Is It Time You Signed Up To The BetMotion Betting Site?

It’s our job to bring you the fairest, most comprehensive and most objective reviews we possibly can. In order to achieve this, we’ll be taking a look at both the good and the bad elements of a betting site. These will be presented in separate, easy to read sections, so you know you are getting the full picture. Today, those sections will be focusing on the all in one betting site, BetMotion.


In addition to looking at the pros and cons of each site element, we also take a number of other steps to ensure our reviews remain fair. We’ll be going through all these as the review goes on.


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With that in mind, let’s take a look at BetMotion to see if it’s worth your time and money, and whether it can live up to the competition.

  1. So what does BetMotion offer in terms of content?

The easiest way to understand this is by outlining what type of betting site this is. BetMotion includes both sports betting and casino betting offerings on its site. This makes it a general betting operator or, as we like to call it, an all in one betting site. Other famous examples of all in one betting sites include the likes of Coral and BetFred. These are also available alongside lesser known examples, such as OlyBet and 1x2Masters.

BetMotion devices

One point we would like to make is that, during our reviews we’ve discovered plenty of great lesser known sites. Therefore, just because you may not have heard of BetMotion, that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t worth your time.

Examples of other types of betting sites include casino exclusives, sports exclusives and more unusual examples. The latter category features sites like Spreadex, which is a spread betting site, as well as BlitzFantasy, which, as its name would suggest, has a focus on fantasy betting. While we often compare sites when we’re discussing aesthetics or customer service for example, we avoid comparing them in terms of content. That is, unless we think it’s fair of course. This is because a site with an entirely different concept and target audience for their product can’t be expected to have the same content.

The betting offering at BetMotion

BetMotion betting highlights

More specifically, BetMotion features the following sports betting options onsite at the time of writing:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Rugby
  • MMA
  • Handball
  • Boxin
  • Futsal
  • Cricket
  • Floorball
  • Curling
  • Alpine Skiing
  • Biathlon
  • Squash
  • Aussie Rules
  • Badminton
  • Winter Sports
  • Snooker
  • Motorsport
  • Darts
  • E-Sports
  • Specials

And that’s not all either. BetMotion also boasts dedicated sections for live bets, virtual sports, lucky games and more.

Moving onto the casino side of things, there are table games, video poker, lottery games and more, with ample options for each. If you’re wondering where the slots are, well, that’s because they have their own dedicated section. This is featured alongside a dedicated poker and bingo section. It looks like BetMotion might be going after the likes of BGO, Foxy Bingo, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. It’s certainly a bold move considering the incredibly high standards set by the top poker and bingo sites.

BetMotion casino games

They also have a live casino. And although that’s not that unusual, a whopping 13 options certainly sets them apart from much of their competition. Overall, we are impressed by the betting offering at BetMotion. It’s a very positive start to kick off our review!

On the other hand

We have very, very little to complain about here. We guess one slight nitpick would be that we’d like the option to choose between different game operators on the casino. But honestly, the gaming selection here is so impressive that we doubt many players could want for more. 

  1. Is the BetMotion site well designed?

We always say that our aim is to make our reviews as objective as possible. This is where site design – well, at least the aesthetic part – gives us a bit of a problem. This because there’s no definitive correct or incorrect choice when it comes to what kind of look and style that you prefer in your betting site.

BetMotion site design

Some people will love the minimalistic likes of the Mr Green Casino and Sportsbook or Ladbrokes. Others will prefer sites with more glitz or gimmicks, such as SuperLenny or All British Casino for example. There’s no right or wrong answer. It’s simply about what you prefer.

So with this in mind, what we’re going to do is give examples of what we think the positive and negative reactions might be. By doing this, you can see which view best matches up to your own viewpoints. And of course, if you’re still not sure, the best way of finding out if a betting site is right for you is by checking the site yourself. We recommend you do this alongside checking out some competition as well, just to see where the grass looks greener to you.


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In terms of its site design, we’d say that BetMotion will likely have a lot of fans. It manages to tread the line between being simple and easy to use, while also managing to establish a firm sense of warmth of personality. It almost appears to be a combination of brilliantly designed sites, such as Betway and Betfair, with some more out there (but still expertly crafted) sites like Royal Panda Casino and Manhattan Slots.

BetMotion sportsbook

We also can add that, technically speaking, everything on this site seems to work without an issue whatsoever. We found no technical problems and can find no complaints suggesting otherwise. In terms of layout as well, we think that most people will have no issue finding anything they could possibly need from BetMotion. It’s a thumbs up from us on this one!

On the other hand

Some players may simply like their betting sites to be a touch more conservative. William Hill and Virgin Casino and Sportsbook are great examples of sites that keep things simple and do so with elegance and style. The huge popularity and success of these operators is certainly proof that there is widespread demand for this type of design style. But after all, it’a a matter of opinion.

We think that BetMotion will rarely be seen by anyone as an especially ugly site. Even if they prefer something else in terms of aesthetics and personality, overall their design choices, we believe, will likely be a hit for many.

BetMotion casino

  1. Does the BetMotion site have any promotions?

It’s worth pointing out two things when it comes to promotions. The first is that their importance depends massively on the perspective of the individual. The second is that they are subject to change, with some even being time sensitive from their inception. Therefore, what you see here might not necessarily be what you see on the BetMotion site, depending on when you read this review and what, if any changes, the site operators have decided to make to their promotional offering.

Nonetheless, you will generally find that, even when a site completely overhauls their bonuses, the level of quality you get from these promotional offerings tends to remain fairly consistent most of the time. So even if that is the case, we hope you can get some sense of likely quality from our look at a couple of the BetMotion promotions. And of course, if you want more specifics on the terms and conditions of each promotion we mention, then you can find them easily through the promotional page link on the BetMotion site’s main toolbar.

Promotions available at BetMotion

Firstly, there’s good news here. BetMotion has an absolutely enormous selection of promotions. Their website features four in general, eight in sports, six in casino, nine in bingo and and six in poker. That is impressive for any betting site, no matter their size or reputation. In terms of volume, few can match that. Hopefully, they are just as good in quality as in quantity. We’re going to look at three at random in order to give you some sense of how good their overall promotions offering is:

  • 100% Welcome Bonus: 
    BetMotion 100% welcome bonusThis bonus is up to €50 and is your standard first deposit welcome bonus, except this is stretched over two instead of one. Despite that though, it is still a pretty common offer. The rollover depends on which game you are playing. Some games do not count at all, while others will land you between 25x and 5x: both of which are pretty decent.
  • Losing Streak:
    BetMotion losing streakThis is a sports based offer where you receive a bonus for consecutive losses to soften the blow. For example, you’ll receive €3 for a €5 loss and €10 for €10. This promotion comes with a five times rollover requirement.

  • Spintastic:
    BetMotion spintasticGet 100 free spins every Monday when you make a €25 deposit. The rollover requirement here is a steady 25 times.

Well, it seems our fears of having lots of terrible promotions have pretty much been alleviated. BetMotion’s bonuses all seem to be fun, creative and offer real cash value. What more could you ask for?

On the other hand

We suppose that some of the options here, such as tournaments for example, might be considered to be bumping up the numbers. But even if you took them away, there’s still more here than most other sites offer.

Our only other criticism here is that there’s no need for there to be a bingo and casino section, as they seem to be the same. But that’s a minor design hiccup more than anything. Overall, it’s an excellent showing in the promotions department.

  1. What customer service options are available at BetMotion?

BetMotion customer support

Again, there’s even more good news here! BetMotion has several customer service options, as well as a decent FAQ section where customers can find quick answers to common queries. Failing that though, you can contact their customer support via phone, e-mail or contact form. But best of all, there’s 24/7 365 days a year cover of their live chat, so you’ll never be stuck waiting for help.

On the other hand

We ave absolutely no complaints here in terms of options. However, when we tried to use the live chat function, it was unfortunately not working at that time. We hope that this issue was not a common one.

  1. What has the critical reception been like for BetMotion?

BetMotion banner

In short, the critical response to the BetMotion site has been excellent. It’s not quite perfect, although we suppose you could say what site does get a perfect response? But the mixture of critical responses we’ve seen tends to range from good to great. There’s also plenty of five star / flawless reviews as well.

We’re sure BetMotion are thrilled with the response they’ve gotten from many a site reviewer. And this is also a great sign for players looking to sign up too. 

On the other hand

Obviously, all five star reviews would be preferred. More positive feedback is always better. Still though, this is a very, very good critical response for BetMotion. 

  1. Is the BetMotion site licensed?

Curacao gaming license

According to their site, BetMotion are licensed and regulated by the Curacao eGaming License Authority.

On the other hand

We could not find a list of restricted sites. Unfortunately, due to our inability to use the live chat, were unable to find out that way either. We therefore advise customers to check if the site is restricted in their country of residence before signing up. 

  1. So what do we think of BetMotion?

BetMotion logo

We think it’s fairly obvious that we liked a lot about BetMotion. As a site, it’s a terrific all rounder with great content in pretty much every aspect of its site. This is matched in its promotional page, which not only impresses with its quantity but also its quality. We had a minor hiccup with customer service not being available during our use. However, we’ve been unable to find any information regarding other customers having similar issues. So we’re hoping this was simply an unusual problem and not representative of the average player experience.

Overall, the whole product that BetMotion puts forth – from its quirky but not too in your face personality to the content which more than backs up what it promises – has left us very impressed.


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