Bet at Home Sportsbook Review

Bet at Home Review

Bet at Home is an online casino and sports betting site now open to players in the UK. We take a closer look at what this brand has to offer in our in-depth Bet at Home review. A number of key features including site design, navigation, banking and support are also part of our Bet at Home test. We also explore a number of Bet at Home opinions found on the web and compare them with our own findings. We begin with the brand’s overall design and test some key elements. 

Site Design

Bet at Home has a rather fetching style to it. It has a metallic background interspersed with bursts of the lime green and dark blue that make up its logo. What is odd about this design is that although it all looks clear, concise and even rather modern, there’s something quite amateurish about its aesthetic.

That is meant in the kindest way possible. Bet at Home looks as close as a site can get to your local bookies in web form. The whole thing reeks of betting slips and endless sports screens. Part of this is to do with the logo: a simple blue design with a green flick at the bottom, which looks like it could be the branding for an alternative to the racing post or even a sports app. 

Bet at Home logo

Overall look and feel

The site looks very high street and very approachable. This is the opposite of casino sites such as Rich Casino or 777 Casino, which pride themselves on that upmarket look. Even William Hill and Grosvenor, while being equally reserved in terms of their practical design, go for a look which conjures up images of men in suits, while Bet at Home is firmly looking towards the man in the footy shirt as its main audience. Perhaps this is partly due to this site being UK focused.

There’s certainly a very British feel about the whole thing. There’s no symbols of Vegas or anything remotely continental here: just a straightforward love of sports. The appeal of this look is all down to personal taste: some people like to go on a betting site and be whisked away feeling like a high roller in the desert. If you prefer to have a site that feels a little closer to home with no fuss, this site might be right up your alley.


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Clear and easy to navigate

All of this is not to say that this site appears any less professional than the major sportsbook sites like William Hill. Far from it. Everything here is clear, well navigated and compactly designed. It’s very clear from the off that the makers of this site put a great deal of thought into finding the best way of getting the information the customer needs in as simply and most attractive a way as possible.

Bet at Home website design

Casino and sportsbook

There’s some obvious staples of both casino and sportsbook sites here: the main page is bordered with silver and black to the sides, meaning everything is kept in a smaller box in the middle. To the top right of this box, we have the logo and next to that logo is a small toolbar with your most important links. Now, other than the most innovative sites, this is pretty much a staple of all betting sites with good reason.

This is the easiest, simplest and most effective way of getting around a site with as much information as we have here. Included in that toolbar are options for Sports, Live Betting, Casino, Virtual and Promotions. Above the logo are some additional links that usually appear buried at the bottom of the screen but they’re pretty important, so we think it’s a smart move they’ve been featured more prominently here.

Easy navigation

They include Home, Contact/Support/Careers and Payment Methods. To the right of this (as is usual) are your options to Log in and Register. We’ll go into more detail on that later in the review.

Bet at Home toolbar

Further down we have an additional welcome message, as well as links to news about the site, bonuses, live betting, payment methods, virtual dog racing and casino, as well as featured bets and featured live bets. The page has less important links that finish off the page at the bottom. That’s it for the homepage. It’s simple and direct. The design might not be mind blowing but it gets the job done.

Bet at Home website footer

One thing worth mentioning is how well the site respond to your movements. For example, if you hover above sports, you’ll get a sub toolbar appear in the blink of an eye with different options: one which follows the template set by the logo. Not only that, but as you move around everything lights up as you move past it. It’s a small point but it does a lot to make the site feel alive.

The other pages follow a very similar colour scheme and pattern and are usually cut off into several different boxes. Nothing really stands out of place and the whole thing looks pretty good overall. It’s not the best looking site you’ll ever see in your life but it’s above average and its stripped down style is actually quite refreshing in its simplicity. The whole site is incredibly easy to get around and to find everything you could want from it. It’s intuitive, responsive and a joy to navigate. Very good all around.

How to get started with Bet At Home

No matter where you are on the site, you can get started by clicking the bright green ‘Register Now!’ button towards the top right of the centre box of the page. Alternatively, if you’re just looking to play around with the site for a while, you can log in as a guest to get to know the site better before you get started.

Bet at Home registration step 1

Step One

Once you click to register, you’ll be taken to a three part sign up process. If you get stuck at any time, there’s a feedback link to the left of your screen, which you can use if you have any issues. First of all, you will need to input your personal data.

This includes your:

  • Title (Mr or Ms)
  • Academic Title
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Street, no
  • Post Code/City
  • Country
  • Currency
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail
  • Mobile Phone and Phone

It’s important to note that all betting sites have restrictions on people making multiple accounts. This does not just extend to the same name or even the same bank details. It also includes your e-mail, ip address and home address. If there is someone on your computer or who lives with you that has opened an account using those details, you could end up having your registration rejected or having your bonuses/winnings compromised. The phone numbers you use will also be the ones that the site may send offers to if you agree to receive them, so keep that in mind as well. Avoid using a work phone for example.

Step Two

Next up, you’ll need to put in your login details. These include your Password, Security Question and bonus code. Your password must be between 8-20 characters long and should contain at least two letters, numbers and special characters. It’s also a good idea to use a password unique to this site and not a password you use for any other website. You’ll also want to use a password that could not reasonably be guessed by another person.

Bet at Home registration process step 2

Finally, they’ll ask if you want them to remember your log in. If you share a computer, then you may want to think about this because if anyone stumbled across this site, they could easily log in using this feature and start betting using your money. The next two steps verify this information. You’ll then receive an e-mail which includes your personal betting account number. Using this, you can log in and you’re all ready to go. You’ll need to fill in bank details at a later point if you want to play for real money.

Customer Support

In order to gain access to customer support, either click the support/feedback button at the top left of the homepage, or click the large feedback tab to the middle left of the main box. From here, you can ask a question through the site, send them praise or criticism, or report a technical problem. You should receive a response through e-mail within a reasonable timeframe based on previous customer experiences.

Bet at Home customer support

Alternatively, you can call, fax or e-mail them through the contact details offered to the right of the feedback screen. There’s also a fairly extensive FAQ section located on a green tab near ‘Report a technical problem’. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in this section, you can use their live chat function, which has received decent feedback with particular praise being given to its multi-lingual options.


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Promotions on offer at Bets at Home

Our Bet at Home review found that there’s not that much in terms of offers. There are two, to be be exact. Firstly, there’s a £20 offer for new customers. In order to get this bonus, sign up and enter the bonus code (this code is already on the registration form, so you would have to choose not to get this bonus in order to avoid it).

This bonus is redeemable with a 5x wagering requirement on bets with minimum odds of 1.70. This is a fairly decent offer, however considering it is such a small amount, it still doesn’t feel like a major hook for new customers, especially when you consider Grosvenor Casino offers the same deal at a lower wagering requirement (although that is casino only). The Bet at Home welcome bonus feels more like a little extra than a game changer.

Bet at Home sports bonus

Additional offers

Next up you have either a 100% bonus offer with a maximum bonus of £150, or a 50% bonus up to £750. This is redeemable through the casino only. This comes with a whopping 60x wagering requirement that runs out within sixty times. It’s an extremely high requirement within a very limited time frame, making this bonus useless to all but very dedicated players. This bonus is only available for customers in Great Britain, although no Bet at Home bonus code is needed.

Bet at Home casino bonus

At the time of writing, those are all the promotions available: the first of which is decent but unsubstantial, and another which has very harsh requirements. Disappointing.

What’s on offer at Bet at Home?

This site includes a casino, eSports betting and regular sports betting. The games available at the casino include slots, roulette, blackjack, table games, live games, video poker and jackpot games, as well as keno and ace. Overall, the offerings did well in our Bet at Home review.

Bet at Home casino

The sports available are as follows:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Motorsports
  • E-Sports
  • American Football
  • Darts
  • Rugby
  • Boxing
  • Combat Sports
  • Snooker
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Chess
  • Society
  • Cycling
  • Winter Sports

Everything you’d expect from a decent sportsbook site is available here.

Bet at Home sportsbook

Bet at Home Reputation

Reputation is an important part of our Bet at Home review. The brand has a mixed reception from both the public and critics. On the plus side, opinions praise its customer support, especially for its availability in 21 languages. Not only that, its games are powered by Sportsbook, so there’s little doubt that the games are fair and reliable. This aspect also did well in our Bet at Home test.

However, there are many complaints from customers here on a wide range of issues. Many feel that the odds are poor and the promotions in particular are extremely weak, with some saying they are near impossible to receive. There’s no serious suggestion that Bet at Home is a scam site but they do appear to have some very unhappy customers. On the other hand, those that enjoy the site seem to love it. It seems they have a marmite relationship with the public.


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Bet at Home test: Banking options

Bet at Home deposit methods

Our Bet at Home test takes a closer look at the brand’s banking options. The deposit methods available through Bet at Home are featured prominently on their homepage, while the withdrawal methods are nowhere to be found or if they are, they are well hidden.

This paints a rather bad picture to customers and the operator should make sure their withdrawal options are available as their deposit options to avoid it appearing that they are only interested in taking and not giving money. There are more than a few Bet at Home opinions on the web that echo this finding.

They following payment methods are available at Bet at Home:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Diners Club
  • Skrill
  • SKrill 1-Tap
  • Online Direct Deposit by Skrill
  • Neteller
  • paysafecard
  • Bank transfer
  • Western Union
  • Voucher

Bet at Home withdrawal methods

Bank Transfer and Western Union take 1-3 working days to process: everything else is processed instantly. Visa, Mastercard and Diners Club has a 2% processing fee, while every other payment type has none. Paysafecard has a 5 euro minimum deposit, Western Union has a 100.01 Euro minimum deposit and the rest of the payment methods have none.

Bet at Home rating and summary

Bet at Home

Our Bet at Home review and summary finds a strange site to judge. What initially comes off as a site which has put pragmatism and substance before style actually falls down in terms of its promotional offerings. This is a major disappointment, especially when everything else appears so put together in our Bet at Home test.

The odds available here aren’t as bad as what many opinions suggest, perhaps that’s due to a change since the complaints were made. However, the site excels in its site navigation, customer service and game selection. This up and down nature leads to the customer response you can see throughout the net, with people either loving or hating this site. The truth is in the middle.

Bet at Home is neither the greatest site nor the disaster some have claimed. Overall, it’s a decent site that needs some work to iron out its wrinkles if it really wants to match some of the major sports book competitors. Our final Bet at Home rating therefore puts the brand somewhere in the middle of the pack. 


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