Avsbsports Online Sportsbook – Our Full and Honest Review

Avsbsports Review

In our in-depth Avsbsports review, we cover everything including: 

  • ease of use (such as how to get promotions)
  • how to sign up
  • depositing funds
  • the technical elements of the site design
  • how good the customer service is
  • quality of the odds
  • the quality of the promotions
  • variety of betting available  
  • General opinions on the web

In this Avsbsports test, we’ll also be dealing with elements and features that are a little more subjective. This includes how the site looks and the general impression of the site compared to other betting operators.

Avsbsports advert

Now the latter is a little trickier than more objective site elements because there’s your personal taste to take into account. So what we ask you to do, once you’ve read this Avsbsports review, is to go to the site yourself and take a look around to get your own personal opinion on the site.

After all, we don’t all have the same opinions. For example, some love the hustle and bustle of Manhattan Slots‘ busy design, while others prefer the laid back minimalism of William Hill. There’s also the question of how these designs affect the technical elements of the site. A busier site or a unique design may be exciting but there’s a good reason most sites (especially sportsbook) stick to their more straightforward aesthetic. It makes getting all the information that’s an integral part of betting sites much easier for the customer to digest.


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We’ll therefore be balancing design vs practicality and we’ll also try to give a general impression of what the customers’ response might be to the more subjective elements of site design, but of course, your preference may differ.

How to Get Started at Avsbsports

Well, you’ve in essence already started. The first step to enjoying online gaming is to pick a good site you’re going to enjoy spending time and money with. So reading this Avsbsports review is a great place to start. As mentioned, you’ll want to take a look at the site, so here’s a quick guide of what you’ll see and a short analysis of what we think about the site.

Avsbsports site design

Unlike most sports betting sites, Avsbsports actually strays from the traditional design layout. Most sites usually feature a main toolbar near the top of the page, promotional tiles below with sports page betting options being to the left of the page and your individual bets, including live betting, to the middle.

Design and layout

Usually, there’s also a betting slip to the right. If you’ve been on other betting operator websites, this is how the vast majority of them are formatted and for good reason. Most sites that try something new end up with a less attractive and a less easy to navigate product as a result.

We’re happy to say that Avsbsports manages to largely avoid these pitfalls in our test. Instead, what we have here is the sports toolbar incorporated into the logo, which is centered and takes up a large portion of the screen. It’s a clever way of incorporating links into a design that feels organic and natural. The designers deserve a lot of credit for it. Your main toolbar then is instead to the left of the screen.

Avsbsports homepage betting options

Everything else stays largely the same. The individual bets on offer are just below the logo in an unusual layout and the bet slip remains to the right. Avsbsports does just enough to have a unique design that’s very much their own and gives them a unique identity while keeping enough of the design principles to keep the site appealing and technically well designed.

Look and feel

Aesthetically, the site did well in our Avsbsport test. It has a nice red, black and white colour scheme and manage, much like its technical design, to do just enough different to appeal to the majority while remaining interesting. One criticism that could be put forth however is that the site does seem to lack a distinctive personality, one that is clearly distinct from its competition, as seen from the likes of Rizk Casino, Mr Green or Royal Panda.

Nonetheless, for many this is not necessary. There’s a reason rather simplistic designs like Virgin Games Casino and Ladbrokes remain among the most popular sites on the web, which is that many customers don’t want a distinctive voice: they want to get on with betting on a good service.

Signing up with Avsbsports

How to register and account and how easy the process is, is another vital aspect of our Avsbsport test. If you decide you like the look of the site, then you can register by hitting the ‘Sign up’ button above the toolbar on your left. Here’s where things get interesting.

Avsbsports registration step 1

Firstly, you have to add a username and a password, along with an e-mail if you wish. That’s the entire first step. Remember to keep your password safe by using a unique series of characters, letters (upper and lower case), as well as number. Do not reuse a password from another site or you risk compromising this site if another site using the same password is hacked. Also, do not use a password that could be reasonably guessed, your pet’s name for example.


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At step two, you are ready to deposit funds. You can do this either through bitcoin, which keeps you anonymous, or you can deposit funds the traditional way. The anonymity aspect appears to be this site’s unique selling point, based on how it markets itself. In any case, that’s it, you’re all signed up.

Avsbsports registration step 2

How Does the Avsbsports Welcome Bonus Work?

AvsBsports promotions and welcome bonus offers are still in the development stage, at the time of writing this Avsbsports review. The brand only launched in the second half of of 2016 and we are quite sure that great offers are still on the way.

This of course also means that the brand has no actual structured wagering requirements as yet nor do the require any Avsbsports bonus code to unlock offers that are still in the development stages. However, once you have signed up for your own player account, the brand do offer special bonuses and unique offers which also includes more detailed requirements regarding rollovers and so on. 

The Betting offer at Avsbsports

Avsbsports betting offer

There’s no online casino options at Avsbsports, so that means no table games, no slots and no live casino. This is a site purely dedicated to sports betting so our Avsbsports test focuses in this area. Finding the sports is done by clicking on the bottom link of the main logo on the homepage.

The following sports are available at Avsbsports:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • eSports betting
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Ice Hockey
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

This is obviously nowhere near the line up of many of their competitors, who often have double the amount that is available here. It is expected for a new site to have less options than established sites but this is still far behind the pack.  

Avsbsports test: banking

Bitcoin payment method

Banking options are an important part of our Avsbsports test. Payouts and deposits can either be made anonymously through bitcoin or through a regular set of details during the sign up process. You can of course top up your deposits after you’ve signed up as well by hitting the big yellow ‘Make a deposit’ button. Bitcoin is becoming a popular option based on numerous opinions on the web.

The bitcoin deposits must be made from a bitcoin wallet. Otherwise, the deposit methods available are referred to simply as “Traditional Credit or Debit card deposits”. That is all the information available on the deposit methods. There are however, no deposit fees, but there is a minimum deposit of $11 and a maximum deposit of $500. They say this can be increased after you have established yourself on the site for good conduct.

Avsbsports deposit FAQ

Live Betting or Live Streaming

There are no live streaming option but there are live betting options. While this does narrow our Avsbsports test, it is essentially what is expected of a site at this size and influence.

Scams at Avsbsports?

There is very little on Avsbsports with regards to their reputation, either from critics or customers that we could find. That means we are unable to discern very much about their reputation in terms of trustworthiness.

The best summary we can come up with is that they are at such an early stage, they have yet to establish their reputation in an overstated betting market. Nonetheless, there is no reason to believe that there are scams operating from this site.

The Odds at Avsbsports

Avsbsports betting odds

Here are some examples of odds available at Avsbsports:


Zhuk, Sofya : 500

Roriguez Victoria: 350

NCAA Division

Tulsa Golden Hurricane: 195

Menohis Tigers: – 235


Dallas Mavericks: 185

Houston Rockets: – 215

Avsbsports rating and summary

Avsbsports logo

Our Avsbsports review reveals that this really is a rather simple site. They only offer sports betting and they have a bitcoin feature that allows customers to be anonymous if they like. That’s their unique selling point although most Avsbsports opinions are positive in this regard.

Unfortunately, they don’t explain themselves very well on their promotions or banking options, making it hard to judge properly. This is a huge issue and is something we really hope can be improved in the future.

Their site looks great and is actually very innovative. The issues regarding there being few banking options and not the greatest line up of sports available is something that should come as the site grows. Currently, our Avsbsports rating puts it in the middle of the table, with room to improve.


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