8 Questions To See If 1Bet Is Your Number One Betting Home

In this comprehensive and in depth sportsbook review, we’re taking a look at the rather generically titled 1Bet. We’ll help you discover if its product can exceed the expectations set by an unimaginative first impression.

1Bet is an all in one site. Put simply, this means that the site does more than one thing. It does not necessarily mean it does everything however. Certain site elements are rarer than others, with virtual sports being a good example. This makes it different to a casino exclusive or a sports exclusive site, although the latter is rarer than you might think.

1Bet homepage banner

There’s no niche here in the vein of BlitzFantasy, which is a fantasy sports betting site. Nor is there a specific sports focus, like PunchBets: a sports betting site that emphasises MMA above others.

What that means is when looking at 1Bet, we’ll mostly be comparing it to the likes of Ladbrokes, MeridianBet or Centrebet to name but a few. This is in the interests of fairness, as the content of an online betting site does have an effect on what you can expect out of the product.

The simplest way to explain this is that if a casino has a bad casino offering, then the entire site is bad. Whereas if an all in one site has a bad casino, it can be redeemed in other areas. Ultimately, the importance of each area is less significant to its overall quality. However, the standards for all in one sites are high across the board.

This is largely due to the sheer amount of competition out there, meaning the cream of the crop have truly raised their game to get to that position. The biggest and best out there, like the Virgin Casino and Sportsbook level sites, are excellent all round.

1bet new casino banner

However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth checking out more singular sites. Manhattan Slots for one is a terrific example of a creative and vibrant product worthy of your time. This is especially true if you’re not interested in using it for sports betting.

Another way we keep our reviews fair is by considering both the good and bad points of each question we ask. That’s assuming they exist of course.

The only thing we can’t give an objective opinion in is your personal taste. While we can suggest what the general responses are likely to be and why, ultimately what style you enjoy is down to you. With that in mind, it’s a good idea that, alongside our review, you check out the site for yourself. You can also check out some of their competition to see if that suits you better. And if you want more information, there’s plenty of other reviews on our site.

Now, let’s get on with our top questions about the 1Bet sportsbook!

  1. So what exactly does 1Bet offer?

1bet sportsbook

As we mentioned, this is an all in one site. But not all of these kinds of sites are made equal, with some offering more than others. In the case of 1Bet, we’ve got a sportsbook and casino, as you’d expect. These are offered alongside a live casino and various games, including video poker.

In terms of your sportsbook, the following is available at the time of writing:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Badminton
  • Motorsports
  • Entertainment
  • E-Sports
  • Mix Parlay
  • Outright

Their casino is instant play and it has a fairly sizeable selection of table and casino games. It’s not the best we’ve seen, nor the worst.

On the other hand

Firstly, that line up of sports to choose from is nowhere near the level of the best sportsbooks out there. In fact, based on all the reviews we’ve done, we’d probably put it below average compared to its competition.

The only left field betting options in there are Entertainment and E-Sports. And quite honestly, they’ve become so common, we’re not sure that they can even be considered unusual anymore.

In terms of the amount of bets available, soccer, at least at the time we’re looking at the site, has a much larger share of the amount of bets available compared to other sports betting options. Like we said, perhaps this will change and perhaps that has something to do with our location. But that’s how things are from this side of the screen. Although that appears to also be the case on their “Asian view” of the site.

If it is the case that the site mainly tackles soccer, then that really should be made more obvious. It’s not that huge a problem to have a primary sporting focus, but it should be advertised clearly form the moment you enter the site.

1bet casino games

The casino selection seems fairly good, although they are missing out on any bingo content. We’ve seen just how popular these games can be from sites like BGO and Foxy Casino.

That’s not a problem but it does mean that the rest of the site needs to be good to prop up that side of things. This is especially hard to do when you’ve also not got the most extensive sports list in the world.

  1. Are they licensed?

They sure are. 1Bet are licensed by the jurisdiction of Curacao.

Curacao gaming license

On the other hand

Unfortunately, this means they cannot offer their site to players from the United States. So if that includes you, check out our other reviews for a ton of great sites that will be more than happy to have you on board.

  1. Is my data safe with 1Bet?

The site uses SSL encryption. As anyone who has read our other reviews will probably know, this technology essentially keeps your data safe over the internet. So your banking information, your personal details and all that important stuff will remain secure from potential hackers. 

SSL encryption

On the other hand

There’s nothing to complain about here. You should enjoy complete peace of mind when entering your information in the 1Bet site.

  1. What about their games? Are they fair?

The 1Bet casino uses games from the software publisher CTXM. They are tested thoroughly to be proven fair and random.

On the other hand

As far as we can find, the site does not publish their own audit reports. However, in the light of our latter point, this should not be an issue.

  1. Do they have a good reputation?

1bet casino promotions

Their reputation is twofold, at least in terms of what we can research. One is the critical reception they are getting and the other is the customer responses. The latter is more important but unfortunately for many smaller sites, it can be tough to find enough feedback.

On the first point, things are looking good for 1Bet. Most critics give the site a mixture of average to very good scores. It certainly comes out in general as being better than most.

And in terms of customer responses, the ones we found were also overwhelmingly positive. Overall, their casino appeared to get more praise than their sportsbook. But we can’t say we found any responses that were very damaging. That in itself is an achievement for any betting site.

On the other hand

As mentioned, smaller sites often don’t get too much in the way of feedback online from customers. That is unfortunately the case here.

While it is certainly true that the customer responses we found were generally very positive, there simply weren’t very many of them. This means we don’t feel we have enough information to say that this is a fair indication of the overall satisfaction with the site. It’s more that it is a positive sign.

Overall though, the results here are generally very good. The feedback is certainly better than you often find from lesser known betting sites.

  1. Do they have any decent promotions?

1bet risk free bet promo

Promotions are another example of a site element that’s importance massively differs depending on your personal tastes and preferences. Some chose not to use them at all or very little. Some consider them an optional cherry on top, while others view them as an absolute essential feature.

Here, we’re hoping you’re not in the latter category. That’s because 1Bet sadly only has a total of three promotions.

However, it’s all about quality not quantity. Three good promotions are better than 30 bad ones. So let’s have a quick look at what’s available:

  • $/€20 Risk Free Bet
    If you deposit $/€100, then you’ll receive a bonus amount of $/€20. That might not seem like a lot but the rollover amount is only five times, evening this one out.
  • Welcome Slots Bonus of 100% Plus 20 Free Spins
    Deposit a minimum of $10 to earn this Welcome Slots Bonus, with a maximum bonus of $500. The rollover requirement here is 30 times, which is pretty decent. It’s nothing world changing, but respectable. As the name suggests, this is for slots, not table games.
  • 50% up to $100 Table Games Bonus
    This promotion has a minimum deposit of $10. It carries the same wagering requirement as the previous example.

On the other hand

1bet casino promotions

While none of these promotions are particularly bad (although there is a slight dip in quality on the Tables Games Bonus), they also aren’t good enough to really pull back the initial let down. Three promotions simply isn’t much for any site, never mind an all in one betting site.

If you’re going to have that low numbers, you really need what is there to be a knockout. Sadly, this is not it. They’re worthwhile enough, but plenty of their competition will have similar promotions alongside a dozen others. It’s simply not enough to compete with the top dogs in the betting world.

Furthermore, there’s a general lack of creativity here. Alongside the design, promotions can be a place to really show off a site’s personality. Sadly, we don’t see any of that here. These are promotions the likes of which you can find in many other betting sites. It simply doesn’t stand out from the crowd.

  1. Is the 1Bet site well designed?

1bet site design

One element in which casinos tend to have a distinct advantage over their all in one counterparts is in the creativity displayed in their site design. This is partially just down to trends. But it’s also a benefit of the more streamlined experience. Good examples of excellent site design on casinos include Royal Panda Casino and Rizk Casino, to name a mere few of the finest.

1Bet, we think, looks pretty good. It’s nice and chunky with smooth graphics. Technically, it all works fine for the most part and is very easy to navigate. While we’re fully aware that site design is one of the most subjective of things to talk about in this review, we think plenty will find a lot to enjoy here.

Structure wise, there’s not much to say that you won’t have seen on a dozen other sites. The casino is tiled and colourful, while the sportsbook is a grid like series of information. It’s not revolutionary but it doesn’t need to be.

Special credit is deserved for really making the casino stand out. Many sites put it on the back burner. But here, it feels important and distinct.

On the other hand

1bet sportsbook page

While the casino looks great, sadly the sportsbook actually lags behind in this regard. Sure, it’s set out like many other sites. But it’s made in the most uniform and unimaginative way possible. It’s cold and uninviting and it stands out like a sore thumb compared to other areas of the site.

However, it’s not bad enough to be a deal breaker. Rather, it’s just a bit disappointing to see 1Bet break through the usual mistakes we see with the casino side of all in ones sites, only to make those same errors with the sportsbook.

Another issue is a distinct lack of personality in the design. This, alongside the promotions draught, can leave 1Bet feeling rather impersonal.

  1. So what’s our verdict on 1Bet?

1bet logo

We want to make this absolutely clear: we do not think 1Bet is a terrible site. This is a betting site that does most of the important things well and we think that you’ll probably enjoy yourself here. The feedback they’ve received alone is testament to that.

However, for us, there’s just not much about 1Bet that makes us want to recommend it above many other sites. It keeps things simple and does its job but could really use its own voice to save it from being lost in the crowd.