7 Questions About The Brilliant Bodog Casino And Sportsbook

In this instalment of our far reaching quest to find you the best of the best and all the rest in the world of betting sites, we’ll be taking a look at Bodog. This is both a casino and a sportsbook site.


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Unfortunately for Bodog, but good for you as a consumer is that there is an absolute ton of casino/sportsbook betting sites out there. Well, this is mostly good for the customer. Although it does mean the likes of Ladbrokes and Betfair, to name a select few examples of top class betting sites, have upped their game. That means there’s never been a better time to join up.

Bodog advert

So how will Bodog handle being faced against such juggxrnaughts of the internet?

How can you decide whether Bodog is the right site for you?

First off, you’ll want to ask yourself exactly what kind of site is best for you.

If you want a sportsbook and casino site, then stay with us. But don’t forget to check out some other sites and reviews. Take some time to research everything from major sites like William Hill to lesser known competition like Redbet. This is the only way to fully get to grips with what’s out there.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a casino site solely, then there’s great examples out there. These include Manhattan Slots and Rich Casino, to name but a few.

Then there’s the most left field sites, such as Sportdec and BlitzFantasy. These are more niche, being a peer to peer betting site and a fantasy sports site respectively. They are ideal if you want something out of the ordinary.

Bodog advertisement

From here, we’ll be asking all the important questions, from customer service to banking options and everything in between. In order to keep everything fair and balanced, we’ll look at both sides of the argument when it comes to each site element. The only thing we can’t account for is your personal taste. So make sure to give the site a good once over because moving forward.

With that out of the way, it’s time for us to take a look at whether Bodog is worthy of your time and hard earned cash.

  1.     What does a quick overview of the site looks like?

Bodog poker

Aside from being a sportsbook and casino, Bodog also has a dedicated poker and horse racing section. Although neither of these things are unusual for sites like this (in fact they’re pretty much expected), this is at the very least a nice design feature. It shows the site takes these site elements seriously. It gives the impression that they will be given as much importance as everything else on the site.

In terms of what is actually available the Bodog sportsbook, the following are available at the time of writing:











      Horse Racing Futures and Props


      Motor Sports


      Rugby League

      Rugby Union




      Aussie Rules



It’s a decent line up, if not the best we’ve seen. It’s certainly enough to make it worth most people’s time. And the inclusion of untypical results like e-sports, entertainment and politics is always appreciated.

Bodog casino games

The casino offering is perhaps even better. Being a real time gaming casino with over ten years of experience means there’s an excellent selection of games to choose from. It’s far more than we can list here.

Needless to say, whether you’re looking for online slots, video poker games or table games, you are unlikely to be disappointed here.

It’s poker and horse racing section is pretty decent too. Although the former is not built for professional players in the same way industry juggernauts like PokerStars are.

Bodog mobile

The site also has a mobile gaming app for your phone, where you can play a decent selection of games.


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On the other hand

A huge problem with Bodog is that site, at the time of writing, is only available to Canadian and Latin American players, as per what we are told by their customer service team.  So if that does not apply to you, then you may as well take a look at one of our many other great site reviews instead.

  1.     Is the site well designed?

Bodog home page

The site design is the most obvious aspect of a site that can be considered subjective. Thus, we can’t tell you what your tastes are. However, we think few will be disappointed with the overall design of Bodog.

Hitting a nice balance between ultra modern sites like Rizk Casino and more conservative sites like Virgin Casino and Sportsbook, Bodog, for the most part, brings a bouncy, friendly yet efficient design. It’s as easy to use as it is easy on the eye.

In terms of structure, its design is very well laid out. Technically speaking, the site runs as smooth as butter. There’s nothing too new here. Bodog isn’t reinventing the wheel with its site design. Its more a refining of a formula. This is a case of ‘if ain’t broke don’t fix it’, but you can give it a polish here and there.

On the other hand

Bodog sportsbook

As we’ve mentioned, no site suits everyone so there will bound to be some people for whom Bodog does not rock their boat. They may prefer the minimalism of Mr Green’s Casino and Sportsbook or even more flamboyant designs generally found in the casino sites, such as BGO.

Speaking of which, in their attempts to give the site a sense of uniformity, they appear to have sacrificed something in the way of personality when it comes to their casino. One of the fun parts of casinos is that you can have a little more fun with the design. Not taking advantage of this is a pitfall many, if not most, sportsbook and casino sites fall down.

However, it still looks pretty great, as does the rest of the site. It would just be nice to see a touch more flair and distinction in this regard.

Bodog casino

At the time of writing, the characters on the main advertisement that appears on the top of the page are two generic female characters. If they were given more personality or were replaced with another more engaging character, that could bring the page to life. Perhaps this is a small criticism, but when the rest of the site is so good, this does feel like a missed opportunity. They don’t need to spend a fortune on celebrity endorsements like Realdealbet, but they do need something extra.

Overall though, putting these moderately small criticisms aside, Bodog is still better designed than the vast majority of their competition.

  1. Does the site have a good reputation?

SSL encryption

First off, let’s go through the basics. Is Bodog a trustworthy site?

Well, the site has a twenty plus year career, with its life beginning in 1994. This is an incredibly long time for any betting site. No site can really be around that long and be a scam site out in the open. So that should quell any fears about this not being a legitimate bookmaker.

It is fully licensed, audited and uses industry standard SSL Encryption. What this mean is that the site is fully legal, your information is safe on the website and that the games on the website are independently checked and proven to be both random and fair.

But moving on from that, it’s also important to know what their reputation is like among customers and critics. This is the best insight into whether or not the public at large thinks Bodog does a good job.

Bodog trust

Overall their reputation is about as solid as you would expect a site with this level of experience to be. While no site has perfect scores, Bodog does get a very good reception. Most of their feedback ranges from good to great.

In other words, yes, the site does have a good reputation

On the other hand

As always, no site ever gets perfect customer feedback. Alongside the good reviews, there’s some negativity out there as well.

However, we’ve not yet come across a site with perfect feedback on the internet so this shouldn’t affect your thoughts on Bodog too much. Or at least, not more than pretty much every other site out there.


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  1. Do they have good customer service?

Bodog contact us

On the plus side, in our interactions with the Bodog team, we’ve found them very helpful in their answers.

On the other hand

Unfortunately the site is missing that all important live chat function. Not just a 24/7 live chat, but live chat entirely. That make it more frustrating than sites like Cashino, where that function ends in the afternoon.

They instead have a phone number and a contact sheet and they aim to e-mail you back within four hours. In our experience, they responded well within that timeframe but this obviously can’t compete with an instant live chat function.

In this regard, Bodog is steadily behind in much of the competition, including Betway, BoyleSports and TonyBet to name but a few.

  1. Are there any promotions at Bodog?

Bodog promotions

There are indeed. Quite a few as it happens, with bonuses being split up into several sections.

There’s sign up bonus promotions, casino promotions, poker promotions and sportsbook promotions. To give you an idea of the general value of the offers available at Bodog, here’s an example from each section. If you want to find out more about other individual bonuses then check out their promotions page for more details. All the information is there.

100% Sports Sign Up Bonus:
Bodog 100% sports sign up bonusReceive a 100% sign up bonus up to $200, with a rather astonishingly good 5x rollover requirement. There might be many promotions just like this one but very few have as generous terms and conditions.

The Hit and Draw:
Bodog Hit and Draw bonusEvery Blackjack you hit puts you into a prize draw, with a prize of $210 up for grabs. It’s a simple but effective promotion

Royal Flush Bonus:
Bodog Royal Flush bonus Royal Flush holders can receive 50 times a bonus on the big blind up to $200.

Refer a Friend:
Bodog Refer a Friend bonus Receive 200% of your friends initial deposit after you’ve referred them to get up to $100 bonus, with the same 5 times rollover amount as the sports welcome bonus.

That’s just a small selection of what’s available and is of course, subject to change depending on when you’re reading this review. There’s plenty more there, and most of it lives up to the standard set here. Not all, but most.

It can’t be denied that these offers contain some actual value to a player and aren’t jut here for show.  They are excellent promotions value wise.

On the other hand

Pretty much all these promotions can be seen elsewhere. There’s not much effort to add a hint of personality to distinguish them. Ultimately, we’re sure that players care more about value than about the names/graphics/personality of a bonus but it would give a bit more sense of fun to the promotions.

Also for the Refer a Friend bonus for exampl,e the casino rollover isn’t quite as generous, hitting 40x, which is about average. Overall though, it’s a pretty good showing on the promotions front by Bodog.


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6. What banking options are available?

Bitcoin payment method

The following payment options are available to deposit funds through the Bodog site:

  • Bitcoin
  • Credit Card
  • Interace transfer

Your withdrawal will be processed via whichever method you chose to deposit funds.

The minimum deposit for all methods is $20, while the maximum is $1000. The minimum withdrawal is also$ 20 and the maximum is $3000.

The inclusion of bitcoin here will be a big draw for some customers, as we’ve seen with BitStarz.

On the other hand

Their explanations of fees is half hearted. They essentially tell the reader that it’s up to the banks and the card companies while saying there won’t be any fees for bitcoin. Perhaps this is to push bitcoin as their preferred method of payment.

Regardless, it does seem like this aspect is a touch overlooked. Also there’s no need for the FAQ section to be broken down this much. It just makes finding the relevant information more difficult. A single table of payment method details more than does the job.

  1. So what’s the verdict on Bodog?

Bodog logo

As much as we hate to be predictable, we’ve got to agree with the consensus. That’s that Bodog is an excellent site. While we have a few issues here and there, and there are certain product elements people will have to find elsewhere (bingo for example), everything that Bodog does, for the most part, it does it extremely well.

If you’re a Canadian or Latin American player then Bodog is a site worthy of serious consideration.


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