal.

All withdrawal methods take up to 24 hours except for Bank Transfer, which takes between 1 and 5 days.

On the other hand

The fees are a touch disappointing here. Other than that, there’s not much to complain about.

7. So what’s the verdict on Cashmio?

Cashmio logo

This is a strange one to end. Usually anything above average would be considered a good review but considering the incredible response the site has gotten from critics in this case, it may be a let down.

Well have no fear, because we’re certainly not going to claim that Cashmio is anywhere near mediocrity.

It’s a wonderful site, packed with great games and fun times to be had. If what you’re looking for is a great selection of casino games and not much else, then you’re bound to have a great time here. We do however feel that all the perfect scores the site gets does overlook some issues.

The cartoon style, although stunning, won’t be for everyone. Its promotions, while not bad, don’t set the world on fire and the lack of 24 hour coverage for their live chat is a let down.

So with this in mind, why has Cashmio gotten such a thunderously positive response?

We can only guess that the site has won people over so completely with its charm, personality and friendly service that these flaws become easy to forget.

We’re not going to join in with those giving this site perfect results, because it’s not quite perfect, but it is pretty close.


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