The quick guide to boxing betting 2017

Boxing Betting

Boxing betting, much like boxing itself, is like a game of human chess: it is the art of hitting and not getting hit. Similarly, boxing betting wisely can be a game of mental chess, and the art of hitting and not getting hit returns in the wallet. This article looks closely at How boxing betting works.

Boxing’s popularity may not be at the astronomic levels it has been in previous decades, with the the increasingly dominant UFC taking home box office records. Despite this though, the recent Mayweather vs. Paquiue fight did prove that boxing betting can quietly bring home the big bucks, pulling in a whopping 5 million PPV buys.

However, big fights do not necessarily mean big returns on your boxing betting. Boxing is a sport that is to be studied and understood. It’s far beyond plain physical violence. When boxing is stripped down, it’s a game of wits, played at breakneck speed. You also need an in-depth knowledge of how How boxing betting works. A big part of this is also about how to understand boxing betting odds.

Understanding boxing betting odds

If you don’t know how these work or how they are structured, you will not have a good time with your boxing betting. Do some research into how to understand boxing betting odds before you sign up with an online sportsbook for your boxing betting.

Boxing betting odds will also depend largely on the bout itself. Some boxing betting odds are evenly stacked if the opponents are more or less an equal match. However, as most experienced boxing betting fans know, boxing betting odds can shift dramatically before a fight. This often has to do with one or both opponents talking up a storm and hyping their chances. 

boxing betting How boxing betting works

Boxing betting Tip 1

Do not let the fighter talk you into it

Before a big match, it’s customary for a fighter to talk big and to try to intimidate his opponent. His confidence may sway you into believing he has a better chance of winning than he does objectively. This can heavily influence boxing betting action as well as boxing betting odds right before the fight.

This is to be avoided. It’s the boxers job to try and convince his opponent he has the upper hand in order to knock their confidence, but it’s important that you do not let this impact your boxing betting decision. Although conversely, if a fighter appears to lack confidence before a bout, that would be a justifiable reason to change your mind on a boxing betting wager.

Cocky fighters tend to be over bet

This means that cocky fighters tend to be over bet. For example, Amir Khan and Ricky Hatton have both received terrific boxing betting  odds on account of their brashness inspiring punters to prop up the fighters, only to let them down. This is particularly true if a flamboyant personality is facing a less charismatic opponent.

Often in ring styles come into play. Most people prefer a more aggressive style, but it is often the tactician that gets the victory. Because people tend to bet on their favourites, whether that be through wishful thinking or they have been swayed by the personality, this will drive up boxing betting  odds for the quieter opponent and can be an excellent boxing betting opportunity.

Despite our tendency to forget, the history of boxing is littered with technically great boxers overcoming their brash counterparts. Historically, Gene Tunney pulled out a huge upset against crowd favourite Jack Dempsey, as Jack’s aggressive style, though thrilling, had met its perfect match in Tunney’s methodical stick and move style.

Mayweather is actually an oddity in this: a tactical, defensive fighter with a brash aggressive personality. This has certainly served him well in driving boxing betting interest and winning fights.

Try to be as unemotional as possible when boxing betting. Perhaps do not listen to too many pre-match interviews and bet with discipline and logic.

Boxing betting: The three best boxing technicians and talkers of all time

boxing betting boxing betting odds

3. Floyd Mayweather Money

While his style is not for everyone, it is impossible to deny the incredible talent and success of one of boxing’s most obnoxiously excellent fighters. He has retired (for now at least) undefeated at 49-0.

He is a 12 time world champion across four different weight divisions, a two time fighter of the year winner and is considered by many to be the best pound for pound boxer the world has seen in decades.

His athletic style allows him to mix powerful punches with an incredible defensive game and his straight right hand is legendary. He is one of the greatest in ring tacticians there has ever been. Like him or hate him, he backs up what he says.

2. Sugar Ray Leonard

Beginning his career as to Olympian, Sugar Ray Leonard bought an Olympic level of expertise, preparation and intelligence in to the professional leagues with him. He first came to the attention of the public after his success in the 1976 Montreal Olympic games and the 1975 games in Mexico.

He won a gold in both contests in the light welterweight division. After moving up to the professional ranks, Sugar Ray began shocking the world with his power, technical, speed and his big brash personality.

Soon beating fighters who on paper should been clear victors, Leonard was part of what is now known as “The Fabulous Four’, alongside Roberto Duran, Marvin Haggler and Thomas Hearns.

They created a wave of popularity in boxing in the post Ali golden years, particularly in smaller boxers, that is still felt today. You no longer had to be big to be a success, but it did help if you had a big mouth.

1. Muhammad Ali

boxing betting Muhammad Ali in 1966

Could there ever be another pick for the best talker and technical boxer in the business? Widely considered the greatest boxer of all time technical or otherwise, Ali remains the most charismatic man to ever step foot into the ring.

His interviews are as legendary as his in ring skills. His wars against the likes of Foreman and Frasier are among the greatest fights ever seen, some say the greatest, and what is remarkable is how Ali what able to adjust his style to any opponent.

Rumble in the jungle

The most ingenious use of ring tactics came against Foreman, who many assumed had Ali’s number, with the now infamous rope-a-dope technique. Ali started the fight by baffling Foreman by attacking him head on, then letting him become the aggressor from the second round onwards, while Ali lent on the roped and allowed George to wear himself down, before Ali finally knocked him to the canvas in the eighth round.

Foreman actually did get up at 9, but the referee stopped the match, judging him unfit to continue. This bout, and the quotes from Ali surrounding the fight, tell you everything you need to know about Muhammad Ali as the greatest talker and technician in the history of this great sport.

Boxing betting Tip 2

The judges may not go in your favour

The issue with bouts being decided by judges’ decision, especially in closely fought battles, is that, although there is some skill in which you judge points given in a boxing match, there is an extent to which it is a subjective decision. This makes it unpredictable, and as a third of all boxing contests end in a points based decision, it can be problematic for someone trying to make a smart boxing betting bet.

Shocking cases of bad judgement. 

There have been some absolutely shocking examples of judging decisions throughout boxing history. Erislandy Lara vs. Paul Williams for example led to the entire judging team being suspended after Lara appeared to have beaten Williams by an absolute mile, with Williams appearing a bloody mess at the end of the bout. However, he was still awarded the fight. 

boxing betting

A 2005 study therefore showed boxing judges are significantly more likely to give the fight to the home boxer. They are often accused of being too easily swayed by a partisan crowd. In addition, giving too much credit to work rate over punches landed.

Consider the impact the judges may have on the fight. Adjust your boxing betting stakes based on risk. Or, perhaps choose to focus on fights where you feel it is less likely to end on points.

Boxing betting: boxers to look out for in 2016

Looking to make wise boxing betting choices? Keep an eye on these up and coming stars of the ring. 

boxing betting pick 1: Errol Spence Jr

A welterweight with a 19-0 record (16 KO’s). The southpaw from Texas failed to pick up a gold medal at the Olympics. However, it looks like it’s full steam ahead in the professional ranks.

boxing betting pick 2:Anthony Joshua

A heavyweight with a 15-0 record and a very impressive 100% KO rate. This big hitter is already the British and Commonwealth champion. Joshua seems set to go onto even bigger successes as the year goes on.

boxing betting pick 3: Joseph Parker

With a 18-0 record (15 KO’s), this 23 year old heavyweight was Ring Magazine’s Prospect of the Year. The young New Zealander recently defeated American Daniel Martz in at astonishing one minute 17 seconds.

Boxing betting Tip 3

Take a player’s entire history into account, not just their current form

The boxing betting market on boxing pays far too much credit to the recent form of a boxer. Basing your boxing betting decision entirely on how well a fighter has done recently is not the whole picture.

This is especially true if a fighter’s recent form has been up against lesser opponents. Also opponents with a very different style to the upcoming fight. There’s even cases where fighters have fought each other on several occasions. They have been trading wins. However, due to recent victories, one fighter has wildly better boxing betting odds than the other. This despite them being clearly evenly matched

A fighter might perform terrifically against a fighter of a similar style. However, putting him up against a different kind of fighter can yield unexpected results.

Of course this can work to your boxing betting advantage. Much like the influence of a boxer’s personality, if you can keep your boxing betting decision logical. Base your boxing betting decisions on the facts you have in front of you. You are much more likely to get a boxing betting payout with good boxing betting odds.