BlitzFantasy Review: 7 Important Things To Know Before You Sign Up

Here at Betting Sites, we work tirelessly to make sure you get all the information you need to make good decisions in terms of what betting sites you use and don’t use, including daily fantasy betting sites like BlitzFantasy. 

There’s a massive amount of sites to choose from today: so much that it can be a little overwhelming to take in.

That’s where we come in. We take you through all the major details you will want to consider when signing up to a site.

BlitzFantasy advert

Now usually we cover sportsbooks and casinos here, but sometimes we’ll come across something a little different that is likely to appeal to certain betting fans.

So we’ll explain those differences between this and a normal gambling site, as well as all the possible negatives and positives that come from those changes.

However, much like several site aspects, whether or not you like a new concept can often be best understood by taking a look at the site yourself.

This is also true for elements such as site design, where your preference may be different to another person.

For example, a site like the flashy Manhattan Slots may be technically well designed, but others may prefer the simplicity of a site like Virgin Casino.

There are some sites that are simply technically badly designed and we’ll cover that, however it’s important for you to spend some time on the site yourself to decide whether a site’s style suits you.

So, here’s a rundown of things to consider when signing up to BlitzFantasy.

1) What’s BlitzFantasy all about?

BlitzFantasy what it's all about

This will be the first question on everyone’s minds. BlitzFantasy is a daily fantasy sports site. This is a subset of fantasy sports games and includes fantasy sports betting such as fantasy basketball.

At BlitzFantasy, you can choose a team of professional athletes, your fantasy team if you will, and set them against other fantasy teams such as NBA fantasy teams in daily fantasy sports tournaments.

The outcome of the games and ultimately the daily fantasy sports tournament results are then determined by real life statistical analysis of those players in the real world.

BlitzFantasy step 2

If you haven’t heard of Dan Bilzarian, he’s a professional poker player known for his excessive lifestyle.

This doesn’t impact the BlitzFantasy site all that much. It’s no ego project after all. This only really matters in terms of the BlitzFantasy site design, which we’ll get onto.

Essentially, you will have an entry fee to enter a NBA fantasy tournament for example. Depending on your stake and your placement, that will determine if and how much prize money you’ll receive from fantasy sports betting.

There’s also different BlitzFantasy game types, such as straight head to heads, 50/50 and GPP (low entry fee) games.

BlitzFantasy step 3

On the other hand

Well the simple issue here is whether this BlitzFantasy concept works for you. It’s a specific concept that’s really down to your tastes.

Some people will love it, some people will hate it: much like the man himself.

2) So what’s on offer at BlitzFantasy?

BlitzFantasy is a purely fantasy sports site. That means there’s no casino and no real life sportsbook. It’s a site entirely focused on daily fantasy sports.

It’s not the only site of its kind. DraftKing and Fandual are the big players in this market and have proven it’s both a fun and fruitful business model.

BlitzFantasy seems to be aiming for somewhere between the big guns and the sport specific sites.

BlitzFantasy game selection

Some sports fantasy sites focus on only one sport, usually football.

There’s three to choose from at BlitzFantasy, including the NFL, the MLB and NBA fantasy basketball. As you can tell, BlitzFantasy is a very American focused site.

The amount of tournaments is also good. At a glance, there’s everything from a dollar tournament to ones costing thousands to enter. So pretty much all price ranges are available at BlitzFantasy.

3) How does the BlitzFantasy site look?

In all honesty, the BlitzFantasy site looks terrific, especially considering it only launched this year.

It’s big, colourful and brash. Everything is easy to understand and navigate and it has a very attractive white, red and black colour scheme.

BlitzFantasy home page

The BlitzFantasy site really takes advantage of not having as much content as other sportsbook sites.

Much like how we see on casino specific sites such as Rizk, BlitzFantasy can afford to be a little more creative due to the extra space they have.

It’s a simple enough set up, but its colourful layout makes the most of every corner of the site.

Structure wise, the BlitzFantasy site is set up with a top toolbar that features the logo to the top left. Further along to the right, there’s one of two main toolbars. This includes Lobby, My Entries, Live Scoring, Tools, Help, Account Balance and finally, a big green ‘Add Funds’ button.

If you’re wondering why it says add funds and not sign/log in, we’ll get onto that in a moment.

Below there’s an image tying the page together and below, that another toolbar to the left featuring a sports, game type and game set drop list. To the right, there’s an entry fee slides and a countdown to the next BlitzFantasy contest.

BlitzFantasy fantasy sports betting

The latter is a great little addition as it makes the site feel like a living, breathing entity.

The rest of the BlitzFantasy site is made up of a list of upcoming tournaments, which changes depending on your selection.

Overall, it’s a very well made and thought through site.

On the other hand

However, it has to be said that as technically well designed as the BlitzFantasy site is, the look and feel of the site won’t be for everyone.

As mentioned, Dan Blitzerian owns this site and his presence is felt throughout.

His face is in the logo, he’s folding his arms and staring at you to the right of the screen. Plus there’s images of scantily clad women on the logo and on the main image.

None of this is a bad thing per se. Plenty of people will love it but others won’t. It’s all down to your personal taste.

4) How do you sign up to BlitzFantasy?

BlitzFantasy sign up now

Remember when we mentioned that to the right of the homepage there’s an add funds option and not a sign in or log in option?

That’s because there’s actually no way of looking around the BlitzFantasy site without signing up.

This is annoying, not least because we always consider it wise to take a look around before signing up.

Luckily though, signing up is actually such a simple process that you can always do it and change your mind if you don’t like what you see.

All you do to sign up is enter a username, a password and an e-mail or phone number.

That’s literally it.

BlitzFantasy registration

Ensure your password is safe by choosing a long, random selection of number and letters that is unique to this site.

What we mean by that is you should use a password that isn’t used for anything else. That way, if say your Facebook were to get hacked, it would not also leave you open for fraud here.

It’s always vital when dealing with sites that operate with real money that you take precautions.

Your e-mail or phone will then be sent a code, which should arrive within moments.

Once you’ve got your code, move onto the next step, type it in and you’re good to go.

On the other hand

It’s super easy to sign up to BlitzFantasy, which is useful because you need that to be able to look around. However, all bank details must be added after entering the BlitzFantasy site. So there’s still some more information to add in later.

Because so many details are missing from this section, there is quite a lengthy process when it comes to filling out the BlitzFantasy banking section.

5) What are the BlitzFantasy banking options like?

BlitzFantasy cashier

The BlitzFantasy banking options here include credit card and PayPal. These deposits are likely instant, although that’s not specified. Withdrawals take 1 business day.

On the other hand

That’s not many banking options and players who prefer to use alternative methods may be left feeling disappointed. 

6) How’s the BlitzFantasy customer service?

BlitzFantasy contact us

BlitzFantasy has two options for contacting customer service. This includes an e-mail or a BlitzFantasy customer service line. They aim to get back to customers within 24 hours.

There’s also an FAQ section to help you find the answers you’re looking for quicker and easier. 

On the other hand

The lack of an onsite BlitzFantasy live chat feature is a massive missing link. It’s become almost standard practice for major betting sites of any kind.

BlitzFantasy FAQs

Also, its FAQ needs a little work. Unlike the rest of the site, it’s not elegantly put together and repeats certain points.

To be fair to BlitzFantasy, this is a very, very new site. So these flaws can be forgiven for now, with the hope they’ll be improved in the future.

7) Should I sign up to BlitzFantasy?

This BlitzFantasy site gets a little leeway for still being in its infancy. We understand that a brand new site is going to struggle against a site that has had many years to establish itself.

That said, the product offered here isn’t half bad.

Sure, BlitzFantasy can’t match up to the selection offered by DraftKings for example, but it manages a decent selection in its own right which includes fantasy basketball.

BlitzFantasy daily fantasy sports

The BlitzFantasy site looks fantastic and is technically sound. Signing up is simple and betting is fun and straightforward. 

There are some teething problems. The BlitzFantasy customer service could use a live chat feature and a few more sporting options is always appreciated.

Whether BlitzFantasy is site is for you depends on two main factors:

  • How much do you like the BlitzFantasy concept?
  • And how much do you mind Dan’s face staring at you, cross armed while you bet?

If your answer to those questions are “I think it’s great and I don’t mind at all”, then you may have found your new fantasy sports betting site.