Will BetPhoenix Soar Above Your Expectations?

Welcome to another entry in our series of comprehensive betting site reviews. Here we pride ourselves on keeping our analysis as objective and fair as possible. That way, you can get all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether a site like BetPhoenix is the right fit for you.


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So how exactly do we go about doing that?

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Well, for starters, we mainly compare whatever site we are reviewing to similar operators that are out there. Of course, there will be certain exceptions where we feel relevant. But in this, it means that we will be stacking BetPhoenix against similar all in one betting sites. An all in one betting site is one that, at the very least, contains both a casino and a sportsbook offering.

Other sites, like Rich Casino or Mansion casino, only focus on the former. This makes them casino exclusive sites.

So when we talk about BetPhoenix’s competition, we’ll be taking about the likes of Centrebet or Coral, to name but a select few examples. The reasons for this is because if we were to say, for example that William Hill has more variety in its product than Jupiter Club, that wouldn’t be a fair criticism of the latter. That’s because it is designed with only a casino in mind and aimed specifically at a customer base that wants only that from its online betting product

We’ll also be looking at both the good and the bad of each part of the site we examine. So we’ll leave no stone left unturned. On the odd occasion though, we do find something that we can’t find anything positive or negative to say about. Although that is fairly unusual in most cases.

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As for the parts of the site that are more a matter of personal taste, we’ll suggest what we think the possible reactions from different consumers might be. However, we cannot account for what you like as an individual. Some players may love glitz, glam and colour. Others may want a more conservative design from their betting operator. 

That’s why we always advise that, as well as reading this review, you spend a little time checking out the BetPhoenix site for yourself. It is also worth checking out some of their competition too. This way, you be sure you are making the best and most informed decision when you choose to click that ‘sign up’ button.

Ok, with all that said and done, let’s get moving and dive right into our review of BetPhoenix. Will it rise above its competition or be left in the ashes?

  1. So what’s available from the BetPhoenix site?

BetPhoenix live casino

As we mentioned above, at BetPhoenix, we’ve got both sports betting and casino options for starters.

In addition to this, there’s also a live casino available. This is a great addition, especially for players who want to add a little extra thrill to their online gaming experience. A good live casino feature can transport you from behind your computer screen to the rush of a bustling Las Vegas casino.

More specifically, the following sports betting options are available at BetPhoenix at the time of writing:

  • Football
  • College Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • College Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer: UEFA, England, Italy, Germany,  France,  Europe,  America,  American Cups, Rest of World
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Boxing
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Motor Sports
  • Other Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Politics

Other sport options include rugby league futures, darts outrights, Australian rules rugby and cycling outrights. On top of that, BetPhoenix also has a dedicated racebook section for horse racing betting.

BetPhoenix sportsbook

It’s good to see a site that splits its sports into subcategories. This makes things a touch simpler for the user. And, as always, we appreciate the addition of non-sporting options, like entertainment and politics.

On the casino side of things, we’ve got everything you’d expect. At BetPhoenix, you will find video slots, virtual table games, video poker and some keno and zip tabes games. This is a nice way of throwing a bit of extra variety in there.

For the live casino games side of things, you can choose between blackjack, baccarat and roulette.


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On the other hand

The sporting selection is frankly a little thin on the ground. And although we do like the fact that the sports are split into smaller groups, we have a sneaking suspicion this is, at least in part, to not so discreetly bulk up their numbers.

BetPhoenix casino games

The casino selection at BetPhoenix is alright. Although having said that, we’ve seen better from other sites out there.

For an all in one gaming site, we’d put BetPhoenix firmly towards the middle of the pack in terms of its games selection and variety.

  1. Is the BetPhoenix site well designed?

BetPhoenix site design

We’ll start off with the more technical aspects. That’s because these features can be assessed more objectively with reasonable ease.

First off, we’ve found no issue in terms of using the BetPhoenix site. Everything in our experience has worked and responded well. In terms of its structure, things are reasonably good. It can come across as a little busy but overall, we can’t imagine there will be too many complaints from players here.

Now moving onto the aesthetic part of the design, this will obviously comes down to your personal tastes. However, we think that a lot of people will like the big bold, American style of BetPhoenix. It manages to look fun without being too out there or too in your face. Plus, it’s certainly more colourful and slick than many of its competitors.

On the other hand

We actually don’t imagine there will be too many people who hate the look of BetPhoenix. We’re sure there will be some who have complaints (as there always is). But we predict they will be firmly in the minority.

BetPhoenix sportsbook

Overall, BetPhoenix is a pretty site. However, a lot of people do like sites, particularly all in ones, to have a rather classic, more conservatively produced look to them. Think of all the really big names: the likes of Coral, Ladbrokes, William Hill. None of these sites exactly reinvent the wheel looks wise, but they still manage to remain massively popular.

Don’t get us wrong, going a little outside the box design wise doesn’t mean failure. However, a little playfulness in creativity and a unique design generally comes across as more successful in casino exclusive sites, like Manhattan Slots or Royal Panda Casino.

BetPhoenix, we’d say, goes a touch further than Betfair or Betway do in terms of boldness. However, we’d argue that these two greats of the betting world manage to inject some colour into their products with maybe a little more finesse.

Still, we remain optimistic that the looks of BetPhoenix will be popular overall. As always, make sure you click over and investigate for yourself to make your own mind up.

  1. What promotions are available on the BetPhoenix site?

BetPhoenix bonuses

We just have a couple of notes to add before we get started on this section of the review. BetPhoenix’s promotions can be found under the “bonuses” tab in the main toolbar to the top of the page. There’s also a section for expired promotions.

This would suggest that not all the promotions that we have included here will be available permanently. They may or may not be available depending on the time you read this. However, we can only go by what is available on the site at the time of writing. Hopefully, regardless of what you find when you check out the bonuses page, this will give you some indication of the quality you’re likely to find there.

There’s quite a few promotions available at BetPhoenix. There’s 12 to be exact, which is a pretty healthy number. But to avoid boring you to tears, we’ll only select three to use as an example. 

  • Early Bird Bonus:
    BetPhoenix early bird bonusGet a 50% cash bonus and 50% free play. The maximum bonus available with this promotion is $1000 for each. Best of all, this promotions only requires a 12 times rollover, which is excellent. 
  • Bitcoin Deposit:
    Make your deposit using the bitcoin payment method and get a 100% bonus up to $1000. The rollover requirement is 15 times, which is also good.
  • Referral Bonus:
    Refer a friend to the BetPhoenix site and receive 25% free play on their deposit. This promotion comes with a 5 times rollover and does not apply to any funds spent on the casino. There is a separate Casino Referral Bonus available, which offers you a 200% bonus up to $200, with a 20 times rollover requirement. 

Well first up, it’s all about those terms and conditions. And happily, at BetPhoenix, they don’t disappoint. Those are some excellent rollover requirements, which keep BetPhoenix highly competitive in this regard.

On the other hand

BetPhoenix promotions

The only issue we found here is that the bonuses at BetPhoenix usually have very high minimum deposit limits. From what we’ve seen, this usually comes in around the $200 mark, including for the referral bonus.

In addition to this, while there might be 12 promotions, they are unfortunately all extremely similar. This means there’s a real lack of fun or creativity here, like we’ve seen from the two referral bonuses for example.

  1. What customer support options are available at BetPhoenix?

BetPhoenix live chat

When it comes to customer support options, BetPhoenix offer that all important live chat function. This is available alongside a toll free phone number and an e-mail response.

On top of that, there’s also a multilingual team. That means that players from across the world can get their questions answered. You can’t say fairer than that.

On the other hand

Sometimes we just have nothing bad to say. This is one of those times. Top marks all around for BetPhoenix’s customer support.

  1. Onto the more technical side of things: are BetPhoenix licensed and is my data protected on the site?

SSL encryption

They are licensed by Curacao, which proves that BetPhoenix is an above board and legitimate operation.

According to their privacy policy, all your sensitive personal and financial information is protected by SSL encryption. For those not familiar with this, it is the industry standard for keeping your details safe from third parties. Essentially this means your data should remain completely inaccessible once entered on the site, giving you complete peace of mind when you play here.

On the other hand

We did not find any issues in this regard. You should have no qualms about signing up and spending your money on the BetPhoenix site.

  1. Do they have a good reputation?

BetPhoenix advert

Generally speaking, we found that the majority of reviews from customers and critics had more positive than negative things to say about BetPhoenix. We wouldn’t put them among the most critically lauded by any means. But it’s a fairly decent result for BetPhoenix on this front.

On the other hand

That’s not to say that there aren’t bad reviews though. There are definitely some criticisms out there for the site and some of them are very negative.

We can’t comment on the legitimacy of those responses to BetPhoenix either way. All we can say is what we have observed in our own research. And that’s the fact that the good far outweighed the bad in terms of what appears to be the general opinion of the site.

BetPhoenix also don’t have the reputation that a household name site would. But that’s true of the vast majority of betting sites out there.

  1. What’s our verdict on BetPhoenix?

BetPhoenix logo

At the start of this review, we asked whether this site would rise above the competition or be left in the ashes. To be honest, it’s neither. This is a case where a site, as far as we can tell, doesn’t exceed or fall way below expectations.

The site looks good, operates well and has some decent promotions. However, there’s nothing here that makes us think that this is something special. The only thing we could say might be a unique selling point is its inclusion of bitcoin. Although even that is becoming more popular with the likes of BitStarz.

Overall, BetPhoenix is a good site, but we can’t praise it any further than that.


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