Is The Betser Online Sportsbook Worth Tipping Your Hat To?

In our ongoing quest to bring you the most comprehensive and fairest reviews on the world wide web, we’re going to be taking a look at Betser today. It is a site that offers both sportsbook and casino options. Otherwise known as an all in one betting site, this makes the likes of Betser different to somewhere like Royal Panda, which focuses solely on casino betting.

Betser banner

Speaking of fairness, this is a good example of how we keep our reviews as objective as possible. We’ll be comparing Betser more often and more closely with sites that it’s most similar to. Why? Well, for example, if you were to compare an all in one site to a casino exclusive in terms of content variety, that would be an unfair criticism. That’s because they have fundamentally different goals as a website. That would be like criticising Twitter for not being a very useful place to do your shopping.


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Other ways we keep things fair and fun is by looking at more than just the objective parts of a site. What we mean by this is you can objectively say for instance that having a promotion with lower wagering requirement is probably going to be universally accepted as good. Whereas the choice of using a celebrity endorsement, like BGO or RealDealbet, is something that comes down to personal taste. Some people love it and think it brings a sense of personality to proceedings. Others prefer to keep things simple, such as with the classic good looks of Ladbrokes or William Hill.

Aside from making sure we cover a wide variety of site elements to give you the full picture, we also look at both the good and the bad. We delve into the more critical view of things in our “on the other hand” section.

Betser devices

And speaking of those subjective site elements, we understand that we can’t always say whether something is good or bad fairly. Things such as a site’s design, logo or colour scheme come down to a matter of personal taste. In these instances, we’ll instead look at what the positive and negative responses are likely to be. This way, you can see which site best matches your own views.

Of course, the best way of finding that out is to check out the site yourself. And if you want to see how it compares to other sites, we’ve plenty of other reviews to get you started.

So that’s just a few examples of how we go about bringing you the best possible reviews we can. With all that said and done let’s get started on looking at exactly what makes Betser tick.

  1. Is the Betser site well designed?

Betser site design

We’ll start off by looking at something that is much more subjective than others. However, this is not entirely the case when it comes to site design. It also covers technical aspects. These includes things like whether or not the site runs well and if the site is well structured, i.e. is it easy to use and find everything you need?

We’re pleased to say that on both of these counts, we can answer with an enthusiastic yes. We’ve yet to see any technical issues wth the Betser site. In fact, it runs incredibly smoothly. It’s arguably much better than plenty of its competitors out there.

Structurally, it certainly isn’t rewriting any web design rulebook when it comes to betting sites. But there’s a reason super successful sites like Virgin Sportsbook and Casino use many similar layout ideas. They work. And they certainly work here as well.

Betser sportsbook

Now, moving onto the site’s look.

What we think people will like about Betser is that it manages to be bright, colourful and welcoming without a reliance on being too graphically busy. Often websites suffer from a sense of drabness when they choose to keep to a classic style. But that is not the case here. You could compare Betser to sites like the wonderful Betway and Betsson in that regard. And believe us, that is not bad company to be in.

On the other hand

In terms of what people might not like about the design of Betser is that it doesn’t do much to be particularly different. It might look great and be easy to use. But for many, they want something with a little more of an in your face personality, like All British Casino or Rizk Casino.

Betser casino

Generally speaking, we compare all in one sites to casino exclusives as little as possible. But we make the occasional exception, such as in the case of site design. That’s because many casino exclusives have a more outlandish style that many users really enjoy. We would love to see more all in one sites adopt this style.

As we said, this is all a matter of preference. Although having said that, we do think plenty will love how Betser looks. And if you don’t, there’s always tons more options out there. After all, you’ve got every right to be picky.

2. What exactly is available on the Betser site?

Aside from the sportsbook and casino options, there’s also live betting options on the sportsbook.

Betser live betting

To be more specific, the following sports are available on the Betser site at the time of writing:

  • Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • American Football
  • Badminton
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • E-Sports
  • Floorball
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • MMA
  • Motor Racing
  • Netball
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Snooker
  • Pool
  • Specials
  • Speedway
  • Surfing
  • Volleyball
  • Winter Olympics
  • Winters Sports

So, there’s plenty to choose from. Betser is certainly no slouch in the variety department. It even includes things like e-sports and specials. The addition of these kind of left field options are always greatly appreciated.

Moving on to the casino, we’ve got a whole bunch of slots from big hitting software developers, such as NetEnt and MicroGaming. These feature alongside the likes of Push Gaming and Playson, among others. There’s also table games and video poker options.

Betser casino games

There’s plenty of variety here as well. And the different software developers means you’re not just getting a large amount of games, but a much more interesting high quality selection too.

On the other hand

The big let down here is a total lack of live casino at the time of writing. In all honesty, considering they knock it out of the park in many other regards, this comes as a bit of a surprise. We hope this is something that Betser plan on adding to their offering at a later date.

3. What promotions are available at Betser?

Found under the offers page on their main toolbar are ten promotional options. That’s a pretty good round number that has the potential to offer a great big cherry on top of their betting offer. That’s only if the promotions are as good as they are numerous though.

We’re going to select four promotions at random to take a closer look at. Because promotions are often much more likely to change compared to other site elements (some are time sensitive for example), there’s no guarantee that the offers we use as examples will definitely be on the site if you choose to visit. They probably will be, but we can’t be sure. So we hope by just picking a few to analyse, you can get a good idea of what the level of quality is likely to be regardless of when you visit.


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The Betser Promotions

100% Welcome offer:
Betser welcome offerPretty much all betting sites have welcome offers if they have any promotions at all. Betser is no exception. You can double your deposit up to €25. This promotion carries a decent 12 times rollover requirement for the sportsbook.

No Brainer: 
Betser No Brainer bonusThis is a time sensitive offer. If you bet on San Marino Over 0.5 Marker in their match against Norway and your bet loses with San Marino not scoring a single goal, then you can receive a free bet of €25. This offer has also been extended over various other specific sporting events. It’s a simple and good value offer that’s hopefully an example of the type of time sensitive bonuses you can expect to see here.

Money Back on 0 – 0’s:
Betser Money Back on 0-0'sIf you bet on a football game that ends in no goals for either side, then you can get your money back in the form of a free bet. This bet is applicable only for your first single 1X2 bet placed before kick off on certain leagues. This has the same wagering conditionings as the welcome offer.

Combo Insurance:
Betser Combo InsuranceIf your combination bet loses by a single bet, then you can get your money back in the form of a free bet.

Betser has a very pragmatic approach to promotions it would seem, with each offer presenting an easy to understand and achievable way of getting a little more bang for your buck. This is generally all people want out of their bonus options.

On the other hand

While there’s nothing wrong with any of the promotions as far as we’ve been able to see, it is a rather generic selection. This means they don’t really add much to the site in terms of personality.

Sites like Bethard, for example, make an effort to utilise their promotional page as not just a way for a site to offer a little extra to their customer, but also to inject a little more fun and creativity into their product. On the plus side though, when it comes to what really matters, and that’s value, Betser does a pretty good job here.

4. What customer service options are available at Betser?

Betser live support

Betser has a pretty extensive and easy to navigate FAQ section. This makes it so quick and simple to resolve those common enquiries. If you do need to get in touch with their customer support team, you can do so over email or by using that all important live chat feature. This can always be found at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, no matter which page you are on. 

In our experience, we found their live support staff to be extremely quick to respond, friendly and helpful. Having great customer support is so important these days and Betser certainly doesn’t fall short in this regard. 

On the other hand

Unfortunately, their live chat support is not available 24/7. It is only operational between 09.00 to midnight CET time.

Although it may seem like a big demand on a website, around the clock live support is becoming an expectation amongst customers. With such a fierce betting industry, Betser does need to step up in terms of their support hours if they want to stay competitive with the big household names.

5. Are Betser licensed?

Malta Gaming Authority

Being licensed is absolutely necessary as a betting website in order to be a legitimate operation. This also ensures potential customers that your site is above board.

Of course, Betser gets top marks here. They are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. This is the official authority for controlling and verifying all games that operating in Malta.

On the other hand

This license does mean Betser can be enjoyed by many players across the world, with the site being available in English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and German languages.

Unfortunately though, players are restricted from accessing the site from certain counties. Areas where players are accepted include:

  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Slovenia
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

6. So what is our final verdict on Betser?

Betser logo

We’ve been pleasantly surprised by what Betser has to offer. From their personality filled branding to their extensive game selection and generous promotions, Betser is a site that is definitely out to impress. 

They do trip up at certain hurdles though. A lack of a live casino option and no 24/7 customer support are notable examples. However, this doesn’t stop Betser from having the potential to reach considerable heights in the online betting world. In the few short years they have been around, they have managed to achieve some pretty impressive feats and we look forward to seeing their growth continue in the future. 


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