10 Sport Betting Forums

Sport Betting Forums That Every Sports Bettor Should Read

In due time, sports bettors find themselves searching for aides and tools such as sports betting forums. Essentially forums are an online platforms where members communicate with other like minded people. In regards to sports betting, sports betting forums are where many brilliant sports bettors conversate with one another therein creating a community.

Straightaway, punters share  ideas, gain insight and information and thereafter increase their confidence and enthusiasm for the niche. Overall, there are a great deal of forums available and punters can be sure that there’s one for you. Most importantly, the more knowledge a punter has of a sport, of the teams involved, of the players playing and of the history of the fixture then the more accentuated their decision making becomes when it comes to placing a bet. 

All in all, punters experience 5 awesome benefits of joining sports betting forums and therein interacting with its members. 


1.) Networking 

Sports bettors are sure to find a community of like minded individuals with similar interests. Without delay, there is a collection of peers that seek out a community as well.

2.) Accrue Ideas

First and foremost, the questions you may be thinking, another punter is thinking too. By conversing with fellow punters, they in turn, answer your questions. Any hot topics or questions concerning sportsbook, betting systems, and anything sports betting related is essentially up for discussion.

3.) Increase Knowledge

If at the present time, you find yourself unfamiliar with a particular niche of sports betting then there’s no better place to go and learn more than sports betting forums. Punters hit the jackpot and ultimately what was bound to take months to learn; they’re now learning faster and as a result, avoiding common pitfalls.

4.) Build relationships

In regards to sports betting forums, bettor build a relationship with the niche and fellow punters. Forums have proven to be an excellent source for relationship building because they provide an online platform for sports bettors to congregate and talk shop so to speak.

5.) Establish Expertise

Sports betting forums provide an excellent way to establish expertise. In particular, Look for threads that deal with your particular sports betting niche. Making the most out of online forums implies a conservative effort to absorb everything and to pay attention.


Contrary to a common perception of forums being outdated and prone to trolling, sports betting forums have positive links to well-being. Furthermore, they’re even associated with increased community engagement offline. In fact, research published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior found that online forums have numerous benefits. For instance, they benefit both punters and the betting industry and therefore are of greater importance than previously realized. By and large, forums are still regularly used by around 10% of online users in the UK and 20% in the US. 

First and foremost, users in sports betting forums  who get more involved develop strong links with other users. These bettors therein identify with other forum users. In essence, these users see the greatest benefits, in regards to positive links with mental health and getting involved offline. On the whole, the more a punter puts into a forum, the more they receive in return. Overall, the pay-off for punters as well as the sports betting industry at large is potentially significant.

10 Sports Betting Forums To Consider

10. Covers

Established in 1995, this sports betting forum is the flagship property of the Covers Media Group. It claims to be an ‘one-stop-shop for current and accurate sports gaming information’. Moreover,  offering statistics, articles and information for sports bettors, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. By and large, Covers features live scores and odds, detailed match-up pages, a forum community and angles on every major sport betting market. In brief, Covers is a convenient and entertaining resource for sports betting news and facts with over 45 million visits a year.

Visit this sports betting forum now at: http://www.covers.com/

9. SBRForum.com

Overall, the SBR Forum is a message-board for and by sports fans and betting enthusiasts. Punters can jump in and post about an experience they’ve had with a Sportsbook. On the other hand, comment on a game or just make a general sports comment. Most importantly  check your inbox for an e-mail from SBR to confirm your email address. To be noted, without confirmation, an account can be restricted. Generally speaking, they offer several different information sites. First there’s the  message board. Second, there’s the Sportsbook Reviews and third, there’s theSBRforum.com free picks site offering analysis by several well-known handicappers and SBR Odds.

Check out this sports betting forum now at: www.sportsbookreview.com. 

8. Betting Advice Forum

What’s going on at Betting Advice Forum? Quite simply a mecca of sports betting information laid out simply on its site for punters to strengthen their betting strategy. In the long run the site provides proof of its traffic with the following statistic. Threads: 91,176, Posts: 1,210,406, Members: 83,251, Active Members: 2,177. From promotion, to betting strategy, to Bookmakers, to Chitchat and Competitions, to Other Sports, Soccer, Betting Contest and Rules and regulations; this sports betting forum is quite extensive.

Check out this sports betting forum now at: http://forum.bettingadvice.com/.

7. BangTheBook.com

Generally speaking, punters will find insightful analysis and predictions as well as a full coverage of all sports betting markets at Bang The Book.com. To be specific, the content is written by a diverse set of writers offering multiple points of view. Therefore, punters who appreciate probabilities and understanding numerous angles will specifically enjoy this sports betting forum. From MLB, to NBA, to NFL, to College Football, to NHL, and more, Bang the Book also provides a forum and sports betting podcasts. 

Check out this sports betting forum now at: https://www.bangthebook.com/

6. Punterslounge.com

In essence, this sports betting forum provides free horse racing tips, free football tips, Today’s Racecards and Live Football Scores. Downloadable on Android and iOS, Punterslounge.com also offers betting competitions, Football Tips Forum, Today’s Horse Racing as well as Bookmaker Reviews. Moreover, Punterslounge.com also provides sports betting predictions, free bet offers, ELO Football Ratings, Free Bet Calculator, Live Streaming, Live Football Scores and Live Betting Forums. The features at this lounge have punters experiencing the best of all sports betting markets.

Check out this sports betting forum now at: https://www.punterslounge.com/.

5. Two plus Two Forum

In short, Two Plus Two is the world’s largest poker strategy resource online and in print. Chiefly their poker forums are home to over 400,000 punters. This sports betting forum provides thought provoking discussions on poker and gaming topics. To be sure it has one of the strongest poker and gaming communities. All in all, punters can expect to find current news, poker instruction, industry gossip, and even gambling book reviews.

Check out this sports betting forum now at: https://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/.

4. The Spread

For the most part, The Spread is an industry leader in the publishing and delivery of sports and sports betting information. In any event,  this sports betting forum provides unique and accurate sports betting information available to date online. 

Punters can expect to find:

  • Live Betting Odds from several online sports books – updated in real time

  • Public Betting Charts provide total number of bets and public betting percentages.

  • Detailed Major League Baseball (MLB) Umpire statistics.

  • Detailed Major League Baseball (MLB) Pitcher statistics.

  • Detailed National Hockey League (NHL) Goalie statistics.

  • Analysis and opinions from our Expert handicapping team

  • and more.

Check out this sports betting forum now at: https://www.thespread.com.

3. Betting Talk 

This particular sports betting forum was established in 2002 and furthermore it’s considered one of the oldest running sports betting forums. It primarily is a news and information site that covers the sports betting industry, both offshore and in Las Vegas. 

Check out this sports betting forum now: http://www.bettingtalk.com/.

2. Predict Em

Ultimately Predict Em offers free college football picks and free NFL predictions with analysis. There are Daily Game Previews and Picks as well as Free Sports Picks in regards to NFL, College Football, MLB Baseball, NHL Hockey, MMA, Nascar, Soccer, PGA Golf, Horse Racing, Boxing, Entertainment, Handicappers, Poker and Casino Gambling.

Check out this sports betting forum now at: http://www.predictem.com/

1. Everyday Edge

Since 1994, this sports betting forum has been going strong providing punters with notable weekly columnists. For example, columnists like: Greg Dempson, Ben Burns, Sonny Palermo, Pat Archibald and Ted Sevransky. Everyday Edge is a popular home for valuable sports gaming information. Another key point is that Everyday Edge features one of the most well-established sports gaming sports betting forums available on the net. From free bets, to free picks, to sportsbooks, to odds, a blog and thereafter a forum, Everyday Edge is exactly what a punter seeks.

Check out this sports betting forum now at: http://www.everyedge.com/


In either case and in any event, there’s a sports betting forum to cover questions with answers from fellow punters. Moreover, the accessibility is easy and the interface is user friendly providing a quick and simple way to enhance a bet’s odds. Anything sports betting related therein sharpens a betting strategy so consider these sports betting blogs as well.