The 12 Biggest Online Casino Winners Ever

The Biggest Online Casino Winners of All Time

Online casino gambling is as entertaining as it is rewarding. While the bells and whistles of gambling are dazzling, the real payoff is winning the jackpot. Although the odds are not in the punter’s favor, winning it big in online casinos is not just a pipe dream rather, it’s a retirement plan for the biggest online casino winners of all time. The commitment and luck these punters used is the very same recipe that creates a winner against a stacked house. 

Progressive jackpots are the proverbial carrot dangling over the punter’s head driving them to keep gambling at the chance to win it big. In theory, a small percentage of every bet increases the jackpot. The more popular the game is then the bigger the progressive jackpot at an online casino becomes. Thanks to progressive jackpots every day punters have become multi-millionaires by perseverance and the luck of the draw.

Regardless of the game, lucky punters across the world have hit huge jackpots in online casinos. The most fantastic jackpots in the history of online gambling have happened to punters that were in the right place at the right time. Keep calm and be inspired by these luckiest casino winners of all times.


£13.2 million (approximately $17.2 million) UK Punter

On 6 October 2015, Jon Heywood was calmly playing Microgaming’s Mega Moolah on Betway‘s website. For the record, Mega Moolah is a five reel, twenty-five payline online slot game. When Jon played that game little did he know that it would change the course of the rest of his life.

His win landed him with an amazing fortune as well as a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records for the Largest Payout in an Online Slot Machine Game. That’s right. Slots, the game that has quite possibly the worst odds out there also pays out awesome progressive jackpots. Just ask Jon and he’ll tell you that slots are hot. He won the largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine game: €17,879,645 ($20,062,600, £13,209,300) 

Jonathon Heywood from Cheshire, United Kingdom already sounds like a regal name. After playing just 25 cents, the 26-year old British soldier won the record-breaking jackpot at Betway Casino. After the win, Jonathon said that everything felt surreal. He said that he hadn’t come to terms with winning yet, but we’re sure that he’ll have plenty of time to adjust to that. However he vowed to spend most of that money to help treat his sick father.

 €17,861,800 ($24 million) Finnish Punter

A single 25 cents in January 20 2013 on an online Scandinavian casino was all it took to change a Finnish punter’s life forever. The jackpot slot game Mega Fortune powered by Net Entertainment paid out an amazing jackpot of 24 million. Playing a slot in an online casino, the Finnish punter only made a small twenty-five cent bet, but won big. It’s the ideal dream that every punter dreams, winning big and walking away carefree for the rest of their years without a care in the world.

“I laughed and cried at the same time,” said the winner.

€11.7 million Norwegian Punter

Don’t blame insomnia for keeping you up at night, thank it for letting you gamble online. An insomniac made the most of not being able to sleep and instead of counting sheep, he’s counting on never having to work again because he won €11.7 million playing Mega Fortune online slot machines. On Sept 24, 2011 this young man learned the value of staying up late because now he can press snooze on his alarm clock and sleep in for the rest of his life.

The anonymous punter couldn’t sleep until 6:00 am because of the shock of winning. He said that he needed to calm down before he decides what to do with the money.

€7.9 million ($8.82 million) Mobile Punter

Story has it that D.P. was gambling on their mobile device when boom, bam, jackpot. The punter who only made a £/$/€1 deposit won an amazing 7.9 million ($8.82 million) using an iPad device at Zodiac Casino. D.P. won the largest progressive online jackpot ever hit on a mobile device. She is a gambling woman who hit it big from the convenience of her hand held mobile device and you can too. Zodiac Casino revealed that the player was signed up to the casino’s innovative promotion called 80 Chances to Become a Millionaire, which required only a small £/$/€1 deposit. Turns out, D.P. became a millionaire too.

€7,820,888 ($8.73 million) Anonymous Punter

It’s true that there are some people who win and don’t want to talk about it. On April 8, 2015, an anonymous player won a record-high progressive jackpot of €7,820,888 ($8.73 million) at Betsson Casino playing Hall of Gods and they politely asked to remain anonymous. Which is a most excellent strategy to avoid people calling you for loans.

€6.4 million Euros Scottish Punter

Imagine it’s October 2013 and this breaking news just comes in: A Fisherman from Aberdeenshire hits the jackpot, becomes a multi-millionaire but continues fishing. While playing the progressive online casino game Hall of Gods, this fisher got lucky when he felt his line tugg so he started reeling in what was an incredible €6.4 million Euros.

He contributed some of his winnings to charity, but the Scottish punter said that he would continue his passion of working at the Sea. Now he doesn’t have to worry if he doesn’t catch any fish seeing that he can buy whatever he wants to eat on the way back to mega million dollar home.


€6.3 million ($8.6 million) Greek Punter

Georgios M was casually playing Mega Moolah, a progressive jackpot slot by Microgaming software provider that’s quite famous in the online casino world when things went from casual to jackpot. In March of 2009, Georgios was playing at the River Belle Online Casino when he won €6.3 million ($8.6 million). The 36 year old business owner from Greece also became the winner of the largest Microgaming casino jackpot payout.

Georgios, a lover of slots and playing the odds is reported to had said after his win: “Do not lose hope; it’s a small moment that could change your life.”

€8,577,204 ($9.57 million) Swedish Punter

November 28th, 2015 started like any other day for Alexander from Sweden until he played Mega Moolah.  In a matter of a blink of the eye, Alexander from Sweden won €8,577,204 ($9.57 million) playing NetEnt’s Mega Moolah. Alexander said that he was planning to lay low, pay his mortgage and treat himself with exciting holidays and a new car.

Truth is, he can go and do whatever he likes because he can afford it and while he’s at it, he can change his name to Alexander is Great. Because yeah, wherever he is, Alexander is Great.

AU$10,423,223 ($7.8 million) Australian Punter

This lucky Aussie was playing the blockbuster-based slot at Spin Palace Casino on April the 8th, 2016 when lady luck paid him a visit. The punter won an incredible AU$10,423,223 ($7.8 million) jackpot on Microgaming’s the Dark Knight slot. Dark Knight slot machine has since been discontinued, but it was based on the movie and it featured 5 reels.

The slot offered players 243 ways to win and four progressive jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major and Mega. Although the Mega jackpot started at a cool  $1 million, this Aussie had the aim of Zeus himself and hit it high above that mark. Seeing that he was already on an island, the Aussie promptly took his winnings and quickly chose another island to retire on.

€7.6 million Swedish Punter

On a not so ordinary day in February 2012, a lucky female punter had a rendezvous with fate and luck. After winning the biggest online casino jackpot winner in Sweden, she walked away with €7.6 million. Legend has it that she was playing the Hall of Gods slot game at Unibet Online Casino when she experienced a divine intervention.

The casino was honored since her enormous jackpot was the biggest win ever at Unibet Casino. They invited her to join a super elite club of millionaires at their casino and she was the fifth player to join the ‘millionaire’s club’ since 2009.

With the jackpot she was planning to pay off her house, her loans and then take her family to Thailand. What’s after Thailand? Anything baby wants, baby gets. “I might even get a new car,” she replied.

$10,144,395.82 ($7.41 million) New Zealand Punter

It was just another ordinary day until Rawiri Pou from New Zealand played the progressive slot machine Mega Moolah at Casinoland and won its impressive jackpot. In June of 2016 and on a Friday no less, Rawiri Pou outwitted the system winning a whopping NZ $10,144,395.82 ($7.41 million).

Imagine the surprise of winning a massive jackpot on a slot machine. His weekend must have been a massive celebration. Most likely he called his job on Monday and told them that he is no longer able to come to work. 

Rawiri’s luck accounted as a winning milestone for Casinoland as well because it was their first win ever recorded since its launch in 2015. Not surprisingly, Rawiri and his family are somewhere living happily ever after. When Rawiri was asked how he plans to spend the jackpot, he smiled and replied that he would like to spoil his family.