Do You Know The Answers To These 7 Betshop Questions?

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the rather unimaginatively titled Betshop: a sports betting and casino site. We’ll be exploring a number of different factors to see if it can offer something a touch more interesting than its by the numbers name would suggest.

With it being both a sportsbook and casino, and not a casino exclusive site or something more niche like Sportdec or BlitzFantasy, that puts it up against the most established and the best competition out there.


This means that it would be fairer to compare the site to something like William Hill rather than Manhattan Slots. So we’ll take that into account when comparing the site to its immediate competition. Although, we may compare it to casino exclusives for more general features, such as site design or customer services .

Betshop will be competing for your affections against every other betting site, from Ladbrokes to Bwin. So how do you know if a site is right for you?

Well, we’ll be taking a look at all the important questions you need answering. These will include everything from customer service to banking options and everything in between.

We do our absolute best to give you the most extensive and fairest reviews in town. So we’ll take an in depth look at the good and the bad for each site element that we review. We’re also aware that we can’t account for your personal tastes. That’s why we will instead give our impressions on what the possible reactions might be to more subjective questions.

Betshop mobile

However, if you really want to get a feel for a betting or casino site, there’s no better way than to check it out yourself. You can also check out some of its online competition, along with our reviews of them to compare and contras. This way, you know you’re getting an informed opinion before you splash your cash.

With that in mind, let’s get on with the questions to determine if Betshop is for you.

So what exactly does Betshop have to offer?

As mentioned, this is a sportsbook and casino site. The site also has no particular focus on a single sport in the way the likes of Punchbets does with MMA. So it’s pushing itself as a complete all rounder, like Betway or William Hill. It’s therefore placing itself up there with some pretty stiff competition.

Betshop live betting

There’s a live betting options as well. This is fantastic for anyone wanting to add a little extra thrill to their betting experience.

One thing we would say is rather unusual is the fact that the Betshop site does appear to have as much as, if not more, of a focus on the casino site elements than the sportsbook. Whether this is good or bad news depends on what you prioritise when looking for a site. It usually goes the other way, with many sites telegraphing their priority in their names, like Sportingbet or BetStars.

In terms of the actual sports options, you can choose from the following. All were available at Betshop at the time of writing:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Motorsports
  • Motorcycling
  • Boxing
  • Cycling
  • Elections
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Sailing
  • Baseball
  • Handball
  • Futsal
  • Specials
  • Mixes Martial Arts
  • Aussie Rules
  • Bandy
  • Badminton
  • Pesapallo
  • Winter Sports
  • Television
  • Surf
  • Chess

That’s fairly decent line up there. We’ve seen better but we’ve also seen worse.

On the other had

Betshop casino games

The casino, while by no means terrible, doesn’t have a line up capable of going toe to toe with the big boys of the casino game. Its offering falls far short of the likes of Royal Panda Casino or Rich Casino. But it’s not just the casino exclusive sites that Betshop has to be worried about. Plenty of multi-purpose sites, such as Virgin Casino and Sportsbook and Mr Greens have really upped their game and are a force to be reckoned with.

This is a disappointment because we hoped that the extra emphasis on the casino from the homepage would indicate a better product. Sadly though, we’ve not seen too much evidence of that.

There is also no live casino. And although there is a single bingo game, it obviously cannot compete with the likes of BGO on this point. Anyone looking for that live Las Vegas experience from the comfort of their home will have to look elsewhere we’re afraid.

Betshop sportsbetting

The sportsbook could also use a few more options here and there. The likes of e-sports have become a fixture on many sites due to their growing popularity. Betshop needs to get with the times in that regard. Expanding their offering and including a few more niche options would be a welcome change in the future.

Do they have a good reputation?

We can see from the website that the Betshop operator is licensed by Curacao. So in terms of legality, they appear to be above board and everything appears to be legitimate here.

They also state that the site has been awarded with a veirisign certificate. This means that your data is secure. So we can assume that your details are completely safe when you play at Betshop. This is especially important to know, seeing as you will be entering personal and banking details when you sign up to play.

Verisign secured

On the other hand

Moving onto their reputation. Unlike major sites, like Coral or BetFred, the issue here is that not a lot of people are talking about Betshop. The bad news here is that in terms of customer satisfaction, we have almost nothing to go on.

This doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad. In fact, these matters often mean that the response is probably more positive than negative. That’s because customers are always much quicker to complain than they are to compliment. So in this regard, it can often be a case of no news being good news.

However, all we can conclude from the lack of customer feedback is that, at this time, there’s not enough information to go on. There’s a few critical reviews out there. Sadly though, that’s not great news either, with the site generally scoring slightly below average from the feedback that we’ve seen.

We’re also missing a piece of the security pie from their site. That is that there’s no information about whether and how their casino games are independently checked for randomness and fairness. It would be nice to see Betshop assure their customers of this clearly on their site.

How’s the customer service at Betshop?

Betshop contact us

Even amongst the best of the best in the betting industry, customers will need support from time to time. Whether something’s gone wrong with your account or you just have a quick question you need answering, it’s important to know that someone from the site is there to advise you. 

The good news is that you can contact the Betshops team via e-mail or live chat. Having a live chat function is a massive tick in any site’s box and here is no exception. We’re very happy to see it included amongst their customer support options.

On the other hand

Well, we may have been a bit too quick there with our praise. The bad news is that the live chat never got back in contact with us when we tried to ask them a question.

Betshop live chat

The site has no indication that it is not a 24/7 live chat feature. If that is the case, it should be clear. If the live chat only operates for a limited time, then we can only assume that the Betshop site keeps Cashino like hours with its live chat, as this enquiry was not made particularly late at night.

Due to the lack of customer feedback, we do not know if this is typical or not. All we can say is that our experience with their customer service was not a positive one.

Do they have any promotions at Beshop?

Promotions and bonuses can often be a great way to sweeten the deal for players. From welcome bonuses that entice in new customers to loyalty schemes that reward frequent punters, they’re always a great addition. 

So what does Betshop have to offer in this cut-throat market?

Betshop bonuses

On the plus side, there is a sign saying ‘Bet coupons’ and there is reference to promotions on other reviews of the site. So that suggests there may be some promotions out there.

On the other hand

We have absolutely no idea where those promotions are or if they still exist.

It’s entirely possible that the promotions are no longer available and the references we’ve seen to the bonuses are from now non-existent promotions. In that case, the bet coupon box would just be a design leftover. Considering we received no live chat response, such an oversight would not be completely unimaginable.

As it stands, we are not aware of any active promotions at the time of writing. Even if that is not true and there are promotions hidden within the site, then Betshop is still at fault here. It should not be a struggle to find offers. These deals are supposed to be used to sell the site to potential customers. Therefore, visibility of bonuses is key. 

What banking options are available at Betshop?

Betshop payment methods

From the bottom of the page, we can see that the following banking options are available:

  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • Bank Transfer

On the other hand

Once again, a lack of information is completely letting this site down. Betshop does not, as far as we can tell, offer information regarding fees, processing times or whether or not these are all applicable for deposits as well as withdrawals.

As such, it is impossible for us to tell whether or not these banking options are decent or not. There could be a bunch of fees we are not aware of due to the lack of information. We think that’s not likely to be true. But it does not put the customer’s mind at ease to not have that information clearly and readily available.

When you have this kind of oversight on top of issues with customer service, it causes a real headache for the customer. Betshop are at real risk of leaving them feeling unsupported and let down.

Is the site well designed?

Betshop home page

While it must be said that there are certain parts of the site that are a let down, such as the lack of banking information, that doesn’t mean the overall design of the site is bad. It has a fairly standard layout. It’s one that should be recognisable to anyone who goes on sports betting sites regularly.

In terms of looks, it might not be quite as bold as somewhere like Jupiter Club. But its bright yellow, white and blue colour scheme is distinctive. Is Betshop likely to set the world on fire with its site design? No. But it is, for the most part, perfectly serviceable and in some ways, quite well executed.

On the other hand

Betshop games

There’s a bit of an issue with the homepage throwing together casino and sportsbook elements seemingly at random. This can appear quite confusing for new players clicking on Betshop for the first time.Luckily though, the rest of the site is much more well defined.

Unfortunately, the casino fails in creating a distinctive personality for itself. Overall though, it’s not a badly designed site. There’s just a few creases that need to be ironed out here and there.

So what’s the overall impression of Betshop?

Betshop logo

This is a very strange site to review. That’s because it almost feels as though it has been forgotten and left to drift seamlessly around the internet. Other than the clock on the top right of your screen, there’s very little sense that Betshop is alive and current.

The site does have quite a few problems and we hope that they are temporary. We hope that the site will soon clarify confusion over payment methods and introducing an enticing promotion or too. Until then, Betshop just feels like a blueprint for something better.