Learn Everything You Need To Know About The BetStars Sportsbook

In today’s review, we’ll be taking a look at the sports betting site BetStars. There’s a few unusual points about this site that we’d like to make before we get started.

First of all, this site is affiliated with the industry leading poker site Pokerstars, who are known as one of the very best poker rooms online in the world. So they’re in good company then. This does however mean they have a touch more pressure on them to offer players a premium gaming product. This association bumps BetStars up as the sportsbook equivalent of their illustrious forbearers.

BetStars banner

That’s definitely not going to be an easy task. There’s some truly excellent sports betting sites out there, most of which also come with casino facilities, with the odd exception such as Racebets. However, they are rather unusual in the online betting world.


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In fact, even sites that sound like they should be sporting exclusives, such as the simply titled Sportingbet, also include some variety of casino games. The best sportsbook, or at very least the most critically and commercially recognised brands, such as Betway and William Hill, to name just a few, also all have casinos attached to their sportsbook sites.

So sportsbook only sites like BetStars are really at an unusual place within the online gaming world. Really, only having to focus on one site element instead of two should give them a greater focus. In the same vein of Rich Casino, Grosvenor Casino or Royal Panda, this allows them to really utilise the freedom the one tier approach to gaming sites give them. This doesn’t just mean in terms of quality, but also in terms of creative design too.

BetStars mobile

One thing we often find with sites that are exclusively casino dedicated is that they are often more experimental and more interesting design wise. A couple of examples of this are Manhattan Slots or Rizk Casino.

For whatever reason, this hasn’t happened with sportsbooks. They remain generally quite conservatively designed, both aesthetically and structurally. Although there are a couple of new looks going around. Sprotdec, for whatever content flaws they might have, do at least to attempt something to differentiate their aesthetic. (At the time of writing, we are aware that Sportdec are currently going through a name and site change, so they may have no content flaws by the time you are reading this review.) 

So, will BetStars be the one to change the luck of the exclusively sportsbook betting site? We know not all of those dedicated online sportsbooks are bad. In fact, plenty are quite good but it would be great to see a sports betting site really innovate. We want to see them create something like we’ve seen on the casino end of thing, particularly style wise.

BetStars site

Speaking of design, that’s one example of a site element which, while we do cover, we can’t give a comprehensive review of. We are well aware that there are maany different players out there with their own unique taste and preferences. Therefore, not everyone will agree with our assessment of BetStar’s look and personality. 

With that in mind, we try to look at both sides of the picture, as we do with all the site elements we examine. We always recommend though that it’s best to check out the site for yourself before making a decision. Take some time to also view some of their competition for reference, so you can rest easy that you are making the best decision in terms of your online betting home.

So, now we have covered all that, let’s move onto those burning questions to see just how well BetStars stacks up.

  1. So what does the BetStars site have to offer?

BetStars sportsbetting

Funnily enough, BetStars very closely resembles the name of the bitcoin favourite betting site Bitstarz. However, these two shouldn’t be confused. BetStars is by no means a niche product. This is a betting site through and through. You won’t find any type of casino offering here: live or otherwise. There’s no slot or table games and yes, no poker either.

That final point may seem surprising regarding their association with the gaming goliath Pokerstars. However, when you’ve perfected your gaming formula on one platform, we suppose there’s little point using a new site to flog  a watered down version of that same product.

The following sports are available on the BetStars site:

  • American Football
  • Aussie Rules Football
  • Badminton
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • UFC
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Floorball
  • Futsal
  • Gold
  • Handball
  • Horse Racing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Motor Sports
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Snooker
  • Specials
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

BetStars football selection

It’s a decent selection then. Most importantly though, their betting offering features a great deal of bet varieties per sport. Often you’ll find sites that have a whole host of weird and wonderful options but then single digit events to bet per a month.

While there’s not too many surprising additions in there, this lack of niche and unique offerings is also made up for with its specials section. At the time of writing, this includes Eurovision, Politics and a bet on who will be the 268th pope.

Now that’s variety we can get behind.

The site also has a good selection of in play bets.

BetStars in-play

BetStars does also include links to PokerStars and its casino wing of PokerStars too. But this is presented as its own and separate site. For the purpose of this review, that’s how we’ll be treating it but with the other sites a mere click away, they form together to make one unstoppable juggernaut of a betting site.

On the other hand

At BetStars, you’ll fid a good sportsbook and nothing more. Although for practical purposes, as it partners so well with PokerStars, it does feel like one complete betting site. Therefore, players who like to dabble in both sportsbetting and casino games shouldn’t find themselves feeling at a loss here.

  1. How is the BetStars site designed?

BetStars home page

BetStars has taken a page right out of the PokerStars book.  It features the same slick simplistic styles as Pokerstars, which works wonderfully on the online sportsbook. It’s beautifully but together, brightly coloured, well structured and easy to use.

From a technical standpoint as well as a layout standpoint, it’s simply marvellous. Those handsome good looks are balanced out with straightforward navigation, a responsive design and an expert use of space. Overall, it’s a joy to use.

On the other hand

Despite all the praises we have of the BetStars site design, the odd structure of the BetStars and PokerStars brand does become a little frustrating at this point. If they were going to make everything this similar, why are they in separate sites in the first place?

PokerStars Casino

While its useful from a pragmatic standpoint, you do feel as though this was a bit of a missed opportunity to raise the bar for creativity on sportsbooks. When it comes down to it though, it looks great and works great: just like PokerStars. We think most people will enjoy it. But it would have been refreshing to see BetStars at least attempt something new and original in terms of its site design.


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  1. Do they have any decent promotions at BetStars?

There are seven promotions available at BetStars the time of writing. These consist of the following:

  • Faller Insurance:
    BetStars Faller Insurance
    Get a £25 free bet refund of your stake if your horse falls, is brought down or unseats the rider. The also includes the winning part of each way bets.
  • Free £20 Bet for Every Eagle Your 3 Ball Selection Hits:
    BetStars Free £20 Bet For Every Eagle
    The offer is basically explained in the title. If you bet a minimum of £20, you will get a free £30 bet for each eagle made on that round.
  • Get £20 Free Bets:
    BetStars Get £20 in Free Bets
    Bet a minimum of £10 at 2.0 odds or great and you’ll receive a 200% bonus. This promotion is split over two bets, so that makes it two £10 bets. The bet can be made on any sport.
  • American ACCA Insurance:
    BetStars American Acca Insurance
    Place a fivefold accumulator on Baseball, Basketball, American Football or Ice Hockey and if only one bet loses, you’ll get your stake back up to £50.
  • Best Odds Guaranteed on UK and Irish Racing:
    BetStars Best Odds Guaranteed
    This is another one of BetStars’ promotions that does exactly what it says on the tin. To put it simply, you are guaranteed to receive the best odds available when betting on any UK or Irish races.
  • Win Up to $1 Million:
    BetStars Win Up To $1 Million
    This isn’t really a promotion as such but we decided to include it here because it does feature on the BetStars promotion page. Rather than a bonus, this is an advert for their fantasy league jackpots.
  • A Chance to Increase the Odds x 10:
    BetStars A Chance To Increase The Odds
    Utilise the spin and bet feature to up your odds. This is essentially a game of chance without the stakes.

What’s great about the BetStars promotions is their focus on smaller, usable bets over more attractive big promises with crazy terms and conditions, which ultimately make them worthless. They may not sound like the juiciest of offers, but BetStars has focused on making them good value and worthwhile for players.

On the other hand

Most of the terms and conditions here are so simple, they can basically be explained in the title, aside from a few details of course. However, for certain promotions, such as the Get £20 Worth of Free Bets Offer, no wagering requirements are given. If this means there are none, that’s absolutely terrific. However, that does not seem all that likely. When something sounds too good to be true, it often isn’t.

For the most part, BetStars’ focus on small simple, usable promotions will probably please many. There may perhaps be the odd high roller who feels a little let down, but overall, we think BetStars have managed to hit the mark here.

  1. Do they have good customer service?

BetStars Customer Support

No matter how many boxes an online betting site ticks, players will inevitably encounter issues somewhere along the way. That’s why customer support is always such a vital factor and should be an important consideration when making your decision. 

At BetStars, they have an extensive FAQ section, which is always ideal for finding those quick answers to your queries. They also advertise their customer support across the site as being available 24/7, which is fantastic. The customer and critical feedback for this feature is also generally positive.

On the other hand

We tried to contact their customer support staff at 1 am in order to put their 24/7 claims to the test. Unfortuantely, a few hours later, we have yet to get a response. We don’t know if we’ve had a bad experience or if this is simply false information.

For a lot of players, this round the clock support won’t matter, but it is something you should take into consideration before signing up. 

  1. Do they have a good reputation?

BetStars Trust & Security

Yes, we’d say that BetStars definitely do have a good reputation. Despite not having been around for too long, they appear to have followed the excellent reputation and service of PokerStars in this regard.

The critical response is excellent and the customer response is very good. With regards to security, there’s little to worry about, with it following the same measures that have made its sister site so loved by poker aficionados.

On the other hand

We have absolutely nothing to complain about here. Thanks to its association with such a trusted and well established site, players can enjoy complete peace of mind when spending their time and hard earned money at BetStars.

  1. So what do we think of BetStars?

BetStars logo

Well, first let’s address the elephant in the room. BetStars is basically just PokerStars, in virtually every respect. The one exception is that its dedication to sports betting instead of poker.

In fact, considering the cohesion between the sites, it may as well just come together to create one massive betting site. And that’s no bad thing. PokerStars is a great site and this is a great sportsbook. It may be unoriginal, but it’s an excellent product.

So if you liked PokerStars and you like sports betting, you may have a new online home here.


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