3 Bitcoin Sports Betting Apps To Check Out Now

The Surge of Bitcoin and What That Means For Betting Apps

In the first place, the digital currency of Bitcoin forged Bitcoin sportsbooks. This digital currency is used worldwide. Moreover Bitcoin consumers carry a personal digital wallet. This ‘cypto money’ is managed in a computer network payment system. By and large, Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that’s created and held electronically. As a matter of a fact, a few online casinos have their transactions exclusively in bitcoins, while others offer Bitcoin as an additional currency option, in addition to its traditional currencies.

Casinos and sportsbooks alike offer a vast array of markets to use Bitcoin currency in. For example: From casino games to gambling games to sports betting to online lotteries to spread betting; the possibilities are numerous. Additionally, Bitcoin casino sites offer zero transaction fees with unlimited free daily transactions. On the other hand, traditional currency based casinos have set limits and transaction fees. Together with global access as well as easy round the clock availability, punters enjoy a premium digital relationship with Bitcoin.

At first, Bitcoin arrived in Vegas casinos then slowly made its way into online casinos. In regards to setting up an account, unlike at traditional land-based banks, it’s simple. In other words, an account has no names, addresses, or  personally identifying information. Overall, through Bitcoin payments,  punters experience immediate withdrawals and deposits making it simpler for them to effectively manage their bank payments while betting.


Uniquely the most important characteristic of Bitcoin is perhaps what makes it different to conventional money. In sum, it’s decentralized. In other words, there’s no single institution which controls the Bitcoin network. On the positive side, this means that a large bank can’t control an investor’s money.

Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin with the intention to produce a currency independent of any central authority. In addition, it’s transferable electronically, more or less instantly, with very low transaction fees. As a result, punters are off to an amazing start when banking and betting at Bitcoin sportsbooks as opposed to other popular payment platforms.


5.) Optimized for Betting Pleasure.

Notably, Bitcoin gambling is anticipated to reach an unprecedented rate of success in the coming years. As a result, the optimization is surely to be innovative and noteworthy. Moreover, the anonymity provides confidence in transactions. As a result, the user experienced is literally heightened, taking the hassle and stress out of banking transactions online by not requiring as much paperwork as land based banks.

4.) Most Cost Effective Payment Platform.

On the whole, Bitcoin transaction fees are a fraction of the fees associated with bank transfers or credit card payments. Additionally other banks and cards usually take big percentages out of your transaction out as a service fee. This service fee of course only services their interests. Therefore, Bitcoin Sportsbooks are equipped to serve punters.

3.) Experience Rewarding Instant Payments.

In sum, bitcoin payments are super fast. Comparatively to bank transfers which ultimately can take up to 5 business days to finally transfer. Identically, international transfers are timely as well. Furthermore taking a week or more to clear or even worse. Moreover, Bitcoin sportsbooks provide rewarding experiences in regards to instant payments.

2.) The Upmost Security.

To be sure, Bitcoin is perhaps the most secure digital currency. As long as you keep coins away from online wallets, protect private keys with strong passwords, and keep the majority of coins in cold storage, punters enjoy by far the best security provided to date.

1.) Privacy is First and Foremost.

In regards to privacy, Bitcoin offers pseudonymity. Therein, punters bet without worrying about being judged by the people around them. All in all, the interesting thing about bitcoins: they don’t exist anywhere. Furthermore, each bitcoin address actually has no digital bitcoins held in it. In addition, privacy is top priority.

3 Bitcoin Sportsbooks

All in all, Bitcoin Sportsbooks provide betting markets and the option to pay with Bitcoin. There’s a chance you’re already betting at a sportsbook that has Bitcoin. In that case, consider switching your payment platform and advancing with the times. In brief, punters experience the largest return-on-investment provided by any online payment provider with Bitcoin. Learn more about where you to place your next sportsbet with Bitcoin at these Bitcoin Sportsbooks. 

3.) Bovada

What are the advantages of using Bitcoin at Bovada? First, deposits and withdrawals are safe, fast, reliable, and most importantly, they’re guaranteed. This transaction is secure. Additionally all Bitcoin transactions are done using two keys. For instance, the public key is visible to everyone. On the other hand, the private key that is only known to you. When sending Bitcoin, a signature is a combination of your public and private keys together.

Perks of Using Bitcoin at Bovada

  • ​Bitcoin friendly online sportsbook which also accepts U.S. punters.
  • Bank with the premier payment platform at one of the most trusted sportsbooks.
  • There’s no fees. In sum, bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are free of charge.
  • Minimum bitcoin deposit and withdrawal limit is $20.  Max withdrawal is $9,500.
  • Bitcoin payouts usually take 1 to 3 days.  On the other hand, deposits are instant.
  • Top-notch iOS and Android apps for sports betting, poker and casino gambling.
  • Welcome bonus plus exclusive Bitcoin offers and promotions.
  Bitcoin Other Methods
Deposit Fee None Visa: 4.9%
MasterCard: 6.9%
American Express: 8.9%
 Bank may charge an international transaction fee of 3%.
Frequency Unlimited 10 per day
Deposit Time Frame Approximately 15 minutes Immediately after Deposit


  Bitcoin Other Methods
Withdrawal Fee Free $50
Frequency 1 per 5 days 1 per 7 days
Delivery Time Frame Immediately 1-15 minutes after approval 5-10 business days


150% Bitcoin Casino Match Bonus up to $1,500

New punters at Bovada receive a 150% Bitcoin Casino Match Bonus up to $1,500. This is redeemable three times and moreover a 50% Bitcoin Match bonus up to $500 to bet on sports. First, punters should log into their Bovada account. Next, redeem one of the bonus codes while making a Bitcoin deposit. Lastly,  punters instantly collect their bonus.


2.) Cloudbet

Punters at Cloudbet receive a welcome bonus up to 5 BTC. Join over 100,000 punters at this Bitcoin sportsbook and casino. Play on desktop, mobile and tablet and take transform your transactions with Bitcoin. Next, create an account in seconds on their site. Make a fast, secure and easy deposit using Bitcoin. Thereafter, let the betting begin and place a wager in numerous betting markets. Lastly, experience lightning fast cashouts with instant withdrawals. In sum, start your winning streak with Cloudbet and Bitcoin Sportsbooks.


  • Great looking and easy to use interface
  • Excellent selection of casino games
  • Vast selection of sports betting options
  • Highest first deposit limit in the BTC casino industry
  • High betting limits
  • Mobile version available


In regards to deposit, deposits typically credit to an account after a period of 24 hours. By and large, there is no maximum deposit amount and the minimum bitcoin deposit amount is 0.001 BTC. On the other hand, withdrawals may be instant. Yet as a general rule they potentially take up to 24 hours. In brief, there is no maximum withdrawal amount and the minimum bitcoin withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC.

100% Deposit Bonus for New Punters

  • In the event that a punter makes their first Bitcoin deposit, Cloudbet reward them with a bonus of 100% up to a maximum of five Bitcoin. Notably, the bonus balance will be automatically released upon the first Bitcoin deposit and gameplay.
  • Another key point is that the minimum deposit to receive a bonus is 0.01 BTC.
  • 0.01 bitcoin is given for every 800 loyalty points a punter earn. Furthermore, these 0.01 BTC increments appear directly in the Cloudbet betting account, up to the maximum amount of five bonus bitcoin.
  • Punters have a total of 365 days to earn all the loyalty points required to earn the bonus. 

1.) Sportsbetting.ag

Established in 1996, Sportsbetting.ag is a sportsbook, racebook, casino with live betting options. Take advantage of their offers by signing up and making your first deposit with Bitcoin. Notably, they’ve been awarded the “Best US Sportsbook” in 2005 and 2006. 

Benefits of using Bitcoin at Sportsbetting.ag

  • Vast online gambling options
  • Online sports betting odds calculator including parlay and teaser calculators
  • Live chat and telephone support provided
  • Low wagering requirements for the basic deposit bonuses. (For example, the Welcome Bonus and Bonus for Life are at 8x and 6x respectively.)

Deposits and Withdrawals at Bitcoin

Online deposits are credited to an account instantly. While on the other hand, cash transfers may take up to 45 minutes within the stated business hours. Bitcoin exchange rate is based on the processed withdrawal date. 

Minimum Withdrawal: $50

Maximum Withdrawal: $5,000

Fee: Your first processed withdrawal of every calendar year will be free of charge. A 5% fee is charged to all subsequent bitcoin withdrawal requests. 


New punters at Sportsbetting.ag earn a 100% Bonus on their first-ever deposit via Bitcoin. Sportsbetting.ag vows to match every deposit, dollar for dollar, from just $20, all the way up to $1,000.


Bitcoin Sportsbooks Apps are the Sports Bettors Tool of 2017

In conclusion, accelerate your betting strategy with betting tools like Bitcoin Sportsbook. Interested in more sports betting tools then consider other ways of enhancing your game.