8 Questions To Help You Get To Grips With 18bet

Today we’ll be taking a look at the 18bet online sportsbook.

We know what you’re thinking. That’s about as boring a name as we could think of as well.


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In a busy online market, where it is extremely hard to stand out with all the competition, 18bet may just take the prize for the least inventive brand name. Hopefully though, the site will shine through in other areas.


It certainly isn’t winning any prizes for originality there. We can only think that 18bet must have joined 10bet, 377 Bet, 188 Bet and 32 Red Sport in all going to the same “boring names for betting sites” class together.

Having said that, some of those sites aren’t half bad. Also, by going down the numbered name route, 18bet joins the industry heavyweight William Hill. So maybe they’re onto something after all.

In any case, we all know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. After all, 18bet may just be the one to defy all expectations.

In order to find that out, we’ll be taking a look at just about everything that makes this little known betting site tick. We always strive to keep our reviews as fair as possible. That’s why we’ll look at both the good and points of each site element. This will include possible customer reactions for more objective things, such as the site design.

18bet updates

However with that in mind, as with every review, we strongly recommend you spend a good while checking the 18bet site out for yourself before making any final decisions. You should also check out some of their competition to see if there’s any greener grass elsewhere. This will give you some ideas of what else is out there. We also advice that you check out our other reviews under betting and casino operators to ensure you’re fully informed.

Remember, with so much to choose from, you have more than enough room to be picky.

So, let’s dive right in and see whether 18bet is worth your time and your hard earned cash. 

  1.      What exactly is on offer at18bet?

18bet soccer sportsbetting

While its name might not give much away, you won’t be surprised to know that 18bet is an all in one site. This also appears to be the case with similarly titled competitors. What this means is that this site neither focuses solely on casino or the sports betting side of things.

But what does that mean for our review? Well, it means that in terms of comparisons, we’ll be more closely matching it up against the likes of Centrebet, Ladbrokes and William Hill. The 18bet site will have far more in common with these than casino exclusive sites, such as Jupiter Club or Las Vegas USA.

You might think that because an all in one site can offer both sports betting and casino options that any player, regardless of preference, may as well go for that. This isn’t completely true.

18bet hottest casino games

You will often find that casino dedicated sites benefit greatly from the added focus and the freedom that having less content gives them. So if you are someone who is mainly or solely interested in the casino side of things, it might be worth giving the likes of Rich Casino or BGO a whirl, to name but a few top casino operators.

Not all all in one sites are made equal however, with some offering more than others. In the case of 18bet, we’ve got a sportsbook, a casino and live casino options to choose from.

In terms of this review, it also means that the casino is less important (although still very important) in our overall assessment. This doesn’t mean our expectations aren’t high though. The likes of Mr Green’s and Virgin Casino Sportsbook and Casino have shown just how well an all in one site can pull off this balancing act.

18bet game offering

On the sportsbook side of things, the following options are available on the 18bet site at the time of writing:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union

Its casino is very extensive, with a large selection of titles provided from the established Microgaming casino. These are all instant play and if an exceptionally high quality. There’s also a decent amount of table games, from Blackjack to Roulette. These are offered alongside the slots and video poker games.

The live casino also offers high quality games, including Poker and Baccarat, all done in a live studio. This is a fantastic way to add an extra element to your online gaming experience and really give it the Las Vegas treatment.

18bet live casino games

On the other hand

There’s no getting around that extremely small selection of sports betting options. Often what we find is that all in one sites have much more focus on the sportsbook, with the casino often appearing as an afterthought. Here though, it appears to be the other way round.

On the plus side, the casino does seem decent, although the live casino is not the largest we’ve seen.

Missing from the site is obviously a whole host of lesser known sports, as well as betting options on things like e-sports and entertainment.

But perhaps the biggest criticisms we have for 18bet is the disappointing lack of horse racing and a lack of bingo. We’ve seen sites like Foxy Casino really show just how popular the latter is on the online betting scene and it’s always a shame to see an all in one site without one. However, in fairness, they are by far not the only site missing out in the bingo regard.

  1. Is the 18bet site licensed?

Curacao gaming license

According to our research, the 18bet site is licensed by the jurisdiction of Curacao. This means that it is a legitimate online betting provider and one that is operating legally. 

On the other hand

We have nothing to add here. That is all you really need to know.


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  1. Is my data safe on the 18bet site?

Like all good betting sites, 18bet uses SSL encryption technology. As anyone who has frequently read our reviews in the past will know, SSL is the industry standard for ensuring that your data is safe. You should therefore rest assured that your financial and sensitive data is secure here.

SSL encryption

The site also has a privacy policy that means your information will not be given out to third parties. That means no annoying unfamiliar emails popping up in your inbox as a result to signing up to 18bet.

On the other hand

Once again, everything seems fine here. We have nothing further to add on this point.

  1. Are the games at 18bet fair?

The games available on 18bet are tested by independent auditing agencies to ensure they are fair and random. This means they are regularly checked to ensure you have a legitimate chance of winning them. 

On the other hand

However, there are no records that we can find of audit information for the actual site. This shouldn’t be too much of a cause for concern though, as their games are created by Microgaming. This top of the range gaming provider undergoes extensive auditing.

micorgaming logo

Still though, a bit more information in this regard would be an extra layer of reassurance.

  1. Do they have a good reputation?

We can only find a handful of critical reviews about 18bet. We would say that they range between mediocre to good.

While this is not the best results in the world, we have certainly seen worse. And on the plus side, we’ve not seen any reviews that completely trash the website, which is not uncommon in the modern online betting world.

18bet homepage

On the other hand

Unfortunately, customer responses have not been so kind. Many customers seem to have issues with 18bet and unlike the critical reviews, they are not mediocre assessments. They are aggressively negative.

We cannot speak for the validity of the complaints. We can only report what we have found in our research.

To be fair to 18bet, this is not the case with every one of their reviews. Plus, there’s certainly not enough of them for us to consider them representative of their customers’ views or experiences. However, it is a let down.

  1. Does the site have any promotions?

At the time of writing, there are six sports promotions and six casino promotions available at 18bet. We are happy to see both sides of the site getting equal attention here, as generally it appears to be a touch more weighted on the latter.

We’re going to take a look at two casino and two sportsbook promotions. This should give you an idea of the kind of promotion you are likely to see at 18bet.

If you want to check out more from the site, you’ll find their promotions listed on the upper main toolbar whichever page you are on.

  • 100% up to €100:
    18bet welcome bonus
    Receive 100% of your deposit up to €100. The wagering requirement here is 12 times, which is very good.

  • €18 Free Bet:
    18bet free bet
    Because they’re 18bet, get it? Anyway, here you’ll receive 20% back on your lost bet with a minimum bet of €10 and a maximum refund of €18. It’s simple and effective.

  • 110% July Casino Bonus:
    18bet July casino promotion

    Make a deposit of €30 and receive a bonus of €330, as well as ten free bets on their new Game of Thrones inspired game.

  • €500 Deposit Bonus: 
    18bet casino deposit bonus
    This is essentially the same as the sportsbook welcome bonus. You can receive 100% of your deposit up to €500. There are two additional deposit bonuses as well: 150% up to €300 and finally a 200% bonus up to €150 euros. All in all, this promotion could potentially net you €1000 in bonus money.

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On the other hand

Unfortunately, the terms and conditions on the casino promotions are not as generous as the sports offers. Both the examples we listed have rather hefty wagering requirements of 40 times. While this not the worst we’ve seen, it does put them a notch below average in terms of value.

This is a bigger problem than it would be for most all in one sites. That is because 18bet so clearly focuses on the casino more than its sports offering. Therefore, having the quality of the promotions be lopsided in favour of the part of the site that’s weakest is very frustrating.

Overall though, none of their promotions appear to be actively bad. There’s just a very large gap in the level of quality. There’s also a lack of creativity.

Promotions are not just a place to offer customers a little cherry on top of your betting product. They’re also where a site can showcase their uniqueness when done correctly. Here, that is a missed opportunity.

We’d say 18bet ranks about average in this regard.

  1. What customer service options are available?

18bet live chat

18bet has both a live chat option and an e-mail function. Best of all, its live chat is available 24/7. This is vital if you want to compete with the best out there.

In terms of the quality of their customer service, we cannot comment on the general feedback, as we’ve found very little in that regard. What we can say is that our interactions with them were perfectly pleasant. We found them quick and informative.

On the other hand

Obviously a large number of customer responses saying how terrific their customer service was would be preferable. Quite often though, it is hard to find much specific about lesser known sites. We will say that in many cases, no news is good news, as customers are far quicker to complain than they are to compliment.

  1. So what’s the overall verdict?

18bet logo

18bet is a rather strange site. Its lack of sports options but rather sizeable casino offering make it the other side of the coin to many all in one sites we see.

The elephant in the room here is the customer complaints. However, we can only judge what we have found in our use of the site. All in all, it’s perfectly adequate. However, with the highly competitive online betting market, that’s sadly not enough to keep ahead of the pack.

18bet is a young site, having only arrived on the scene at the beginning of the decade. So there’s plenty of time for it to distinguish itself yet and hopefully leave some happier customer in their wake.


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