The Top 6 Bitcoin Accepted Sportsbooks of 2019

The Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks

Certainly, every sports bettor knows about digital currency and herein are the best Bitcoin Sportsbooks to wager at. On the whole, the benefits are tremendous. Especially in comparison to other payment platforms which drag down transactions with transfer times and then there are the fees.

In brief, every transaction is encrypted and anonymous. Second, punters experience less to no withdrawal and deposit fees. Third, the transactions times are nearly instantaneous as a result of the fact that cryptocurrency is based in a decentralized bank and there is no delay.

Overall, the sports bettor creates an edge by betting at a Bitcoin sportsbook in that they are cutting excess. Generally speaking, punters play against harsh odds. However, they can shave those odds from handicapping to betting with cryptocurrency is a great start to coming up against a rigged system.

First and foremost, a punter needs to create a Bitcoin eWallet and thereafter buy Bitcoin. After which, they are able to transfer the amount to their preferred Bitcoin Sportsbook. It’s a process that is swift and easy especially taking into consideration the best Bitcoin Wallets and 5 Sportsbooks accepting eWallets.

How To Make A Bitcoin Wallet

A Bitcoin wallet is an app on your phone and it’s a wallet is where you store the Bitcoin you buy. A popular eWallet is called “Blockchain”. To download it, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and then simply search for Blockchain. At which point, it’s as easy as tapping download.

After the app installs, open it and then tap “Create Wallet”. All a punter is required to enter is an email and a password. This is another perk about betting with cryptocurrency. In sum, a punter needs nothing more for registration. And with that, their transaction is completely secured and protected.  

To finish creating a Bitcoin wallet, a bettor must assign and confirm a four-digit digit pin. All of this includes a quick confirmation email that’ll go to the email address provided. After which, a confirmation link by email requires confirmation, and ta-da, your wallet is ready. 

Buy Your Bitcoin From An ATM

A Bitcoin ATM allows punters to buy and sell Bitcoins. There are more than 1,000 Bitcoin ATM’s in the United States. At Coin ATM Radar, a website offers punters the ability to search for a Bitcoin ATM anywhere in the world. Now is the time to fund the eWallet so a Bitcoin ATM is one option.

A punter needs to take cash and travel to the Bitcoin ATM. On a touchscreen that looks like any regular ATM, they’ll tap “Buy Bitcoin”. Just like any other withdrawal, a punter enters how much cash they’d like to exchange for Bitcoin and then they press submit. 

The Bitcoin ATM needs to know where to send the Bitcoin. Now a punter must give it their“Bitcoin Address”. Specifically, a Bitcoin Address is a unique code for the eWallet that a punter gives out when they want to receive Bitcoin. For the most part, these codes are often long and complicated.

In the long run, the Blockchain Wallet app makes this process super simple and easy. When a punter opens the app on their phone and they swipe right, it’ll bring up a QR/Barcode on your screen. At this point, a punter needs only to hold up the code up to the camera on the ATM. This will automatically copy the address and send the Bitcoin.

Transfering Bitcoin To One Of The Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks

In regards to depositing funds at Nitrogen Sports per say, highlight the “Create a New Bitcoin Address” which is in green at the top of the web page. Then a Bitcoin QR/Barcode will drop down. After which, a punter need only open the Blockchain app on their phone by choosing the “send” option at the bottom left.

Rather than entering the long code into the “To” box, tap the QR/Barcode symbol on the top right of the screen. This, in turn, activates the camera. Then a punter is able to take a picture of the QR/Barcode on the Nitrogen Sports homepage.

This copies it automatically. At which point, a punter need only enter the amount of Bitcoin they wish to put into the account, then tap send. After which, the funds appear automatically in your betting account.

Withdrawal Money From The Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks

Click on the balance at the top of the screen which is highlighted in the yellow dollar value. In sum, navigate down the page to the withdraw option. Lastly, a punter need only enter their Bitcoin address.

To easily locate a Bitcoin address, open the Blockchain app. Then choose the receive option on the bottom right. After which, tap on the QB/Barcode to copy your address.

Now, all a punter needs to do is switch back to the Nitrogen Sports page and paste it in the “Bitcoin Address” box. Entering the amount you want to take out and then tap withdraw. All in all, the funds will be placed back into your Blockchain wallet instantaneously. 

The 6 Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks

6.) Cloudbet Sports

One of the best Bitcoin sportsbooks is Cloudbet Sports. This sportsbook allows punters to parlay up to 7 selections! In addition, there is a wide selection of leagues to bet on. It also has a live In-Play betting which is a nice feature. In detail, the minimum bet is 0.001 BTC while a colossal maximum bet of 200 BTC is available for NBA, NHL and soccer bettors. On the other hand, other sports have a bet limit of 30 BTC.


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This sportsbook offers a generous 100% first deposit bonus up to 5 BTC to their members. It also rewards punters with loyalty points for every bet they wager. Overall, the odds are some of the best and extremely competitive when compared to most other Bitcoin sportsbooks.


5.) Betcoin

This BTC and LTC sportsbook comes with straight bets, parlays, teasers, round robins, player props, handicaps, and futures to name a few. To be sure, it is among the best Best Bitcoin sportsbook because, in brief, they have one of the largest sports selections.

Overall, the minimum bet required is 0.0001 BTC while the maximum is 200 BTC. First-time depositors receive a 1.0 BTC bonus if they deposit 5.0 BTC or more on their first deposit. Moreover, the odds are a nearly a fraction of a hair away from being at the top of the industry.

4.) Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports is a commendable Bitcoin-powered sportsbook. It boasts no fees and 0 confirmation deposits. All in all, straight betting, parlays, props, and teasers can be wagered. In addition, minimum bets are 0.001 BTC with a maximum bet of 80 BTC. Nitrogen Sports hosts the largest eSports betting section which includes every major league worldwide from soccer to snooker.

Moreover, Nitrogen Sports has the best odds of all sportsbooks. 

Sportsbook’s overround: 3.26%

The range of sports, leagues, and events: Diverse with niche sports like eSports, chess and table tennis.

The range of bet types per event: Standard bet types are available such as money line/match winner, points spread and total points on most games.

3.) Bovada

This is among the best of the best in Bitcoin sportsbooks. Especially since it offers bitcoin as well as live & mobile betting on every major sport. They also provide statistics so a punter can handicap on the site. Horse enthusiasts can place Bitcoin bets on the Kentucky Derby or The Breeders’ Cup at the Bovada Racebook which has a list of over 80 venues.


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Bitcoin depositors receive a 50% match bonus up to $500 and are eligible for use in Sportsbook & Racebook, and in any sport, odds and wager type. In regards to Bitcoin, the deposit limit is $5,000 and the withdrawal limit is $9,500. On the whole, BOVADA has a large diversity of prop bets. There is also bitcoin betting options on Politics, Sports, and Entertainment.


At punters can bet at one of the best Bitcoin sportsbooks which offer:

  • Bitcoin Tennis
  • Bitcoin Soccer
  • Ice Hockey 
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Boxing
  • Bitcoin MMA gambling
  • Handball betting
  • Table Tennis games betting
  • eSports events like World of Tanks.
  • Roulette Bitcoin games with Live Action
  • Baccarat With Live Action
  • Blackjack Bitcoin games with Live Action
  • Keno with Live Action
  • Lottery with Live Action

And check out these bonuses available at

  • New Depositor Freeroll: A chance to get into the 250 GTD New Depositor Freeroll
  • 1 BTC First deposit bonus: A limited period offer of 1 BTC deposit bonus as a first deposit.
  • 100% first deposit bonus: 100% first deposit bonus up to 1BTC (1000 credits) and 1 free spin.
  • 50% 2nd deposit bonus: 50% second deposit bonus up to 1BTC (1000credits) and 1 free spin.
  • 25% 3rd deposit bonus: 25% second deposit bonus up to 1BTC (1000credits) and 1 free spin.
  • Sit and Crush: A chance to participate in Sit and Go Tournaments.
  • Daily double MTT Jackpot: Access to one of the highest paying jackpots on the site.
  • Daily Coin 1BTC GTD: Access to one of the sub Tournaments of Daily Double MTT Jackpot.
  • 110%-150% Table Starter Rakeback: A special Rakeback of up to 150% for ring game table starters.

1.) Mbit 

Certainly, Mbit is one of the best Bitcoin sportsbooks. First off, sports bettors all of the following sports betting markets to look forward to betting on:

  • High Stakes
  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Video Poker
  • Live Games
  • Roulette
  • Latest Releases
  • Lottery
  • Dice
  • Baccarat
  • Jackpot Games
  • _HD

Punters can also anticipate the following bonuses:

  • 110% first deposit bonus up to 1BTC
  • 50% second deposit bonus up to 1BTC
  • 25% third deposit bonus up to 1BTC
  • 20% cashback up to 1BTC every Thursday on all action