8 Things You Have To Know About Online Newcomer Betfinal

If you’re looking for a new betting site like Betfinal or you’re someone new looking to get involved in the online action, then you’ll be flabbergasted by the sheer amount of choice out there.


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Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not complaining. However, it can make it a little tricky to know exactly where to start.


You could, of course simply go with the big names out there. The Ladbrokes, the William Hills, the Royal Pandas and the BGOs. And all those are excellent choices. The gaming industry isn’t one where a site become successful without being very good. At least, it’s extremely unlikely to be the case.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that other sites don’t have a lot to offer too. Take Manhattan Slots for example. It certainly doesn’t have the name recognition as some of the others on this list but it nonetheless offers a unique and exciting product well worth your consideration.

Today we’re taking a look at a site that is a relatively new arrival, known as Betfinal. It’s so new in fact that in only came to be in 2016. This makes it a mere newborn in the online betting world.

This can be both a good and a bad thing. On the plus side, it could mean that they have a fantastic product and the reason you haven’t heard of them yet is because they simply haven’t been around very long.

On the other hand, it also means they haven’t had many years to garner much of a reputation, at least not compared to other well established sites. They are somewhat untested.

betfinal banner

They are pretty much the ideal candidate for our one of a kind comprehensive analysis of everything that makes a betting site tick. We’ll go over all the important bits you need to know in order to make an informed decision on whether Betfinal is the right place to spend your cash.

To keep things fair, we’ll be comparing it more closely to other similar sites. We’ll also be taking a look at both the good and bad points (assuming there are both those things) on each site element we analyse.

While we can remain as objective as possible, there is of course the matter of personal taste. Some people simply have different things they want from a betting site and one person’s trash may be another’s treasure when it comes to the general design and direction of a site.

Keeping this in mind, we will take a look at site design and analyse what we imagine the general responses are likely to be. But for the best possible outlook on what’s right for you, we advise you spend a little time checking out the site itself, It’s also a good idea to check out some competitors to better make your decision.

With all that in mind, let’s crack on with our review of Betfinal!

  1. So what exactly does Betfinal offer?

Betfinal casino games

Betfinal is an all in one site. This means that they offer more than one betting product. Most sites are usually lumped into either both casino and sportsbook (all in one) or casino exclusive sites. While there is the odd example of a sportsbook exclusive site, they do remain rather elusive. Nowadays, even sites with ‘sport’ in their name, such as Sports Interaction, also have an option for casino players.

It’s worth pointing out as well that not all all in one sites are the same, with some offering more than others. In the case of Betfinal, what’s available is, as mentioned, the casino and sportsbook. These feature alongside a live casino and a virtual sports section.

Another note is that, while sites may offer multiple different options, is it often very clear that some take precedence over another. Sites like Punchbets for example (which focuses on MMA sports) have rather obvious priorities. While a site like Winner, which actually favours the casino, aren’t so immediately clear.

Betfinal betting highlights

Betfinal appears to have a focus on its sportsbook, at least based on first impressions. This isn’t an issue per se, although we would argue that the best all in one sites try to make themselves as evenly spread as possible, such as the excellent William Hill.

In terms of what’s offered by the sportsbook, the following is available at the time of writing:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Specials
  • Handball
  • Rugby League
  • Golf
  • Snooker and Pool
  • Motor Racing
  • Darts
  • Cycling
  • Speedway
  • Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • Atheletics
  • Futsal
  • Winter Sports
  • Water Polo
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Beach Soccer
  • Badminton
  • Rugby Union
  • Aussie Rules
  • MMA
  • Swimming
  • Cricket
  • Surfing
  • eSports
  • Chess
  • Gaelic Football

It’s a pretty excellent line up, we think you’d agree.

The Betfinal casino

On the casino side of things, you have video slots from such names as Netent, Microgaming and iSoftbet. So you should rest reassured of their quality and this means there’s an excellent variety as well.

There’s also video poker & table games and a live casino. Both of which offer the most popular titles, such as blackjack and roulette.

Betfinal live casino banner

On the other hand

There’s very little to complain about here. The virtual sports section is an excellent touch. In terms of what could be added, we’d suggest something like a politics betting option and a bingo section. The latter would certainly take advantage of a growing online trend, as other great sites like Foxy Casino have done.

Other than that, we’re pretty content with what we see here. Is it the best you’ll find online? Certainly not. But it’s well above average and is especially impressive for what you can expect from most sites that only appeared so recently.


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  1. Is the site well designed?

Betfinal site design

This one is always a little bit tricky because it often comes down to a case of personal taste. Some people like the big brash looks of somewhere like Rizk casino, while others are more at home with conservative approaches like we’ve seen from Mr Green’s and Virgin Casino and Sportsbook.

Betfinal falls somewhere in between these two approaches. However, this is no ‘on the fence’ approach. We’ve seen similar results from brilliant sites, such as Betway and Betfair.

Technically speaking, the site works beautifully. There’s nothing really to complain about there. The structure here is nothing new though. If you’ve been on betting sites before, you’ll likely be right at home here. If it ain’t broke, there’s no need to fix it we say.

On the other hand

As is always the case with sites that play it safe design wise, they do always run the risk of not standing out. While we wouldn’t say that for Betfinal, it manages to follow the formula in a fairly charming manner. It’s also not exactly going to set the world on fire in this regard.

Betfinal casino

Most players likely won’t take issue with this. It is worth pointing out that most of the upper echelon of the online betting world do follow a similar approach. So it’s certainly not going to be a barrier to their success. However, if you’re looking for an ultra modern approach, you won’t find it here. We’d also like a little more separation design wise between the casino and the sportsbook ,which is a common complaint for all in one sites.

Overall though, the site looks pretty good and most of this is nitpicking. But hey, we said we’d look at all angles. Most people will likely be happy with it based on how successful other similar sites have proven. It’s practical and it works. Check it out to see if it works for you.

  1. What promotions do they have?

In total, there are five casino promotions and three sportsbook promotions available on the Betfinal site at the time of writing. This puts them somewhere around average in terms of variety. However, it’s not quantity, it’s quality we’re after. So let’s take a closer look at what’s available.

We’ll be taking a look at two promotions from both the sportsbook and the casino to see how they stack up.

Sportsbook promotions

  • Acca Insurance:
    Betfinal acca insurance
    Here’s a deal that is becoming a regular on a lot of gaming sites. If you lose your accumulator by one, you’ll receive a refund of up to €50. Minimum selection is five and minimum odds is 1.9

  • 90 Plus Money Back Special:  
    Betfinal 90+ money back special
    A similar offer to the Acca Insurance, this lets you get money back if you lose by a small margin, specifically if you lose via a late goal in extra time. The maximum here is also €50.

Casino promotions

  • Welcome Bonus:
    Betfinal casino welcome bonus
    This is spread over three deposits and could net you up to €900 in total. €10 is the minimum deposit. It’s the same for the second, with a €300 euros maximum and the bonus is 100%. Best of all, each has a wagering requirement of 25x, which is really up there with some of the best.

  • Weekly Free Spins:
    Betfinal weekly free spins
    Deposit during the week and get free spins the following Monday. These range from 5 to 500 depending on how much was deposited. The wagering requirement is 20 times.

Overall then, it appears that Betfinal has a very pragmatic approach to their promotions. They all offer something that’s genuinely worthwhile and are easy to understand.

Speaking of which, one extra bit of praise we’d like to offer the site is in how well explained each promotion is. This is often not the case, which makes it hard for us to assess and for customers to understand. Here, we have one of the best examples of how to lay out your terms to make them easily digestible.

On the other hand

Despite our praise for how well everything is explained, that does come with one exception and that is on the Free Spins promotion. It fails to tell us how much must be deposited to receive how many spins. Other than that oversight though, it’s one of the best examples of well laid out terms we’ve seen.

There’s obviously the fact that some sites simply have more promotions. But we’d rather have less and have them be a decent value, such as we see here. Make no mistake, 25 times rollover requirement for a 100% Welcome Bonus is very good indeed. Missing however is a sportsbook welcome bonus, which is the only thing that is truly lacking in this line up. Overall though, it’s a very good effort.


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  1. Are they licensed?

Curacao gaming license

The Betfinal site is licensed by Curacao. You should therefore have no qualms about whether or not the operator is legitimate. 

On the other hand

This does mean there is a list of restricted countries, notably including the United Kingdom and the United States, alongside Spain, France and Denmark and others.

  1. Is my information safe with the site?

Like all good betting sites, they use SSL encryption technology. This means that all the sensitive information used on the site should be safe from any wrongdoers who would wish to utilise it.

SSL encryption

On the other hand

There’s nothing more to add here. Your personal and financial information will be safe and sound on the Betfinal website.

  1. Are the games fair?

As mentioned, Betfinal uses some of the most trusted software companies in the business for their site. So there should be no issues in terms of these games being both random and fair.

On the other hand

Again, we have nothing more to add here.

  1. What customer service options are available?

Betfinal contact us banner

The site has a live chat option, alongside email support and an FAQ section. Happily, the latter follows the example set out by Betfinal’s promotion in being very well laid out and easy to understand.

On the other hand

Sadly, as we’ve seen from other sites like Cashino, Betfinal does not offer 24 hour customer service. Their support staff clock off at 10pm, with the service restarting again at 6am. So if you have issues in the early hours of the morning, we are afraid you’re stuck for a few hours.

  1. Do they have a good reputation?

betfinal lcb forum

This is a tricky one for this site because they have been around for such a short amount of time. However, the good news is, from what we can see, most of the critical reviews and customer responses do appear to be more positive than negative.

On the other hand

There’s simply not enough, especially in terms of customer responses, for us to say that this is a fair indication of what most people think of the site. What we would say however is that it is a very good indication that things are going quite well in terms of satisfaction rates.

  1. What’s our overall verdict on Betfinal?

betfinal logo

We often don’t have high hopes for sites as new as Betfinal. Here though, we’re happy to report that we’ve been pleasantly surprised.

The site looks good, works well, the games are fun and the selection from both the casino and the sportsbook is generous. It may be too early to call but we’d say that things are looking pretty positive for the future. This is one to watch.  


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