7 Important Questions To Ask Before You Sign Up At BetDSI

Today, we’ll be taking a look at a site that offers both sportsbook and casino betting: BetDSI. At Betting Sites Comparison, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best, most compehensive, fairest and most objective reviews we possibly can. How do we go about it?

Well, first off, we make sure to compare betting sites fairly. For example, it wouldn’t be fair to compare Spreadex to Las Vegas USA. That’s because one is targeted at people interested in spread betting, while the other is a casino exclusive. There are exceptions to this of course. With something like site design for example, we see no objective issue with comparing different types of sites. But it wouldn’t be fair to give Spreadex more credit for having spread betting options on baseball, while a casino exclusive does not. They are different products with different goals and different audiences.

BetDSI banner

In short, we’ll compare site like BetDSI to other all in ones. These include the likes of Betfair and Crownbet, rather than casino exclusives like Rich Casino or Rizk Casino.

Another thing we do in the interests of fairness is we don’t give you just one side of the story. We don’t simply give you the positives and ignore the negatives or vice versa. We make sure of this by having different sections for both the good and the bad of each site element. We’re also aware that for some things, it comes down to personal taste, In these instances, instead of presenting our opinion on something subjective as fact, we instead give examples of what we think the positive and negative responses from different types of customers are likely to be.

With introductions out the way, let’s crack on with getting to see exactly what BetDSI has in store for you.

  1. So what’s available on BetDSI?

BetDSI sports betting

We mentioned that BetDSI is what we call an all in one betting site. To put it simply, what we mean by this is the site at the very least includes both a sportsbook and a casino in its options. There are other sites that don’t do this and we call them sportsbook or casino exclusives. The latter type of betting site is far more common than the former.

In terms of the sportsbook side of things, BetDSI has the following sports available at the time of writing:

  • NFL
  • College Football
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • College Basketball
  • NHL
  • UFC
  • Soccer

We can see here then that the sports BetDSI focuses on are very much American focused. In a way, this gives the site its niche. As opposed to having dozens of sports, it’s a site that caters to an audience interested in these options specifically. Hopefully, the lack of distractions means that, for those people, it offers an excellent product. In a sense, it’s like Punchbets. This is a betting site which offers other sports but seems to be mainly interested in UFC and MMA betting. Another example would be Racebets, which focuses on horse racing.

BetDSI Play Casino

As you can see from top casino exclusives like Royal Panda or Foxy Casino, sometimes decreasing the scope of a site can improve what is left.

On the casino side of things, you’ve got everything you would expect, from roulette to slots. Last but not least, there’s also a racebook. The reason we’ve not simply lumped it in with the rest of the sports is because it’s given its own space within the site. That’s clearly not to just artificially create a sense of more content. The selection is vast as is more than worthy of its standing within BetDSI.

BetDSI upcoming races

On the other hand

While we appreciate its focus on American sports, some customers will simply be put off by a lack of sportsbetting options. We also couldn’t find any live casino options. 

  1. What has the critical response to BetDSI been like?

BetDSI mobile

There’s two types of critical response: ones from professional reviewers and ones from customers. Unfortunately, the latter is often hard to find in big enough numbers. This means we cannot draw any kind of serious conclusions. 

Sadly, that appears to be the case with BetDSI. Nonetheless, the small amount of customer feedback we were able to find was generally positive. There were few serious grievances, which is always good news.

Things are looking even better on the reviewer side of things. They received an excellent response overall. Generally, reviews seem to score BetDSI very highly. And from our research, we would say that the betting site has certainly got a better than average critical reception.

On the other hand

Our only gripe is that we wish we could find more examples of customer feedback in order to provide you with a better idea of the general customer satisfaction. Although we will say that in the case of betting sites ,it’s generally a case of no news being good news. This is because customers who have serious complaints are much more likely to air them publicly. If there’s a large group of very unhappy customers, you’ll likely hear about it. Meanwhile, with happy customers, that’s not necessarily the case.

We can’t say for certain either way what the average customer feels about BetDSI. However, the signs are generally looking positive.

  1. Does BetDSI have any promotions for customers?

BetDSI sportsbook promotions

When it comes to promotions, it’s important to remember that, more than pretty much any other part of the site, they are subject to change. Often they are time sensitive. So, depending on when you’re reading this review. you may find that what is available isn’t necessarily exactly the same as what you find here.

However, we’ll take a look at some of what BetDSI has to offer in the way of bonuses. It’s very likely that some will still be available. If not though, it’s likely that the general quality of the promotions hasn’t changed too much.

There’s currently eight options available on the promotional page. That isn’t too bad at all. We’ll take a quick look at four so you can get an idea of what they have in store.

Welcome Bonus:
This is a deposit bonus split 50/50 between the sportsbook and casino at 50% each up to $500. The rollover requirement is, according to their customer service team, 6 times on sports and 40 times for the casino. The former is a very competitive amount.

BetDSI casino promotions

10% Back on Daily Casino Net:
There’s not much to add here actually. The premise of the promotion is essentially stated in the title.

Double Your Bonus with Bitcoin:
If you deposit with bitcoin, you get a 30% deposit on every reload deposit.

8% Daily Cash Back on Horse Racing Action:
You get 8% back on “internet exotic wagers” and 3% back on win, place and show wagers.

One thing we’d add is that the site makes a point of titling these promotions “the latest”. This suggest that they are committed to bringing out new bonuses and not leaving the page static, If true, this can only be a good thing.

BetDSI racebook promotions

On the other hand

You may think there’s a lack of information regarding the promotions, except for the welcome bonus. Well, there’s a reason for that. We could not find any information regarding the terms and conditions for each individual bet. Thus, we had to contact the customer service team. They told us about a bet that was not shown on the promotional page, so we decided not to include it.

The only other information we got was rollover requirements for the Welcome Bonus and nothing else. It goes without saying that keeping this information from the customers is extremely bad form. It makes us feel they lack confidence in the quality of their promotions.

Regardless, from our perspective. it also means that we cannot comment on the quality of any of the bonuses except for the Welcome Bonus. This appears decent but is certainly not enough to stop this from being a disappointment.

  1. What banking options are available at BetDSI?

BetDSI cashier

The following deposit options are available at the time of writing:

  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Bitcoin/DASH/Ethereum/Altcoins
  • Person to person transaction
  • Bankwire
  • Check/Money Order

There’s a good few options to choose from there. Of course, for some, having bitcoin will be a big plus. We’d say that is especially the case considering there are bitcoin based promotions. However, due to a lack of information, we can’t say that is definitely the case. Bitcoin is so popular, with sites like BitStarz pretty much basing their site around it. So there’s clearly an audience there.

Minimum deposits range between $45 and $5,000 dollars, Maximum limits rane between $650 and $50,000, depending on method.

BetDSI withdrawal options

Withdrawal options include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Person to person transaction
  • Bank Draft

The minimum withdrawals range between $100 and $500. Maximum withdrawals range between $350 and $5,000.

We’re pleased to say that, for the most part, their banking page does not appear to suffer from the chronic lack of information that the promotional page does.

On the other hand

We said for the most part. That’s because they are unfortunately missing transaction times. We also think those minimum deposit amounts seem fairly steep.

  1. Is the BetDSI site well designed?

BetDSI site design

When it comes to site design, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Some may love a site that’s big, flashy and has a celebrity mascot, like BGO. Others may prefer to keep things a little simpler, with somewhere like Virgin Casino and Sportsbook. It’s not a question of what is objectively better. It’s simpler whatever you prefer.

We think that some people will like the very American feel to the site. It doesn’t go quite as far as the spectacularly patriotic All British Casino, but there’s little doubt as to where their heart lies.

Technically speaking, we also found no issues with the site. Everything seems to work as it should. We also thought that structurally, the site was decent enough and is reasonable to use and find your way around.

On the other hand

BetDSI sportsbook

For others, we think a lack of distinction between different areas of the site will be a let down. We also think they may be disappointed that BetDSI do not bring more of that American theme throughout the site. It is mainly present on the homepage and seems to be lacking everywhere else.

  1. What customer service options are available?

There are three customer service options listed on their contact us page. This does not include their FAQ section. Contact options include e-mail, live chat and a toll free telephone number. This isn’t too bad if you ask us.

On the other hand

The only real issue in terms of options is that that BetDSI don’t say whether or not the live chat is available 24 hours. Once again, this site suffers from not explaining itself properly. It worked perfectly well when we contacted them and that is is all we can vouch for.

BetDSI live chat

Unfortunately, our experience with the customer service team was disappointing. Although they answered us promptly and were polite, they responded to our questions with the bare minimum of information. We therefore did not find them particularly helpful.

We only spoke to one member of the customer service team. Thus, do not want to claim that this is indicative of them in general, However, from our experience, we found it to be a let down. Their FAQ section could also use a tune up, as it is in no way comprehensive

  1. So what do we think of BetDSI?

BetDSI logo

When we started researching BetDSI, we saw plenty of people giving the site such incredibly high scores. Some even went as far to give them their highest possible rating in some instances. We were therefore pretty excited to see what they had to offer. Unfortunately though, we’re not sure we’d go quite that far.

We’re not saying BetDSI is a bad betting site: far from it. It’s just hard for us to see, based on our experience, such glimmering praise.T here’s a major issue in the way of a serious lack of information in some parts This is most obvious when it comes to the promotional page. Additionally, we then couldn’t get answers from the customer service team, which further escalated the problem.

Nonetheless, if what you are looking for is a site that focuses on a select few American sports and has some side options in the way of a casino and race betting, and you’re not too fussed about promotions, then you might find yourself a new betting home here. BetDSI is a terribly frustrating site because pretty much every issue we had can be resolved and improved very easily. We hope they do just that and the site can live up to its full potential.